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Friday, July 10, 2009

Sweet Pea with Spikes....

Here's the little carrot (top) I'm using to motivate me to take a road trip 2.5 hours away...

His Uncle Opie thinks he looks just like him.
Hey, red-heads gotta stick together...

Oops...wrong pic..... This is the one Opie uses on Match Dot Com....

I meant this red-head below.
Notice he has spiked his hair to match Sweet Pea's...

Yes, sir... Uncle Opie is one kewl cat....
And Sweet Pea is one kewl grand son...


  1. Those are some fine, fine spikes. Hilarious. Made my afternoon - thanks:)

  2. What a handsome guy...and those spikes are AWESOME!
    I am envious, I always wanted to be a redhead, then I would have had an excuse for my temper. :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Lille Diane!! Awwwww, so sweet!! He is just a dolly!! Take the road trip -- 2.5 hours is nothing considering all the fun you're going to have once you get there!! :D

  4. Wow he is beautiful! I will pray that you can make the journey. You can do it!! You got through the dentist, after that you can take on anything. Sasha says to tell Opie that the photo on might be a little misleading.


  5. ROFL.... What wonderful photos to have. These will be so cherished!

  6. Awww what cute hair! And good pictures too.

  7. tell Sasha that all the pictures on are misleading! lol

    Love the spikes! have a great trip!

    I know you can do it!

  8. Great pictures!.... red heads are great, and are becoming rare creatures too!... :-)the more the better I say!

  9. One of the best, as the shirt writes! another journey, explaining why I still am.

  10. Now you can't be lil, tiny Diane, you must be big and brave. I know exactly how you feel. Exactly. If only you could go see your grandson, I might have to go to Europe to see my daughter dance. I am talking myself into it, but I just am not "seeing" it happen yet without the anxiety and possible heart-attack. ugh. Do it for you, for me and all of your fans! Love, hope and courage, Lisa

  11. Did someone say RAOD TRIP!?!?!?
    Have a great time, he's too cute to miss.

  12. Cool; looks like Calvin (& Hobbes)!

    Perhaps you've read Tom Robbins "Still Life With Woodpecker" ? If not, check it out, he has alot to say about redheads... :-D

  13. Ooooh, you can't pass that cute spiked red-head up!! Dig deep from within to get the strength you need and make that trip. Believe in yourself, I do. Have a wonderful time and give that cutie a big hug! Love the pics!

    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the great comments!

  14. Sweet Pea is adorable! What a motivator! You can do it!

  15. Looks like punk is coming round again....

    What a cutie! (Both of them actually)

  16. Honestly I can think of a better reward for going on a road trip than the smell of a baby. answer your question. Yes I went through all of the anti-depressants and therapy (physical and mental)and massive amounts of pain drugs up to and including 100mgh Fentynal patches.

    Then I remembered where my faith had always been. In God. I stopped caring about saving my life and in the process saved it.

    The first to go were the shrinks and counselors, they were more fucked up than I was.

    Then I started to trim the MD's down from 6 or 7 to three (My primary, a pain specialist who performed all the protocols, then the surgeon)

    Now it is just my primary.

    I am down to the occasional use of some Vicodin when the atmospheric pressure changes and two other drugs non pain or accident related. That 3 from what used to be 11.

    I don't know the details of your crash but in both cases of mine I was found to be 100% not at fault.

    the first step was returning my mind to it's faith based foundation of God. God required that I find a way to forgive them who harmed me and that was probably the most difficult of all.

    But today I don't even think of these people without remembering their name to God with the hope they remember and have become more careful in traffic and in their life in general.

    I too love to drive...have been nearly from corner to corner and top to bottom of North America. Before the accident's.

    For me the final step was buying a Motor Home and going on a long 6 month trip to a place I never knew existed. Among the mountains and valleys of Virginia I became better at not worrying about shit. Now I love to drive again, although I do keep my eyes in constant motion it is good to be able to go where I want when i want again.

    Be Well buddy. You can only drive safely and leave the rest in God's more than competent hands.

  17. Both Sweet Pea and Opie are so cute.:)
    I am a redhead too and we do need to stick together, for the hassle we get for being a bit different!:)

  18. so it sounds like we may be seeing you soon. ;]

  19. Sweet Pea already has the ladies swooning over him....everywhere he goes.

    Thank you all for the cheers, and well wishes for me to make this trip. I will post when I'm officially (gulp) pulling out of the driveway.

    Your words filled me up hope, and joy, and a sense of renewed strength. Thank you so much!

    LOL yes they do look like Calvin and Hobbs!!! I will call my son to tell him. He will get a big kick out of that!!

    Red-heads are special no matter what shade....that's why they make so many different colors at Loreal.... everyone wants to own a piece of the sass that comes with having red hair. I'll add that Tim Robbin's book to my list.

    Now that is some smart thinking there. I may have to go back to being a reddy myself just so I can "vent" and no one will challenge me because I'll look too fiery to mess with. LOL

    Yes it is misleading. My Mom had a talk with me about it. She thinks i should post my new video...

    Oh Boy.... you can say that again. Lots of misleading people out there online fishing for mates. I luckily found Superman errrrr I mean Clark in a phone booth just as he was about to place a dime in the slot to call Match Dot Com....

    ~~the walking man...
    Thank you for being so kind, and responding to my questions about your recovery. I was not at fault either. The easiest thing for me was not blaming him. In fact I don't remember even one time of being angry or bitter at the other driver. All I remember thinking when I saw him come down the embankment to help us was, "He's just a kid. He could have been my kid."

    I still rely on my counseling. It's the meds I'm fighting taking. My body is still healing from the injuries. I'm glad I opted to not sign off with the insurance companies. I still need (depend on) medical, and mental help. My family is probably chuckling at that last line "need mental help"....

    I appreciate your honesty, your experience, and your compassion. Do you still have flash-backs or bad dreams? Were you conscious and aware in both accidents? send me your email addy in the comment box. I will NOT post it.

    Thank you!

    Oh you are most welcome. Thank you for the hugs you send me every time you visit. We really should go kayaking together!

    Hugzzzz all!!!


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