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Monday, July 20, 2009

Pinocchio Is A Girl

Yep, it's me. Moi... Miss Monkey Pants~~

It wasn't even Halloween. That's the best part. When I first started singing pro I supported my music career as a server or a bartender. Or a clown. Imagine that... I decided if I had to work a "real" job [like a real boy] I'd make it fun and do it my way. And I sure did. [I'll post more about this at a later time...] One of my co-workers was studying Special Effects at a school in Hollywood. I was her willing, ever so willing, model.

Tis' good to be me.
~~~You can believe it~~~

I made a killing in tips working as a "real" boy.
Too bad a latex nose doesn't last forever.

Sigh.... Memories.
Some are just better than others--don't cha think?
And most get better with time. Thank the good Lawd.

Anyone remember that I Love Lucy episode where she lit her nose on fire?


  1. Tips...wonderful!

  2. You are too amazing! Love the nose job... Did the doc in Cleveland do it? Art is in your blood. You probably bleed varied hues of water colors!

    Your second book should be humorous, focusing on this side of you.

  3. Oh how fun!!! You are so full of surprises! I love it!

  4. hahaha you look great! I love the look...


  5. You are amazing !!Love the nose..Have a beautiful day and thank you for the smiles.

  6. "Anyone remember that I Love Lucy episode where she lit her nose on fire?"

    But of course. Who do you think you're talking to here, some little whippersnapper?

    I probably also watched damn near every newscast by Walter Cronkite. I cried for him more than I did for my father, sad to say.

  7. ~~Lily,
    Yes, it was a podiatrist in Cleveland. ROFL. I think I do dribble ink, so much so, I should be self-tatooing. Now wouldn't that be scary? My thoughts in ink... on skin.. randomly. LOL

    I think we should co-author a humor book, Mzz. Two lilies, both sillys. ;-)

    ~~Tips, yep. Good thing. Nice to see you fly into the tree house, Sharon.

    I only wish I could have worn that nose for a week. Or more. It was so much fun, Rach. [ponders the thought... what if she could sell Pinocchio noses like Billy Bob teeth... hmmmmmmm--marketing light bulb goes off. sparks flying everywhere]
    I want that pretty red couch at your place. :-)

    ~~Toofy fairy...
    Thank you so much. [Curtsies]
    Thanks for visiting.

    Shucks.... thank you, and welcome to the tree house. I feel so over dressed. LOL wink-ity-wink...

    I hear you about Walter. It's a part of our history gone, a rich part of how we lived, and learned about what was going on in the world through his wonderful investigative eyes. I cried, too. I was asking Superman if he remembered Walter's late Sunday afternoon program--right before Lassie came on. Wasn't it broadcast at 4:00 or 4:30? He didn't remember. I now know I may no longer be considered a whipper snapper either. But it is OK. I still feel extra skippy in my heart. And I will miss Walter very much, too.

    So nice to see you again, my friend. I'll buzz over to see what you've written to stimulate my brain with topics that challenge me to think. That's what I love about visiting you. You make me think before I type. That's a first. I usually sputter freely. You are good for me, Snow.

  8. Now that is way cool ! Bet you could get on famously like that in Paris too... thanks for the smiles...

  9. Lil D- I think it's the wonderful expression that males the nose. Looks like it was enjoyed. ~rick

  10. That's really neat, you are a person of MANY talents! Thanks for the smiles!


  11. You are a person of many talents! Thanks for the smiles, I really enjoyed seeing your pictures!


  12. OOPS, I didn't think my first comment went...but I think it did! so now you have three from me!!

    Til next time.......Kris

  13. Gorgeous! It reminds me of the story of my eldest, when she was little, and how she believed with all her heart that Noddy was a girl! (and still does!) She has a *fun* filled heart, just like YOU! X:-)

  14. ...and i just ran right back over here (puff! puff!) to give you a great BIG (((HUG))) for your kind wordz on my blog xoxox

  15. I so admire your many talents.

  16. Loved the story lady. One good thing about having Pinocchio for a wait person would be when you got the answer to "What's good on the menu"

    To bad it not a law that all politicians have a Pinocchio gene spliced into their DNA as a prerequisite for holding office.

  17. You are a natural and have a creative side where everything seemed like ART!


  18. Wow you look like a happy camper with your Pinocchio nose. Thanks for the little levity in an otherwise down day. Thanks for reading my blog. It's always nice to have another passenger along for the ride. I will back-read you also to get a better sense of who you are. Not much work today, so here goes....

  19. Loved the story/pictures of you! You have many talents and a very varied background.
    I certainly remember Lucy - eating the candy at the factory and stomping grapes I think were my favs!
    Take care.

  20. ~~Owen..
    That would be a good place to stick my nose into something. It's a good thing to have a colorful past then--right? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy... Paris it is then.
    Thanks, Owen~~~

    A smile makes everything better. I'm glad I made you, and everyone, smile for a minute or two.

    Third times a charm. You are a sweetie. Thanks~~

    I welcome a visit from you any time, any time at all. When I visit you down-under I never want to leave. I believe we can recognize the child heart in other kindred spirits. Mine sees yours, too.
    Your visit made my day, Vicki~~

    ~~Char & Caroline...
    Tis good to be a handsome boy. That was long before my boobies got so big that they enter a room before I do... I miss seeing my feet.

    Your new picture is lovely, Caroline. Just like you. ;-)
    Thank you, ladies~~

    I think all servers should have noses that show us what we are getting into before we order that special on the menu--just as all politicians should have lie detectors like Plasma TV screens on their foreheads. I always appreciate a server who crinkles their noses when asked, "How's the pork chops here?" Ewww, I just had a cheesy chop this past weekend due to a server embellishing the size...

    Welcome back to the tree house. It's nice to see you over at Rick's place. I've missed you. Thank you for such silvery words of encouragement.
    Hugzzzz, my friend~~

    Welcome to my little tree house on a lake. I've driven and spent some time in your neck of the woods...literally (I resided in your great state for many years)& figuratively, all morning. I started to read "just one" story, then one led to another, and another, and another... I stayed so long I felt I must hang my picture on your wall. I mean that in the highest form of flattery. Your write from the hip, and shoot from the heart.~~

    Those two episodes are my favs, as well. I'm a corny kinda of girl (duh) and enjoy old Mayberry shows in black and white to wash down my Lucy laughter fixes.

  21. I LOVE THAT! Being a clown is fabulous!!! And you look GREAT!


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