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Monday, June 29, 2009

Itty Bitty is good and I'm not being catty... Then again I am.

Opie Taylor has a recommendation. Go see what he found.... Kitty (or animal) lovers should see what's hanging out on the couch. And I DO mean hanging..... Sweetness, pure sweetness.


  1. Opie, this is Sasha, that was a very fun picture of the cats hanging on the couch, my Mom and I are still laughing. We love that blog. My Mom rescued me so we love blogs that support the humane society. Thank you for sharing that, now go tell your Mom you need a treat(let me know if it works).

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  2. Precious beyond words. There's nothing on earth cuter than a kitten. :) Thanks, Opie Taylor.

  3. Thanks for visiting me at LLOL! Adorable kitty photos. You have a cute cat and lovable-looking dog! Good luck with your list of 101! ;)

  4. ~~~Meow wow, Sasha...
    My Mom fell for that as hard as a brick through toilet paper... treats!! Thank you, Sasha, and Anne. Animals need us. And we need them.

    I'm so thrilled you two enjoyed looking at the itty bitty kitties. How could you not!!! :-)

    Even Superman swooned at the site of those precious kittens. He is a huge animal lover, too. I want every single one of them... then reality hits and Opie says, WTFrito??? Besides, Opie Taylor
    is my spirit guide and pixie winged guru.

  5. Cute Cute kittens, makes me want some, but we had 3 sets of orphans last year, time to rest. I applaud you for supporting rescues and the humane society, I need to blog more about them....

  6. Opie Taylor, a big thank you from Miss Cindi Lou Who for sharing. So cute.

    Miss Who is also a rescue kitty (abandoned and living under bushes in our yard when found). I'm a strong supporter of our local humane society, if we don't help who will?

    Hug & Purrs,
    J & Miss Cindi

  7. Those kits hanging out at the sofa are too cute... just about drove our two cats nuts looking at them too...

    Love your stained table ! Great job ! Hope the cat and dog kept their fur out of the work...

  8. Hey I likes ur blog!I love creativity and loved the way you coloured the wooden table!Very innovative indeed:)Keep up!

  9. OH, GREAT!! You made it possible for me to comment. Thanks.

    Those kittens are unbelievably limp!!

  10. Totally gorgeous little kittys. I love em! :O)

  11. I just love the way Opie's tongue is poised on his lips. Our dear old Miss Boots used to do that and stare at some unseen but hypnotic vexation for minutes on end. Otherwise she was curled up sleeping sweetly or cleaning one particularly pesky spot on her hip. How I miss that goofy pink expression! [...sigh...] Thanks for sharing. He's a sweetie, that's for sure! :D

  12. My cat, Cat, just turned up one day and started living with us. I have no idea where he came from and I asked my neighbours if he belonged to them which he didn't. He's mine now, he isn't young, but I like him and he likes me and the dogs.

  13. OMG! What adorable kitties...every one of them - and that Opie.. is a heart stealer! - so, so sweet.

  14. Lovely. Cats are the best snugglers (shhh...don't tell my dogs!).

  15. Oh wow. . .cute kitties. Now I am thinking of adopting that preggy stray kitty who actually looks like those kitties!


  16. Kittens..... one of our favourite things......

  17. Oh gosh that is so funny! Animals are so sweet!!! Nice tongue action there Opie Wan!

  18. cute kitty; thx for your friendship, lille... :)

  19. Ah, nothing warms the heart like cute sleeping kittens.

    Thanks for sharing.


  20. Opie wants his own blog now.... sigh...I must listen to my pixie faced leader.

    What would we do without our pets? They keep us sane. They love us when NO ONE else will. They never notice we haven't combed our hair, or that our breath is bad. (ummmm I have self brushing hair and toofs so I wouldn't know butttttttTTTTT....)

    I dearly miss my lil wiener dog, Miss Frankie. She knew I had PMS before I did... I always used to say she was my emotional tampon. She lovingly absorbed all my pain, my hurts and my heart owies.

    She taught Opie Taylor how to drop his head a bit and press on my chin with his forehead as a way of nuzzling--kissing. Or as a better way to say give me a heavenly hug. He also takes his paws to pull my face to look at him when he's talking to me & I'm not listening. (I have a video I'm making of Opie moments... thanks Jase, Rain & MzzLily for the idea...)

    Yes, kitties are meant to hang out on our couches, in our laps and in our hearts. Dogs will always be our best friends, and will love us purely, in spite of our inabilities to love mankind unconditionally.

    ~~~Thank you all for such lovely comments.~~~

  21. ~~~Sunflower Ranch...
    I dearly hope a kitty finds you and adopts you. One with a sweet spirit and enough love to make the world spin in a delightful, dizzy way. :-)

  22. ~~~~~~Support your local Humane Society and Animal Shelters~~~~~

    <3 <3 <3 <3 Thank you to all my friends in Blogland who already do <3 <3 <3 <3

  23. Just a note to tell you that I was here and that I enjoyed reading your blog..

  24. Lille Diane, thank you so much for your sweet wishes! When we moved to the new ranch we found homes for all the kitties we'd been caring for and the two we were going to take with us found some neighbors to live with!! We said our goodbyes and they let us move on. They're fine, but hubby misses them terribly. My niece lives close by and she took in 3 kittens from the last stray mama we saved and hubby loves to visit and play with them. They crawl all over him, even though they're full grown. They'll always be his babies. When his heart is ready to accept another, I just know one will show up at the back door! That's the way things usually work. At least I'm hoping! :)

  25. Good morning from Athens, it's now close to three in the morning and I couldn't sleep...and found out that it's true, that cats are compared to poetry.
    BTW - you might like to click the picture on the left hand side of my site.
    Wish you a pleasand sleep.

  26. ~~~Robert...
    I am quite charmed by the gift of my very own clock. And yes, today was once tomorrow. You are so kind, and have made my day today, and tomorrow brighter by your sweet gesture. Thank you so much.


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