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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

HandScapes® Honoring Your Hands Through Art--new free online class!

Guess what?! My new online class, "HandScapes--Honoring Your Hands Through Art" is now available on SkillShare! I've listed it as a free class for the first 250 people who enroll. Once you enroll, it will always be available to you even after I switch it over to a paid status. It's my gift to you in hopes you will engage with me to experience the meditative, healing benefits of art. This class is designed for all age levels. Plus, it can be done individually or in a group setting. 

Are you homeschooling? Do you have a special group gathering or family reunion planned? Do you want to make some lasting memories and heirlooms you can pass down generation-to-generation? Watch your group or gathering come alive making HandScapes together. I am available to teach this heart centered workshop or train others to do it, too. Message me for details. 

Watch my introduction video to "HandScapes®--Honoring Your Hands Through Art".

You can enroll here. Just click the link below.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Announcing My New Online Class!

Create an instant splash of color for your windows or places and spaces using Sari ribbon, plus a few items you most likely already have--in an hour or less! When I tell you the possibilities of creative expression are limitless using sari ribbon, this hippie-hearted girl truly means it. Got an hour to invest some happy into your world? Cool. Put some groovy tunes on and come play with me today creating instant gypsy whimsy for your places and spaces needing a “WOW” boost!

First 25 people who click on the link 
below can take my class for free!

Enroll HERE 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

When Miracles Find You Part Two

My journal entry created on January 1, 2015.
The items written in each circle in the picture above came from a list of things Superman, my better half, and I wrote down on the Winter Solstice and New Moon in December 2014 as a step of faith. We trusted the Universe to provide us with a home beyond our wildest dreams somewhere in the Four Corners area some 1800 miles away from Ohio. And this, my dear family and friends, is the story of manifesting almost every, single item we wrote on our list.

I am here to shout it from the roof tops that if you can visualize it, you can manifest it! I know many of you already know about the power of visualization and how it helps us manifest our goals, dreams or desires. Some call it prayer. My hope is that after reading my story, your faith will be revved up like a hot rod at a drag race on Friday night and you'll start a journal or make vision board (link below) of your own. There's many ways of doing this powerful practice but the one I know that works best for me is to write down my goals, dreams, etc., Research how others are making journals, paintings, videos, or art for this type of prayer.  I've been doing this sacred practice in a variety of ways since I was a young girl, but it wasn't until the mid 80's that I experienced firsthand how writing things down helped me manifest something beyond anything I'd attempted before. 

In early 1985, I was pregnant with my son, Jake, and knew we needed a bigger home. It seemed like we were facing an impossible task of making it happen due to our extremely limited finances. I wrote on a simple, white, lined index card, "Bigger house with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, fireplace, big yard, attached garage", then scribbled hearts and thank you's galore all over it. I taped it to the inside of the door on my antique Armour--smack dab on the mirror so every time I opened the door I could see it, and be able read it to myself in the mirror. Google the practice of reading a motivational affirmation to yourself while standing in front of a mirror. 

Guess what? Within a year, we manifested everything on the list, in an area we wanted to live in and miraculously sold the smaller home we were living in at a price no one thought we could get or as fast as we needed it to sell. But we did. It blew our minds and all the naysayers scurried back into their dark holes, tails dragging and grumbling under their breath at our good fortune!  

Here's how we turned a recent BIG dream into a reality! Chair dance!

Now, here's Miracle Two in my series, "When Miracles Find You", showing how I utilized this technique in my journal dated January 1, 2015, and how the cosmic miracle that followed, brought us to Colorado, my birthplace, and where I've longed to be since I left as a teenager. There are soooooo many miracle related stories within this story but I'll save them for future posts in this series.

It became very clear to us in 2013 that living in northeast Ohio was NOT helping me get well from reoccurring bouts of Fibromyalgia, PTSD, chronic depression and anxiety, and MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities--I'll be writing more about this topic soon and how you can get help for it). 

After many long conversations, prayers and allowing the Universe to guide us, we made a BOLD decision in the early spring of 2014 to put our house on the market and get my wimpy butt to a drier climate. We proceeded forward by getting rid of junk--lots and lots of junk, (I will be writing about that totally liberating experience soon, too) making repairs and fluffing our nest. We didn't have a clear message (yet) from the Universe to physically put our home on the market but we "saw" it in our minds as if the For Sale sign was already in the yard with a bright, red, bold SOLD sign smack dab on it. This is the most important part of manifesting your dreams. Just ask any successful athlete.


So we waited patiently, and not so patiently at other times, until the Winter Solstice arrived in December 2014. I sat down with Superman that day to write up a list of all of the things we'd like to have in our new home and area. We brainstormed with no limits to our dreaming and asking. Before we could move forward we had to get clear, very clear, about what we wanted. The process was fun and enlightening for both of us. We found as we downsized our physical belongings, it in turn helped us downsize and pinpoint what mattered most to us. Life suddenly became clearer and simpler. I tucked our dream list away until January 1, 2015 to write every teeny and colossal item down in my art journal. Here are close-ups of what I wrote in my journal.

:Our home: Artistic, adobe features with vigas, off grid, one level with enough bedrooms and bathrooms, well lit with natural lighting, open living spaces and glorious views. Private yet close to shopping, neighbors and community. Acreage that is low upkeep with trees, room for a greenhouse, and fenced area for Toby (our dog). Kitchen with window over sink, ample storage, gas stove and wood cook stove. Garage, storage, office, nice closets, laundry, pantry, covered deck or porch. Art Studio.

Wifi, gas stations, stores, restaurants, art galleries. Root cellar or basement, workshop with heat and good insulation. County roads maintained. Quiet. Economical heating, and upkeep. Endless supply of water, fuel, firewood, cross breeze.

 Big Skys (yes a typo but that's da way she rolled...) Sunrise to Sunset. Sunshine. Azure Skies. Spectacular views, Mountains, bluffs and rock formations. Trees and wildlife. Privacy and security. Lakes, rivers and river beds to walk. Tranquility.

 Our home and property have no restrictions on creative flare. Sunflowers growing everywhere. Bonfire pit, fresh air and LOTS of sunshine.

Community, artists, peaceful people, caring, like-minded, giving, resourceful, quiet, fun loving, nature loving, farmer's market, great food.

By mid February, (a mere 6 weeks later) after a full year of looking online for the home of our dreams, the house below "suddenly appeared" and was located only thirty minutes from my birthplace in CO. Sunny house in the trees!!

I lined up several other homes to look at besides the one we really, really wanted and hopped on a plane to Durango, CO--just like that! I met with the remarkable woman who owns the property my first night in town, and we hit it off beautifully. The next morning she drove me to see the property. I wept quietly, standing on Colorado earth while listening to the Ponderosa Pines sing as a gentle breeze swept me up into childhood memories. It was THE perfect house with nearly everything we'd asked for on our list. Three days later, and a ladies handshake, our dreams came true!

My art studio with attached greenhouse on the left.

Main house where we live. Guest quarters below to the right. Two lovely patios and 2 decks. In the middle of this stone patio there's a compass pointing in all sacred directions.

There was no garage, bonfire pit, covered porch/deck or spacious closets. But our life style now doesn't require over-sized closets, a garage or a fire pit. The trees are our shade. Our clothes are stored in unique, space saving places. Our cars are just fine parked in our ample parking areas. The greenhouse is already built. Our critters love it here and so do we. We are leasing with an option to buy and I might just add here that our former home, that we placed a for sale sign on the VERY DAY WE LEFT Ohio...sold and closed in 6 weeks for exactly what we projected we'd need, which was way over what the market dictated in our area. I'll be sharing the inside of our home and my studio in the weeks and months ahead here, so please stayed tuned!

 Taken June 2015...just look at these gorgeous flowers!
Our road, our neighbor's dome house, and the La Plata mountains. We're past the dome house.

This practice works! It works. It works. It works!!! Why? Because when one sets their intentions within a love-based container that asks for the highest good for all involved—the Universe hurries about lining up everything you will need to fulfill that dream. When you say “Yes!” to trusting the Universe, or whomever you call your Higher Power… He/She/It will provide, above and beyond, exactly what you need—at exactly the right time that’s best for you and your situation. Be patient. Miracles don’t always happen on "our" time frames, nor do they always line up in the manner “we” asked our happy miracle to occur. But you can rest assured, it will manifest in the most delightful way when you least expect it.

Fall asleep each night saying thank you over & over before your miracle arrives, & after it arrives. 

If you're interested in making a Vision/Dream board of your own, check out my post here, "Design a Dream/Vision Board...the easy way" HERE

Saturday, March 12, 2016

When Miracles Find You Part One

Each one of us are miracles in the making, and sometimes, we are gifted unexpectedly by becoming the recipient of a miracle, or two, or four or more, like I've experienced during the last two years. You know it must be a pretty BIG miracle that occured to bring me out of hiding from social media or blogging. This is where most folks apologize for slacking about not blogging regularly but I won't because I'll be catching you up to speed on ALL the other miracles that have happened since my last post. I'll spill the rest of the juicy news here soon, but for now let's focus on what JUST happened that nudged me to finally begin blogging again and filled my heart with a completeness I’ve never experienced before until now.

Last Saturday at this time, I had 4 brothers and 2 brothers, including my foster family...then everything literally changed overnight. After 40+ years of searching for siblings I'd been told existed but was never told how many, although I'd been told there could be a quite a few, I finally found a clue online that had never surfaced before--EVER! The next morning a link suddenly popped up "out of nowhere" showing another person out there looking for my dad--OUR dad! He had information only a true family member would have known. This only meant one thing--that I had finally found a brother--MY brother! I was in too much shock to notice a second brother had also responded to the brother I'd just found.

By Sunday night, I found the later of the two brothers mentioned above which is when, and why, I logged back into FaceBook from an 8+ month sabbatical from social media. Then I found his wife, and next another sister, and another brother, and then... Well folks, this could go on for a while announcing each one of them in this manner, so please allow me to enthusiastically tell the entire world... DRUM ROLL PLEASE! I have 3 more sisters and 6 more brothers! I am beyond blessed! As my dear friend, Bob, told me, "Now you have enough family to make a baseball team." And I do, omgosh, I certainly do!

I cried like a baby and walked around in a daze for days. I still am. While I have not communicated with most of them, I have been welcomed with open hearts by my brother, Larry, his precious wife, Kim, and my sister, Sissy. I am content to have found them and will continue to love them from afar just like I've always have. My heart is open should they feel the desire to get to know me. My heart has been open to them since I was 10 years old and found out there were others. It's surreal looking at their faces in pictures and seeing bits of me look back with the same eyes, dimples, hairlines, chins, noses... It's my family looking back at me. Then hearing my brother, Larry, tell me he loves me for the first time. It feels like I'm in a Hallmark freaking movie!

Me and my brother, Larry, around the same age.

I'm only going to share one piece of our private story with you in order to protect their privacy, as well as my own. This sweet nugget made me break down and cry the sweetest tears I've ever cried other than when I gave birth to my sons. You may remember, or not, that my father was an extremely talented musician that played with 50's country music icons Johnny Horton, Hank Snow and Hank Williams SR. My son, Jake, and I have inherited his musical gifts which has been the best gift he could have given us. All of my newly found siblings are related to me by my (our) father so can you imagine the depths of my bliss when I found out many of them are musicians, too?! Goodness gracious how that makes me shout out loud with a great big, "YES!" 

One day, soon I hope, we will all get to meet each other, get to know each other and make sweet music together. There's no sweeter sound than that of family's voices harmonizing together. Nothing compares to that perfect blend of genes blending into one voice. In the meantime, I feel complete just knowing they are alive, well loved, and especially, that they love each other. My prayers have been answered.  

When miracles find you, share them with the world because when you share your miracles you give hope to those who are still awaiting their special miracle to arrive. Keep believing. Keep your hope burning like a wildfire in your heart because it's worth mentioning the link that suddenly turned up last week was from 2002. It wasn't until 2005 that my brother, Larry, responded to the brother who wrote the original inquiry--and it would be another long 14 years until I unearthed what I found last weekend. I'm so grateful I followed the strong prompting that day to dig back into the search of finding my brothers and sisters. 

If that's you waiting for your miracle, it may take time for all the perfect ingredients to line up to become the perfect celebratory cake for you, and those you love, to partake in. Be patient because synchronicity is happening at this very moment conspiring to bring you just what you need. Believe it. Your miracle is on its way all you have to do is keep on believing. Focus on what you want, and not what you don't want.

"Thoughts become things. Choose good ones." ~ Mike Dooley 

Thank you for being here so I could share my story and my happiness with you. Before you go, would you please share your dream, wish, hope with us so we can stand beside you with heartfelt agreement that you, and yours. are on the brink of a big, happy, over-the-top, glorious miracle finding its way to you, too. Please feel free to share this post with others needing a faith lift. 


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