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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I hope by this time tomorrow to check something off my list~ being grateful to have another day is at the top of my list

It's been a really good day. I spent the day doing "healthful" things for my body and this evening doing "soulful" things with Dylan. Dylan is the best friend anyone could ever want. We are both taking flight. We are dedicated to living each moment with gusto (whoever he is...)

We decided since we'd already seen each other fly through the air at 65-70 MPH, hit a guard rail head-on, do a flip, then land under the bridge upright 70' plus below AND SURVIVE... well, we can do anything. Monday we will officially celebrate surviving. And yes, we celebrate or embrace this every single day but Monday is our one year anniversary. More about this survival story to come...

In the meantime, here is the next 10 on the 101 List ~ 61-70 ~
  • Water fountain for my living room. I've had this water pump for 9 years just hanging out waiting to become a fountain one day.....
  • Paint the rug for the studio
  • Look up the word panache
  • Design the perfect biz card that allows me to be anything I want to be when I grow up...
  • Make a platform with wheels to fit under my storage chest of drawers in my studio
  • Use one of my sketch books for a scrap book for my creative tidbits, notes on the back of envelopes. pictures torn out of magazines, 3 x 5 cards I've scribbled ideas on, etc....
  • Actually paste, glue and organize said items above into said sketch book... (ahem...)
  • Find the rhythm for my day. Dylan, my BFF, just gave me a scathingly brilliant idea today to accomplish this. Dylan knows I can overload myself with well intentions and end up looking at the clock at midnight wondering where the day went. She suggested I do what they used to do in days gone by. Remember when people actually did the laundry on Monday, the ironing on Tuesdays (huh? Ironing??) etc.... Try doing more of "one thing" a day rather than too many in a day. Thank you, Dylan... you are my heroine!! Ummm... not as in my drug even though I am addicted to your wacky sense of humor.. never mind....
  • Get up before dawn. I have always loved his time of day best. I do my best writing early in the morning.
  • Decoupage the linen closet with pictures and cork board
Sweet dreams everyone.....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The next 10 on the list... It's already this time tomorrow

51-60 on my Marvelous 101 Wonderful Things To Do List with my wonderful life...

  • Paint a self portrait (Thanks My Dog Ate Art )
  • Play "Beat the Clock" once in the morning and once in the afternoon. A 15 minute game to knock the not-so-much-fun-crap off the day-to-day to doo doo list... Notice I'm trying to make every area of my life fun... I used to play this with my son. Now I'll have to play it with me.
  • Focus on ONE thing at a time
  • Give myself pats on the back regularly
  • Make Ashley's album of Jake's beh-beh pics
  • Get a comfy chair for the studio
  • Get an easel that fits me standing... or sitting OR get a massage everyday.... hmmm light bulb flashes above my head, "Now that's a great idea!!"
  • Write three pages a day on my book
  • Encourage another person each day
  • Type list of my 101 list to put on my dream board. Use colorful pics where needed. Duh, that would be everywhere.....
My BFF, Dylan, had a great suggestion. I haven't seen little Mister (or Miss) Muskrat since I saw it that day last week I got the great pics. I should add seeing it regularly to my list not just to get a picture of it. Now that I checked it off my 101 list I need to re-add it so it will swim by the Tree House again.

Question... how many of you make lists? And if you do, what kind do you make? Leave your answers in the comment slot below.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Today my eye isn't matching up with my paint brush... I'll give it another try this time tomorrow...

Some days you just need to be kind to yourself. This is one of those days. The painting I'm working on of my son has turned into something I want to stuff under the bed.... I can't get his eyes right. I'll put a blindfold on it.... or perhaps on me. Sigh...

Mama said there'd be days like this. All it means is that by this time tomorrow I'll have a fresh perspective on things. Paint is one thing you can change in a hurry. Attitudes sometimes take a little more time. I think I'll invent a paint for fixing attitudes.

In the meantime, if you haven't caught up on this last week's worth of blogs.... take a minute now and read. I added some new tunezzzz just for you. I'm going to take a cat nap. Opie Taylor always tells me a nap can make you happy after a few winks.

Here's a big hug to Leia, my step-daughter, Scott, her husband, and Devin, my budding artist and grandson. Their little dog, "Boss" was hit by a car over the weekend. I know Boss is dancing in heaven. And forever in their hearts.

We'll miss you, Boss.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Universe is granting wishes on my to do list... I wonder what I'll check off this time tomorrow... it's just like watching magic unfold!!

Here's an update on the painting of Jake, my son, in Panera's. I'm enjoying this process. I can see him evolving before my eyes. I have already seen a few things evolve, come true, magically happen since I began writing down my list of 101 things I want to do.

Yesterday after our walk, Superman took me to my favorite place for ice cream. I had a hankering for their handmade custard... chocolate almond, and since it is only open seasonally, I had a severe onslaught of the "gots to have it NOW!!!" Oh my.... Two scoops of creamy goodness, chocked full of chunks of toasted almonds nesting in a waffle cone. Yes, it's an odd treat for a 5 mile hike but, hey, this is my reward system. And I am nice to me....

Here's a little (big??) piece of magic that happened late yesterday afternoon. You may have read yesterday morning's blog where I added items 41-50 on my to do list. One of the items on my list was to sing again. I didn't clarify the exact way in which I want to sing again. I just know I do but not in a steady 5-6 night gig a week circuit like I used to. I envision a band that works steadily, and from time to time would welcome moi to do a 45-55 minute set with them. I love singing live as much as I love recording. It's in my blood, and I've been without an outlet for singing (except for the concerts in my car or shower and a little karaoke every now and then...) since 1998.

My pipes are rusty especially mentally. A voice is an instrument. The more you use it the better you become. I have had an inner fear that I lost the ability to sing like I once had. I know it's like getting back on the bicycle again theory... but it's way more personal than that. I had been smoke free for over 17 years and for some stupid reason about 6 years ago I picked the habit back up again. I quit again this past December 13. (YEAH!!!!) My unspoken (until now) fear is that I muffed things up by smoking again. I took a breathing test a couple of weeks ago & was at the top of the charts. 97-100... Sweet! But I've still have been singing (to myself...) the "wondering if I still have it" blues.....

So, when I wrote sing again on my list it was a similar "goal, dream, longing, wanting to do" like it was the day I wrote down "take a picture of the muskrat" that swims so adorably in the lake by my island from time to time... The Universe heard me and took note of my written request. There I was standing on my deck taking pics of the sky when looked over and saw the muskrat swimming in the lake. I got a clear pic of this aloof muskrat. Sooooooooo.... back to the stop for ice cream yesterday....

In all the times I've stopped at this popular ice cream stand, I've always eaten it in my car or brought home a pint to devour while watching TV. Superman spotted an empty picnic table, and we decided to savor the wickedly, delicious frozen cream while sitting in the shade at a table. As we headed toward the table an attractive, older couple both dressed in crisp, white, cotton shirts-- he in black linen shorts and very tan skin; she with a light colored jean skirt, and shoulder-length, light auburn hair reflecting the coppers from the late afternoon sun--walked past us to order ice cream from the window. I remember thinking how nice they looked as they walked by. Before I'd reached the second scoop, they approached our large table, and smiled before sitting down to join us.

She began conversing right away. Her smile was infectious. Her words interesting. His undying love, admiration and full-on respect for her evident in every twinkle in his eyes, and posture. They were heading to the same place we had plans to go to after we finished our ice cream-- a popular, seasonal vegetable market. I was in awe of this when she told us. How coincidental. How small is this planet?? She continued on about their upcoming 50th wedding anniversary and how their 5 children, their spouses and grandchildren were coming in from all over the world to celebrate their anniversary. I could have sat there for hours listening to them talk. Hours... I could see they were both those kind of people whose lives had been lived, enjoyed, and full of life's rich nuggets to hold in your pocket forever as gold. I was hungry to know more.

They met in New York over 50 years ago. He had come to the Big Apple from the Canary Islands and was in his residency. She was an opera singer performing and studying voice. (Oh my... a wave of goose bumps crept up my sunburned neck...) For the last 40 years she told me she's been teaching voice lessons. Next she asked what I did (do?? as in an occupation) I told her I used to sing pro for nearly 25 years. She said, "Oh, yes, I can hear it in your voice. Your voice has many inflections, and moves up, and down freely. I would love to hear you sing" I nearly crapped myself with joy---and awe. Is it possible to crap yourself with joy????

Then she insisted I have her phone number and told me she wants me to call her. I never once felt she was chumming up business with me on the wooden picnic bench, chocolate ice cream now dotting the front of her beautiful, billowing white blouse. No, she was simply responding to the Universe that told her and her beloved to drive to their favorite ice cream place nearly 18 miles away. She listened when the Universe nudged her to sit down with us at the picnic table, and encouraged her to start a conversation with us.

She begged her kind, adoring, patient husband of 50 years go to their car to get a piece of paper and a pen so she could give me her number plus get mine from her. He happily obliged. He came back with only a piece of paper--no pen or pencil. She lovingly sent him back to keep looking for a pen. Superman got up, too, to search his car for a writing instrument. She then told me again she wanted to hear me sing. And finally, he returned, her love of 50 years, with a pen, and her lipstick... how utterly sweet is that? I knew in that instant I had to seize this precious, divine appointment. She trusted herself, she trusted me. She (we) knew it was an preordained moment in time to meet. "Call me!" she said, as if she knew the Universe commanded we get together to open this gift.

After exchanging our info, we left to go to the vegetable market. Our car two car lengths behind theirs, winding down the side streets to the market together. My heart was riding in the front seat of their car pondering what had just happened. We both pulled into the vegetable market to find they had just closed moments before. Superman parked next to their car and we rolled our windows down. I think we were more sad to not have some fun bumping our shopping carts into each others in the store than the store actually being closed. One more time I saw her mouth to me, "Call me!"

"I will." I mouthed back. And I will. I could use a good vocal coach to get my voice back up to speed.

I am writing this with a tear in my eye. A muskrat.... a voice teacher.... a to do list of 101 wonderful things I am on my way to completing in magical, mystical and monumental ways.

What's next? I can hardly wait to find out!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I have so much to do simply cannot wait till this time tomorrow

This is Opie Taylor, my lil red-headed cat. I used to call him my boyfriend in a cat suit until I met Superman. Hey, he'll always have the purrrfect spot in my heart--always.

Count this pic as # 41 on my 101 List of wonderful things to do list. Paint this sweet lil face.

This is a picture I took of the Topa Topa mountains in Ojai, CA where I lived most of my adult life. Count this as #42 on the list. This will be my final picture to paint in Tim Gagnon's class this session.

43-51 goes as follows.....
  • Scan and properly store slides of my modeling pics, band pics
  • Find a band to sing in/with (again). Music is, and always be, my first love. My Dad sang with and played guitar for Hank Williams SR, Johnny Horton and Hank Snow. Some of you will be saying. "Huh??? Who the heck are they?" Others will know, and say, "coolness"..... Below is the first band I was in, "Silver Rose"in 1975. I'll post more info-pics of other bands I was in soon. That's me on the far right.
  • Build a tree house to count the stars in at night..... I'm totally serious!
  • Be on the Oprah Winfrey Show with my BFF, Linda, and my amazing foster Mom, Fran. This of course will be after my new book, "Six Days to Haight-Ashbury", that chronicles a time I ran away to the infamous Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco in 1967, climbs to number one on the New York Times Best seller's list. (This is how dreams come true...Believe!)
  • When the time is right post a couple of chapters here of Six Days for you to read.
  • Meditate every day
  • Make a vision board of what Superman & I want in our new home and studio.
  • Update my current vision board
Now, I can take a spin around the lake on my kayak. Today is the kind of day dreams are made of.

~Dream BIG!!!~ Believe ~ Have an attitude of gratitude ~ ALWAYS~ LOVE~

Friday, April 24, 2009

At this rate the trees will look like sticks of bright green popcorn this time tomorrow

So beautiful outside..... I'll pop in tomorrow morning to say hello!

~Enjoy every ounce of sunshine you find today~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I wish I could be visiting this guy this time tomorrow...

Here is the picture of my son, Jake, I told you I wanted to paint in the first set of 10 things on my 101 List. Jake inherited an abundance of creative jeans... errr I mean genes, too. He is a musician (quite phenomenal if I do say so myself) following his dreams, writing, singing, and can play just about any instrument he picks up.

I want to take his newest band, "Eternity Lost" promo pics next time I get to his city about 3 hours away. Soon, one day soon, I will be able to drive on a freeway that faraway from home. Right now I cannot drive much farther than an exit or two on a freeway without birthing a panic attack. I'm working on it.... and will keep working on it until I can drive all the way to China. Hmmm.... better
put that on my 101 List. (joke, of course on the China.... I'd settle for driving to Cleveland or anywhere longer than 2 exits.... LOL)

>>>> Let the painting begin!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>
I'll update my progress. FYI: The blues on his jeans look a little bluer in the picture I took of the painting than they actually are on the painting.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

By this time tomorrow you'll probably want a little muskrat love of your own....

I took this pic from the deck at the Tree House this afternoon. It didn't snow like they forecast for today. But wow what a sky! What a breathtakingly beautiful sky. I stood barefoot snapping pictures left and right. The sky was shifting, and changing. My feet chilled by the wet wood on the deck. I could smell the clouds. Glorious clouds.

Just when I least expected.... I saw something move out of the corner of my eye on the water. I could not believe my eyes. The little muskrat I have been so blessed to see only 4-5 different occasions EVER was happily swimming towards the smaller island next to mine. I was suddenly nervous, and shaking a bit, as I tried to zoom in on nature so splendidly showing herself to me--gifting me with something I had written on my 101 To Do List. Take a picture of the muskrat swimming in the lake. Sah-weeeeet Sassy Molassey!!!

The first pic is of him/her is exactly what I'd hoped to photograph, a swimming pic. The second pic is of him/her diving, lil butt up, tail tucked in--diving underwater to its den on the island's edge was more than I could have ever asked for!!! I actually caught him/her diving!!! How kind the Universe is to grant me a "wish", a desire, an item on my wonderful To Do List I secretly wondered if I'd ever be able to achieve.

Big sigh... Big THANK YOU! Big smile on my face.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

By this time tomorrow they say it's going to snow....

This picture was taken April 7, 2009. The views out my window here at Tree House where I live. And, yes, they are forecasting snow by this time tomorrow here in Ohio area near Cleveland. Yikes.... but that is part of what I love about living here. Seasons. It gives me a sense of awe and wonder as one season ends and another begins.

I feel I am following a cycle, much like seasons, at this time in my life. Winter is a time things lie dormant, frozen under the hard ground with no obvious signs of life, breath or buds of life. I've felt like winter inside for nearly a year now--maybe longer. Maybe much longer than I ever realized. Spring is technically here, yet a blast of winter's last hoorays ride my coat tail like a stray puppy insistent on following me home. I have thawed out. I put my winter boots away. Winter steals one more kiss from me before I can dance naked in the fresh, lime green, fluff of baby grass beneath my feet.

It's OK. I truly love the crisp air, and flakes of iridescent masterpieces I could only dream of painting. I need time to slow down just a bit for me so I can catch up. I have so much to do. So much life to get on with. So much to be grateful for. So many gifts to use. So many wondrous ideas flying off my brain like hot sparks from a muffler dragging on the pavement behind an old car picking up speed to get on the on ramp of life. There's nothing wrong with the vehicle... I just need to replace some tattered parts.... some old ways of thinking. I need to be patient with myself. Forgiving. And forgive some more...... and more.

Yesterday at this time I parked my mental chaos, and hurting body, in the garage. I didn't "feel creative"... I felt tired, and like that old car--yet I'd be the first one to snarl at you if you even suggested I am "old". But some days I just feel worn out, out of fuel, fresh outta everything. I needed some time up on the rack to take a peek under the hood. My back needed to rest. I have been scurrying about like the geese on my lake looking for a safe place to lay the fertile eggs of creativity burning in my womb. My back knows my bones are old but I am in extreme denial about it.....

I am racing my one year anniversary of the auto accident to the finish line. I so wanted to get there fully recovered, emotionally and physically. I wanted to show my appreciation for surviving something that should have killed me "by living my life this past year as though I were dying..." I didn't do this. At least in the way guilt tells me I should have. Guilt tells me I should have done more... I should have been over this by now.... I should have... I should have. I can hear the broken record. Squeaky ain't it????

Why am I (are we) so hard on myself (ourselves). Winter rolling in again reminded me it is OK to feed my soul with a little restful respite. Crawl under the blanket of forgiveness. Light the fires of self-love. Tomorrow when this mid spring dusting of snow waifs past my windows I will celebrate knowing the Universe, my higher power, my Creator, is throwing a party for me. That's not snow. It's confetti!! I have much to celebrate.

Maybe this time in a tomorrow a year from now, I will look back and say, "WOW.... Look how many times I danced in the snow!!"

Monday, April 20, 2009

A day of gentle rain refreshed my heart, and washed away any guilt I had about not accomplishing what I had planned to do this time tomorrow--today.

All true artists, whether they know it or not, create from a place of no-mind, from inner stillness.--Eckhart Tolle

I needed the rain to help me feel that inner stillness. Not guilt.

A huge chunk of one of my molars broke off today. I swallowed it. Does that count towards my daily intake of calcium for strong bones and teeth???

Hmmmm..... Tomorrow will be a better day.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Working to have a cloud picture hand painted by "moi" by this time tomorrow

Here's the next 10 on the 101 list, 31-40.

  • Stage Nancy and Mitch's home for sale or as needed
  • Shred any papers from the past not needed for the future (this is important for my peace of mind and de-cluttering process)
  • Put all the songs, poems, musings I've written into one place after scanning each one
  • Get a picture of the adorable muskrat that lives off my island while he/she is swimming; little head sticking slightly up out of the water and using his/her flat tail as a rudder. Sah-weetness!
  • Paint the two chairs I dragged all the way from CA to OH....11 years ago.
  • Paint Superman's outdoor patio table
  • Recycle my 4729 corks into bulletin boards to display my photography. Do I actually have 4729 corks? Probably or darn near close to it
  • Add decorative touches to black hutch already painted by me
  • Make glass or color reflective beaded swag curtain for living room windows
  • Band shots for Jake
My painting lessons with Tim Gagnon were postponed by him until later this week due to technical problems he ran into downloading video lessons. In the meantime, I will work to complete a cloud picture for my wall from the picture above. Starting right now.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'll have arms like Popeye by this time tomorrow. I'm taking the kayak out with Superman. Woot!

Kayak!!!! Superman bought a kayak today and we are off to look for muskrats. Now my kayak will have someone to hang out with leaning up against the boat house. I wish I could kayak every day and now, finally the weather is perfect for skimming the lake in my baby blue butt huggin' kayak!

Grill a couple steaks later then off the see the fabulous Joe Hedges playing at JB's in Kent, OH.

I wish you were all here today with me at the tree house to enjoy the beauty I get to see every single waking moment.

Over and out...

Buh bye....

Friday, April 17, 2009

This time tomorrow I'll be watching Joe Hedges perform at a funky bar in Kent, OH. But tonight I have a natural buzz induced by listening to my heart.

I'm not sure what happened to me tonight except that I experienced a cosmic moment of brilliance. I had a divine opportunity to step into a portal and the Universe gave me a gift for trusting myself to listen. Then I just started painting. A "Just Do It" kind of thing... I painted the picture you see above of my beautiful daughter-in-law, Ashley, in about 3 hours from start to finish. I am slacked jawed right now. Not only did I start the painting, I FINISHED it!

Below is the photograph I found my inspiration in. It is just one of about 10 of her I want to paint. Her eyes are intensely blue. Ice blue. Take your breath away blue. All I can say is thank you to my Higher Power for giving me a gift tonight.

Nuf said....

This time tomorrow I'll be starting my first online art lesson with Tim Gagnon....check him out.

This is a painting I started 4 years ago. It is from the movie, "Beloved", with Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover. I had a newspaper clipping from this scene in the movie on my bulletin board for over 7 years before I actually started this painting. I loved the energy exchange between them in the photo. I'll add this to the 101 List. Finish, please.....

Tim Gagnon is a phenomenal artist who also happens to teach online classes. I was researching techniques online and discovered him. WOW! You need to check him out! He has some videos posted on You Tube that shows him painting. Click on his name to watch him paint "Red Sky, Clouds" sped up. Big WoW!

I have an entire cloud series to paint (in my head) and one of my goals is to learn how to paint clouds that make you fly through the sky emotionally. Pink and golden yellow tinged clouds like Maxfield Parrish paints--my all time favorite artist. Tim paints those kind of clouds. So I stepped up to the plate almost 2 weeks ago & signed up for his classes. (Yippy! Big pats on the back to me!!!!) Tomorrow is my first lesson with him, and in the first few lessons, he will be teaching me how to paint "those" kind of clouds. I'll keep you posted with my before & after progress with this, too.

Here are the next 10 things on my 101 List
  • Finish my painting, Beloved.
  • Learn to paint clouds that make my heart fly
  • Painting lessons
  • PPOP (paint picture of picture) of Bekah Williams , fabulous blues singer from Cincinnati, OH. I shot her pics for her first CD.
  • Yoga, walking, Pilates, kayaking or some type of exercise every day
  • Hey, friends.... may I add Stop Smoking to my list even though I quit December 13, 2008??? This is huge stuff here. It was probably my biggest "this time tomorrow" thing I'm gonna do on my list! Note the word "was"... Huge X mark on my 101 To Do List
  • Paint the wooden number 3 I bought 1.5 years ago for my front door at the Tree House
  • Volunteer to read at the library to children. I'll post pics of this when I do & when I used to do it....much to my horror and embarrassment of my youngest son, Jake. LOL
  • Plant more Colorado native flowers on my grandparent's graves in Pagosa Springs, CO which means I will have to visit there again. <3>
  • PRACTICE DRIVING ON THE FREEWAYS (more about this later as I near the one year anniversary of the auto accident, 5-4-08... I'm working on calling it the "divine appointment".
I thought about numbering the items on my 101 list instead of using bullets. And/or prioritizing them... For right now getting them down on paper is a big step. Placing an order on when I do them may not work for a right-brained person like myself plus would mess with the perfectionist side of me. I'll go back and add a counter to each post that contains items on my to-do list.

I would suggest everyone begin a list of 101 FUN, Wonderful "important to you" things to do. After all, this is your wonderful life, too....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today I found my marbles... and maybe this time tomorrow I'll actually have enough energy to use them. I'm pooped.

Check the date out on this calendar.

Yep, it says March 2006.... do you think I need to update??? This was buried under the crap on my desk in the studio. I tossed it. Holy hefty trash bags, I tossed something out. Truth be known, I hate calendars and watches. So, no calendar thingys like this will ever park in my play space again. Pfffttt! Toes in the pic? Stamping out calendars in my life-time??? Nope, I like the color of my toe paint and it izzzzz a creative blog.


Shot of the shelf above my "play station" (gonna call it my play station not a desk, or work table....) Remember what Superman said.... If it ain't art, it can't stay in the studio.


Yikes, much better. I can see my "stuff". Look closely, and you will see I found my marbles. Look on the bottom shelf right there to the left of the purple book. A whole frigging jar of them. And all this time I thought I'd lost them.

I decided after looking at them for a bit that I have lovely bunch of marbles. All different shapes, sizes and colors. A little jumbled up but it's good to be me.

Sigh.... today was an excellent day for uncovering lost treasures and tossing out crappy, out-dated calendars. More buried treasure finds tomorrow!

Wine time!

I hope it looks just like it does today outside my windows this time tomorrow.... I can tackle the day with a huge smile.

It's one of those silver misted mornings on the lake. The sun is slipping in sideways to greet the day, and the birds cannot help but rejoice in song. The sparrows have been checking out my bird house again on my deck. One is checking it out right now. The bird in the pic was a male scout from last year. Maybe this year they will bring life to the tree house, new life, new beginnings, and new starts. Isn't that what spring is? Birds are singing and chirping, and so starts my day at the tree house.

This morning reminds me of one of those mornings when I was a kid. My pant legs would have already been damp with dew scampering in spring's arms outside. The weather man says it's 36 degrees out. Hmmmm.... that's practically a heatwave after the winter we've had. But for now, I'll drink my coffee, warm up under the baby blue blanket of the sky filling my windows, and count the days till I can drag my kayak out.

Yes, there is an energy in the air, and I am plugging in. Powering up. Syncing the solar panels in my heart to soak life up. Every single, wonderful, blessed, bountiful, bliss-filled moment I can get. Good Morning World!

Next 10 Items on My Wonderful Life 101 Things To-Do-List (notice the new adjective description...) It is my wonderful life and I have every intention of making it more wonderful than I ever could have imagined!

  • Organize my pictures, personal and studio. Scan all old memories for safe keeping.
  • Glass mosaic on table in kitchen.
  • Paint cloud series to go above bookshelves.
  • Help Dylan with her portrait gallery in kitchen and hallway.
  • Walk in Race For the Cure 3 Day in September. Raise money for it.
  • Set up a EBay account to sell treasures.
  • Create a backyard wonderland at Superman's Fortress.
  • Take Dorri and John's portrait shots.
  • Get music source for the studio!!
  • Reflect on how blessed I am and how much I've been given. NOTE: Do not check off last item listed on list after one use. Repeat frequently.
It's a perfect day to jump into life! Buh Bye!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Duel between the Perfectionist and the Procrastinator. Maybe this time tomorrow I'll have it all done....

Somehow I think this may be a hard task to finish or accomplish or keep that way. I believe the perfectionist in me will lie to the procrastinator I'm trying so hard not to be. And the procrastinator will always want to take a nap if it isn't perfect to begin with. And so my journey creating my dream studio begins...... here are some before pics. The after pics will have to happen after it's finished. LOL

First project on my list is my studio. I'm beginning to believe a studio is a work-in-progress, too—just like me. I've only just defined a space as the home for my creative treasures, well, a physical storage-work space.

My brain is my permanent house for my studio. It's taken me awhile to figure out where to set it up and I have had it in a few places—but never finished.

I live in the perfect place for creativity. On a lake—actually on an island. I have had to deal with some rough places as a studio space in during my life but my challenge here on the lake is I have too many places to set up my studio. Challenge? Yes, too many choices can be hard. Too many places to get trapped in perfecting the spot instead of perfecting the craft. There's such a thin line between procrastination and perfecting something. I can get totally stuck in the getting everything just right before I can cut myself loose to start playing. One of these days I'm going to just cut loose and play anyway... (see I'm procrastinating)

My boyfriend, Superman, just helped me tremendously this past week. I needed him as a sounding board. I pointed out all the pros and cons of various locations to set up my studio in the Tree House (what I call my home). All had potential, promise, and all posed problems. All had bits and pieces of my art supplies strewn about like clothes in a teenager's room. Well actually kinda like my bedroom. (hehe) He liked my ideas and told me they made sense. I needed some validation. I also need a strong arm... He gave me some guide lines to work under. If it is not creative—it does not belong in my studio. Sweet! I can work with that.

Here's my usual pattern. One room, one space in my world has always been the dumping ground, the holding tank, the clutter catcher, the junk room, the room you keep the door shut at all times and pray no one stumbles upon it looking for the bathroom, “Fibber MC Gee's closet”, my shame, my lack of perfection. My nemesis. My undoing. The proof I do not have things together. I am and always have been very hard on myself about this. It seems if I had it all together, I would be perfect but to get there everything must be perfect. I hear screaming.... Oh, never mind... it's just me.

Plus, I do a bit of hoarding. Holding on to things, so to speak. “I might be able to use this sometime.” Sentimental alley. Broken babbles, and stacks of papers. I do not know how to toss things. Throw it away? Yikes!!! I have dried out paint bottles for heaven's sake! Scraps of paper that was trimmed off of something. Buttons that belong to a pair of pants or blouse I no longer own. It's a cluster fuck in my mind and world. “What if I need this?” “How could I use this?” This is a project waiting to happen.” “Wow, that would make the perfect ____, or _____, or you fill in the _____. Blankety, blank....

I have stood in the middle of one of my storage tanks of creative possibilities and been so overwhelmed I left the room, garage, etc., and took a frigging nap. I've turned in circles like a ballerina with no choreographer. My toes are raw. My mind is weary. Where do you start??? I need the peace of finishing a room, especially my creative space. It's usually the place that sits in the most chaos, and it's the place I need to be in the most to heal. I want a studio where I know where everything is. I can reach for a tool I need. I can walk in and simply begin creating.

I just want to paint and maybe that's the trick to all of this.... Just Do IT!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And the list goes on..... the madness inside a procrastinator's head

OK here's the start of something big. (if I can just finish it...) My list of 101 things I want to do.

It's not easy being me. But there is no one else I'd rather be. Creative people are the best. Perfectionists are the best. Procrastinators are the best. People who give stupid pep talks to themselves are the best.... Oh, ffs... just get on with it girl....

Some of the items on my 101 list I will blog about later. Either because the task needs an explanation or it has been on a previous list somewhere, sometime in my life. Or simply because this is a blog and what the frap else am I supposed to do BUT write???? This is where things get a little tense for a procrastinator. Will I actually finish this?? Oh crap. The pressure is on.

Here I go... one to do at a time. (I used to call it a "to-do-doo list"....)
  • Create the ultimate artist's studio... or just finish the one I already have. I'll blog about this one tomorrow.
  • Write daily. (looks like I will have to keep this one on my to-do list permanently)
  • Paint the picture of the picture of my son, Jake, sitting in Panera's.
  • Paint the picture of the picture of Ashley sitting in her closet.
  • Paint the picture of the picture of the Topa Topa Mountains in Ojai, CA.
  • Paint the POTP (Picture Of The Picture....geez) of Emery in the big chair.
  • Read Eckhart Tolle's, "The Power of Now". (anyone else see the humor in this???)
  • Paint the picture of Todd and Lisa's cats.
  • Finish my draft of my book, "Six Days to Haight Ashbury."
  • Create a children book on Pammy's bedtime story she told Ben and James.
Ten ideas. Ten things on my list... that should be enough for now. Ten ideas every day?

Yes, I am laughing friggin' out loud at what a perfect procrastinator I am....

Sigh. I'll finish it tomorrow.

Well, it's a start damn it! :-)

Monday, April 13, 2009

This time tomorrow--my favorite time to do things. A blog from a procrastinator...

Blogging.... didn't we used to call it journaling, keeping a diary? Writing secret stuff about ourselves in a secret place that we buried like cats bury poo so no one would find it, read it or see it?

I am a procrastinator. A perfectionist. Well there. I said it. Out loud. This is my blog about procrastination and perfectionism, and the life long battle I have had putting off until tomorrow what I should have, could have and needed to do today. This blog site will be a stretch. If anyone actually starts following me, I'll be held accountable and responsible. Shudder....

I'm just a girl (yes, I am still a girl, a 56 year old girl to be exact) seeking to figure out why I procrastinate and how in the hell can I fix it???? Now, it hasn't all been lost lists and never accomplishing anything--far from it. I've acquired some rather fetching accomplishments in my life. I just don't want to wake up tomorrow, out of time, or heaven forbid not wake up at all, and see all the wasted energy, brilliant ideas I had rotting on top of my grave. I know today will suddenly turn into this time tomorrow. I want to arrive there saying, "Wow! I did it! I actually finished this project that has been locked up inside my head! I lived my life in the fullest."

Now here is the kicker--the proverbial kick in the ass.

I'm recovering from PTSD from an auto accident. May 4, 2009 will be my one year anniversary. This is my journey of a near death experience, and a moment in time I saw every dream on my to-do list, hang in that moment forever--undone. I am going to live those dreams, give them flight, and maybe along the way as I blog my progress a few of you will be encouraged to do the same by the words (and deeds) I etch in time and space in a place called the internet.

I will list my 101 Things I Want To Do with my wonderful life, and will document the glorious joy of checking them off one by one. My goal is to keep adding another item to the list after I check something off. You will be my eyes and virtual cattle prod to keep me moving forward. Hey, no pushing and shoving--OK? Cheer me on! To the finish line!

I will post my list and post my projects in pictorial form from beginning to marvelous end.


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