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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tornados, Yellow Slickers and Blue Herons pass by this time tomorrow

I saw these fisherman dressed in their bright yellow raincoats right before a tornado rolled through just south of me. My kitty had been long gone hiding under the bed. In fact he is still there. Now this is what I call die-hard or crazy.... I'm not sure which but it sure made for a great shot.

Just before I came in I looked to the left of the point on my island and saw this heron. I now see right before a tornado must be great fishing weather....


  1. I have a lone heron at my beach place. I like to just watch him ...

  2. Ahhh so you got the storms too!! We had tornadoes last week, none really touched down, straight winds this week, tore up jack close by, your kitty sounds like a good animal to have around, my bichon normally isn't nervous from weather but the storm Monday night made him want me to DO something!

  3. ~~~Thank you, all. This heron hangs out on my island and the smaller island next to mine, too. He is majestic and Jurasic Parkish all in the same way.... I don't know what I would do without my kitty or animals period.

  4. Tornados!!!!... Big weather is faaar too scary for me! :-O

  5. Don't tell Hubby I said this... Fishermen are crazy people! They hang out in the worst weather!


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