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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Working to have a cloud picture hand painted by "moi" by this time tomorrow

Here's the next 10 on the 101 list, 31-40.

  • Stage Nancy and Mitch's home for sale or as needed
  • Shred any papers from the past not needed for the future (this is important for my peace of mind and de-cluttering process)
  • Put all the songs, poems, musings I've written into one place after scanning each one
  • Get a picture of the adorable muskrat that lives off my island while he/she is swimming; little head sticking slightly up out of the water and using his/her flat tail as a rudder. Sah-weetness!
  • Paint the two chairs I dragged all the way from CA to OH....11 years ago.
  • Paint Superman's outdoor patio table
  • Recycle my 4729 corks into bulletin boards to display my photography. Do I actually have 4729 corks? Probably or darn near close to it
  • Add decorative touches to black hutch already painted by me
  • Make glass or color reflective beaded swag curtain for living room windows
  • Band shots for Jake
My painting lessons with Tim Gagnon were postponed by him until later this week due to technical problems he ran into downloading video lessons. In the meantime, I will work to complete a cloud picture for my wall from the picture above. Starting right now.

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  1. very interesting list! I find that when you write it down, eventually it somehow "happens"....

    This sky is beautiful too. Certainly something beautiful to paint from. THanks for stoppin gby my blog and becoming a follower!!! I have three blogs, which you may know... I post daily on the Adventures in Nature one and a little less so on the others.


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