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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today I found my marbles... and maybe this time tomorrow I'll actually have enough energy to use them. I'm pooped.

Check the date out on this calendar.

Yep, it says March 2006.... do you think I need to update??? This was buried under the crap on my desk in the studio. I tossed it. Holy hefty trash bags, I tossed something out. Truth be known, I hate calendars and watches. So, no calendar thingys like this will ever park in my play space again. Pfffttt! Toes in the pic? Stamping out calendars in my life-time??? Nope, I like the color of my toe paint and it izzzzz a creative blog.


Shot of the shelf above my "play station" (gonna call it my play station not a desk, or work table....) Remember what Superman said.... If it ain't art, it can't stay in the studio.


Yikes, much better. I can see my "stuff". Look closely, and you will see I found my marbles. Look on the bottom shelf right there to the left of the purple book. A whole frigging jar of them. And all this time I thought I'd lost them.

I decided after looking at them for a bit that I have lovely bunch of marbles. All different shapes, sizes and colors. A little jumbled up but it's good to be me.

Sigh.... today was an excellent day for uncovering lost treasures and tossing out crappy, out-dated calendars. More buried treasure finds tomorrow!

Wine time!

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