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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My 100th Post

My 100th post!!! It's a [huge, humongous, gigantic, BIG] celebration for me.

I started this blog not knowing exactly where I was going but hoping blogging would take me somewhere wonderful. A pathway to heal the [notice I didn't say "my"] PTSD that visits me. Blogging has become a way of life for me now. I know many of you understand word for word what I just wrote. I feel like I know some of you as though I've known you my entire life. That's a good thing--blogging is supposed to be a way to link to each other's world. You've become my friends. I hope you feel that way about me, and Opie Taylor, too. For those of you who are just getting to know me, run now while you still can. Joking......

I promised when I started this blog that I was going to hang my undies out for all of you to see. I created a 101 list of creative things, and with you, "the world", watching me, I've been checking them off one by one. I'm going to be brave and knock a huge To Do off my list. I promised myself, and you, I would post an excerpt from the book I'm writing. Gulp... my undies are about to be waving like a parade queen.......

Look at me below.... I'm smiling nervously at age 7 like I knew I was going to be an exhibitionist when I grew up---oh that's right I still haven't grown up. Never mind....
Actually, I was trying to hide my missing front teeth not my undies.

This picture was taken when I was 7 years old a couple of months before the excerpt I'm about to share with you happened in my book, "Six Days To Haight-Ashbury". The book chronicles the events that led up to, and during, the time I hitch-hiked to San Francisco in 1967 as a runaway. The book is full of flash backs and if you lived during the 60's you will be transported back like you never left. If you ever wanted to know what it was like living in this historical time, I will take you there. It was the 60's--it was psychedelic, Man. Far out... Groooovy... Bitchin'... Keep on Truckin'.... [OK I'm done now] But it was what it was, and I lived it in southern California.

Now I'm going to take you on a magical mystery tour away from this site to my brand new link where I'll be showcasing my art, my photography and some other exciting adventures I want you, as my readers, my friends, to join me on. It's still under construction, too... just like me. I'll keep you posted here when I've nailed a few more pictures on the wall over there. Plus, I'll be taking all your pictures with me over there. We'll be all linky-like together. Peace, Love, and Tie Dye.

[Cue up the Beatles, Buffalo Springfield, or Cream--your choice]

Tune in, drop out and stick out your thumbs to the past.... But let's take a trip to 1959 first.

Click below on the Magic Bus to the past vrroooom vrrooommmm
It will take you to the excerpt and the new site.


  1. Ah, it was all so much simpler then. :-) Thank you for taking me on your tour. :-)


  2. Very snazzy looking new blog design! And congrats on your 100th post. You described the joys and meaning of blogging to a tee.....or should that be to a tie die?!

  3. LIl-D
    I still remember exactly the cover of my Buffalo Springfield album. Didn't Dusty Baker play for them and Cream? ah, Cream-yes white room. I remember it well. and your SF experience is making me think of "Go ask Alice" an actually good made for tv movie. Such memories! Thanks. and love the pic. can see the wheels were turning even then.

  4. ~~Thank you, Lorna. Yes it was. sigh...

    Ohhh Ohhhh Ohhhhh I wish I would have thought of that "blogging to a tee" You have your sassy pants so early in da morning. Let me know if the story loaded for you, please? Thanks!

    ~~Good morning, Rick..
    I know every generation thinks "their" music was the best. Dang IT ours WAS! lol Timeless, that's what the songs I picked for this post are all about.

    Rick, if you have time this am would you click to my new link, where it says, magic bus at the bottom of the post. I need someone to test drive the link, and I would also be honored if you could read my very 1st excerpt posted from my book. Feedback from you, my friend, would be awesomeness.

    Meanwhile, I see you have a new post up. I'll go visiting with my cuppa jo.

  5. Lil...Hate to be the bummer on the acid filled road away from the 60's but they weren't all that wonderful.

  6. Yea!! Congrats!! I'm earnestly anticipating the next 200 :-p

  7. I wish I had been there... Do you believe in past lives? I do, and I think in a past life that maybe I was there too. :)

  8. Your new blog is very sharp; your book is riveting. You are a wonderful writer and I'm sure it will be a best-seller. Congratulations!

  9. Congrats Dear Lille ... on your 100th Post... I have enjoyed all 99 of them and the 100th is the icing on the cake.
    Again with your description of the Haight, the 60's, the music and your memorable Phraseology ... links us even more...

    Hugs from your Litter Mate,

  10. ~~~TWN..
    Oh I agree it was not all sunshine & lillipops errrr i mean lollipops. And not all "trips" are good. But this journey is one I want to take again, and from this side of the looking glass, I have more to glean from the view as a passenger. I still believe the music from this time was some of the best. But my Mom will probably say the same thing about "her" generation's music, as will my son
    about his.

    As always, I appreciate your input.~~

    Your visit here, and there, mean so much to me. Thank you for cheering me on, Eva, and leaving such an affirming message.

    I know this excerpt may be a difficult read for some people but I also believe it will be a step in bringing awareness to how a child thinks, and how we can collectively watch out for children everywhere. ~~~

    ~~Jodi, litter mate, and art-eeeeast extraordinaire! Your new work made my mouth hang in a rather unattractive slack-jawed manner. But it is so exquisite, I'm willing to catch flies just to look at it.

    So nice to have you come sit a spell with me here at the tree house. Just seeing your name come up on my email made me smile.

  11. CONGRATS on #100!!!! That's big!
    More please.

  12. ~~Joanna...
    Thank you so much. I appreciate your feedback, and the hoorays!~~~

  13. Weren't you a cutie! Congrats on the 100th post! thats amazing... looking forward to reading 100 more!

  14. Lil D - I read your excerpt. It was very intriguing and powerful. The cloud of dust over the ridge was easy to imagine and to fear.
    And you summed it all up so well in the end. It leads to somewhere we care to go. Evil on the prowl and innocense lost. Very nice writing, LIL D ~rick

  15. Congratulations on the 100th. Thanks for the ride also. I always learn something new about you everytime I visit.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog post. It was a challenge to write but at I think I stirred up some emotions. We are far too complacent about such issues.

  16. ~~Abi..
    Awwww... I think I still look the same. LOL Pixie-ness is good. 100 is a great number. I hope to live that long or to 200, too. Hmmm that was 3 twos in a row.
    Thanks for visiting, Abi~~

    I know you understand the writing brain and share the same love for words & creating moods, stimulating senses, and showing not telling. Huge difference to show and not tell.

    I always leave your blog feeling like I went somewhere. I never know what I'm going to find when I click on your page, and that is what I like to create here, too. I hope people will go have a cup of coffee with you over at your place.

    "Evil on the prowl and innocence lost." Yes, life does seem to include a lot of that. I was wondering how many grasshopper families I wrecked....

    *****OK---somebody please tell me if you EVER did that to grasshoppers, too******

    I couldn't help but wonder if the Universe lined our posts up in some synchronized manner. I think you preached it, and people need to sit in the pulpit at your place to read how important what you said truly is. Stirring the pot up is good especially on this matter!

    I adore seeing you with your sassy pants on, Rae. And thank you so much for riding with me.

  17. Sorry I'm late... long day. Happy 100th. The moment I've been waiting for, but I'm going to wait even more. I will read your excerpt in the morning when both eyes are open! I'm so excited!

    Yes, our music was the best! Our kids are just doing our stuff over again! They're even wearing our clothes! I wish I knew where a certain picture was hidden... Me, with my long curly hair parted in the middle, laying in the sun with the puffed-sleeved paisley thing on, playing my guitar. Ah, the good ol' days...

  18. Congrats on the new website! I have a similar photo, I think it was grade 4 or grade 5 where I'm doing the same thing, hiding my lack of a front tooth!

  19. Lille,
    I am stopping by for a second chapter to my previous comment. This time I was able to read your book excerpt.

    It is powerful and moving. It touched emotions in me. You are talented and gifted.

    It speaks volumes and I hope that many others will read it. I am looking forward to reading it all.

  20. By the By...I keep forgetting to mention this.... I also LOVE your Musical Choices... great selection of songs...many I know, many I do not...and a few I have ordered just cause they sounded so wonderful on your blog...thanks for sharing and educating my Musical knowledge...
    On that Happy Note...

  21. I just took a pain pill(Vicodin) for my back and somehow it went well with the journey back to the sixties, yes I am there, I am seeing colors. Wait is that Paul McCartney. I don't know but I do feel so groovy. Thanks for sharing. I love you and your new look.

    Anne and Sasha(of course)

  22. I just finished reading your story. I couldn't stop reading and as tragic as the story begins, I want more. Please, you are a gifted writer. Thank you for sharing that painful story. Now go and write more!


  23. ~~Jodi...
    Music is what makes my spirit soar. I know some visitors may not enjoy a blog that dances with music, and I understand that. Once in awhile (but rarely) I need to turn the sounds down to concentrate. But that's largely due to the fact that I would forget what I was doing and would dance right off my chair.

    I appreciate, greatly appreciate, you sharing this with me. I try to keep the tunes in sync with the stories. Send me a smile when you're driving and listening, or creating and listening to the tunes you've added to your library that you found in mine.

    I invite everyone to come & tune into my pop up player. That way I could keep you company in a webby sort of way.~~~

    Thank you very much. I know this part of my book can be a challenging read for some people. But knowing you want more gives me the courage, the full-on pounding my chest Tarzan attitude, to keep pouring a part of my soul out onto the pages.

    Opie wants Sasha to know he edited it. His paws are all over my world, and I am a better girl for that reason alone. I know for sure kitty whiskers tickle, and delight my face.
    Thanks again, Anne.
    Hugzzzzz, Sasha....~~

  24. congrats for the 100!
    and i many times x 100.
    it's like a small birthday!

  25. Read the book excerpt, was drawn in, tumbled about....exited with a been there, done that, wishing we weren't connected in this way and probably a million others. Wish I had a memory that could drum up such fine details...but mine is murky, even the dreaded recollections sabotaged by things beyond my control. Keep writing sister!

  26. ~~W&W...
    I will write for both of us. I will write it for the countless others. Thank you for taking the time to go "there" to a dark, murky place. This is how we can shed some light on the subject.

    You are a brilliant writer. Thank you so much.~~

    ~~addicted to life...
    Thank you! It is like a mini birthday. Congrats on your 100's!

  27. It took me forever, but I finally read your excerpt tonight and was spellbound, Lily. If this is an example of what's to come your book ought to be a phenomenon! Congratulations. :)


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