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Monday, February 20, 2012

My new song, "Remember To Remember'

I wrote this song a little over nine months ago. My son, Jake, recently finished the final music and mix. He took my original music, kicked it up to a level of brilliance, and was my recording engineer. I truly feel like I've given birth. There were lots of delays, and setbacks while working on this song. One of which was being hit hard with fibromyalgia--a diagnosis that found its way to me after my auto accident.

I am healing. I am in great hand's with my beloved, Superman, taking the wheel to insure I get all the natural supplements, care, and love I need to get through this. Being nearly crippled by fibromyalgia, and the inability to exercise, I packed on quite a bit of extra weight. At the end of 2011, I was merely steps away from needing a wheel chair, and a handicap plaque for my car. I eliminated sugar, grains/wheat, and dairy (except an occasional indulgence with cheese) which has been a life altering experience in itself. I've lost 25 pounds since the beginning of January!

I have learned so much through this entire process of healing, and am well on my way to living my life as abundantly as I can. I have so much to share with you, I can barely contain myself! I'll be posting new videos soon, as well as the tidbits of wisdom I've experienced while healing. Thank you all who have been concerned by me being MIA here at Woodstock Lily & especially to those who took time to send me emails or messages of encouragement.

I am offering my new song, "Remember To Remember' as a gift to all who would like to download it or share it with others. I have been given so many gifts and talents, I feel it is my gift back to the Universe for blessing me so abundantly. It is also my heartfelt gift in song, as an encouragement to love yourself, and to love others. I invite you to take a listen. Close your eyes while you do, and soak up the message in the song. Click on the song title below to listen or download.


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