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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Super Size Those Butterfly Wings, Please

I'm teaching art classes in my home town!!
It's true. I'm finally unearthing and nurturing my passion to teach in my very own art studio! I have so much gratitude for all my gifts and all the life lessons given to me. It's through this authentic place of creating something with your own two hands that gives one self discovery, freedom, confidence and joy.

This is a huge step for me coming out of my cocoon from PTSD after 4 and a half years, and boldly saying, "I can do this! I'm ready to fly!!" It was art that came to my rescue (and my beloved Superman) that gave me these new wings to soar above the limitations of self doubt, fear, and often times, paralysis of my very soul. This feels good. Right. True. Fabulous. The night before Christmas kind of magic. I am finally bursting free from the chrysalis to fly like a butterfly. Willingly! It's my time to shine!

1. A pupa, especially of a moth or butterfly, enclosed in a firm case or cocoon.
2. A protected stage of development.
What struck me, most profoundly, about the definition of chrysalis was the second one. 'A protected stage of development.' I spent a lot of time being in this protective cocoon while I healed from the auto accident. I spent even more time beating myself up for staying so long inside this protective barrier. But isn't it miraculous the ENTIRE process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly? Timing is everything. If I had busted loose before I had honed all the lessons inside this cocooned journey with PTSD, I may not have fully developed the skills I now have to give back to others in whatever stage of butterfly-ness they are in.

I'll be posting class descriptions, times, dates and fees in the"Classes I Teach". It's above under the big header picture in the line that says About Me, Find My Music Here and Hope Rocks. Or you can click HERE to get there directly. It's still under construction so please be patient with me. I'm also sorry so many of you live so faraway, and cannot attend my local, live classes. BUT I have plans to make instructional video classes very soon! For those of you who are local, this is where you sign up! WooHoo!

I have so much to share with you, and will do so in future posts, about all that has happened to me since my last post in July (geez where did the time go?!). But for right now, I just have to spread my wings and fly!!!! Little did I know the picture below, taken while I was in Sedona at the retreat, would be a preview of things to come in my future. Don't you just love how the Universe is always 20 bazillion steps ahead of you in providing just what you need, at just the right time?
Can you see my wings???
Yes... I AM Tink!!


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