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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Once in a blue moon you'll find this waiting for you on another day called this time tomorrow

By the light of the silvery moon.....


  1. What a gorgeous photo. I love a full moon in the summer. It makes everything feel enchanted.

  2. Oh, you remembered! Yesterday you said you would... Pretty.

  3. hi Lille !! your blog is just wonderful . it is the first time i visit you , loved your way to photograf and your texts.

  4. Beautiful, there is no other word to describe it.


  5. Wowowow!! Whaddashot!! Way to go, Lille Diane!!

  6. No other word can describe such a photo except beautiful.

    Great music today, and everyday.

  7. Now that's what I called a beautiful picture. It's so mesmerizing ...

  8. ***Rae...
    Enchanting is one of my all time favorite words, Rae! That's how I felt looking at your puppy pie on your Reggie Love post... ;-) Thank you!

    The moon is mysterious. The power t has on our feelings is mysterious, too. Thank you for peeking at my moon.

    ***Sista Rain...
    I was thinking about you looking at that camera & saying it's ad said you could shoot "crater's on the moon"... I could see them through my lens but it was hard to capture that man in the moon... But we'll keep trying, huh? ;-)
    Hugzzzzzz, Sista!

    ***Vodka Mom...
    Love your blog, and welcome to the Tree House! I hope everyone stops by to see you and the wonderful things you write. Sweetness, pure sweetness. Thank you....

    OMGoodnesss... remembering what I ate for breakfast is a challenge. Or if it's Monday... or is it Wednesday... or today I had to ask Superman if I posted the moon pic yesterday or today.... hoooooo boy..... brain cells been dating the peroxide fumes for too many years. Thank you, sweet girl!

    ***Cai Fernandes...
    Welcome to the Tree House. Thank you for your kind, kind words, and for adding me to your busy world. I hope you will come back often. I enjoyed looking at your art and will take time to visit you again. :-) Thank you...

  9. ***Anne...
    Awwww shucks, and thank you bewwy bewwy much!

    I like the wowowowowow it's really hard to stop typing wowowowowow after you get started. hehe Me thinks me has to steal....errrr I mean borrow that. Thank you, for making me smile.

    ***Michelle, my belle..."Lady Bug...
    Big hugzzzzz and thanxxxxx.

    ***SQ Judy...
    Such a compliment coming from you. Thank you. If you see this response send me a way to email you an amazing story about a squirrel. Amazing! I'm thrilled when people tell me they enjoy listening to my music. Superman and Dylan, my BBF, play it as background music when they're working or putzing around.

    Happy is what you made me... Yep, happy. :-) Thank you for flying by the tree house.

  10. 'sun of the wolves' - shining bright tonight.

  11. Worth waiting for. A great shot!
    It almost looks like a blue moon.

  12. ***mo'ikeha...
    that is a great expression, "sun of the wolves". Yes, isn't it wonderful that around the world we can all see the full moon even if we cannot see each other. it keeps us connected in a cool way.

    ***joanne May...

    Oh yes it does look like a blue moon. I'm going out again tonight to get some more shots if the clouds cooperate.
    Thank you!

  13. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for visiting me :) This is one of the most beautiful pictures I've seen of our wonderous moon!

  14. Hi Lille Diane,

    Loved the photo of the full moon, sadly we can't see the moon as there is too much cloud tonight.

    Please pass by my blog and pick up your award.



  15. Lille Diane,
    I just wanted to stop by again to look at your site some more... very intriguing, love the music in your player too... have added your address to my little list of "Fun & Fascinating" blogs to follow... will certainly be back ! And am picking up the award at last, have just been too busy, but really appreciate your reaching out like that...

    Also, just noticed tonight reading your profile where you mention PTSD from an auto accident. Please take a look at my post from yesterday "a Drive Down Memory Lane, The Vanishing Point", as well as the comments that came in on that. I fully understand, and wish you all speed in putting that out of mind and behind you. But I know, it is not easy, no, not easy at all. Car wrecks are one of the worst plagues of our time I think. You are not alone...


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