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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yikes the truth is out... This Time Tomorrow's been busted by the tabloid pawpawrazzi.....

It appears I have a blog helper here at the Tree House. Or perhaps tis' I who am the helper, personal assistant, co-author, get to "tag" along behind the real star of the show, etc....

Actually we are just getting ready to post some new paintings....

Stay tuned....


  1. I'm all about the comments now that I can get in ,lol! Great tune, Lemonade! Cute blogger helper, awwww, purrrr! Can't wait to see your paintings!

  2. And just when you think that all cats are Luddites!

  3. awwww thanks everyone... I may be a "little" partial but he is a love bug. I'm sure all of you who have pets totally understand. Opie Taylor was raised by my doxie/wiener dawg, "Miss Frankie". She traded in her fur suit for a sparkly one in March 08. He picked up many of her mannerisms so it's like having a piece of her around all the time. Dogs or cats, birds or fish, or squirrels... (hugzz SQ)

    We need our pets--don't you agree???

  4. I do agree! Mickey Mouse, my gray kitty comes home to sleep with me at night. She prowls the woods by day. She is jealous of my laptop, but does occasionally curl up under my wrists.

    Ali is thrilled to get your comments! Thank you for being so sweet to her.


  5. ***MzzLily...
    My chair is covered in fur from Opie's monkey pants... He paws at me to get up in my painting chair which is quite high off the ground... So now he's figured out how to get up behind me. I have to get a pic of that!

    Ali... what a wonderful new friend I have! This is a treat for me, too!

  6. We do need our pets, they teach us so much. Miss Cindi Lou Who was trained by my darling Tasha before she got her sparkly wings, also March 08. I very much understand what you mean about the mannerisms, I can see some of Tasha in Cindi.

    Mega Hugs,

  7. What a precious assistsnt...I understand that cats are great at spell checking!



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