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Friday, April 17, 2009

This time tomorrow I'll be starting my first online art lesson with Tim Gagnon....check him out.

This is a painting I started 4 years ago. It is from the movie, "Beloved", with Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover. I had a newspaper clipping from this scene in the movie on my bulletin board for over 7 years before I actually started this painting. I loved the energy exchange between them in the photo. I'll add this to the 101 List. Finish, please.....

Tim Gagnon is a phenomenal artist who also happens to teach online classes. I was researching techniques online and discovered him. WOW! You need to check him out! He has some videos posted on You Tube that shows him painting. Click on his name to watch him paint "Red Sky, Clouds" sped up. Big WoW!

I have an entire cloud series to paint (in my head) and one of my goals is to learn how to paint clouds that make you fly through the sky emotionally. Pink and golden yellow tinged clouds like Maxfield Parrish paints--my all time favorite artist. Tim paints those kind of clouds. So I stepped up to the plate almost 2 weeks ago & signed up for his classes. (Yippy! Big pats on the back to me!!!!) Tomorrow is my first lesson with him, and in the first few lessons, he will be teaching me how to paint "those" kind of clouds. I'll keep you posted with my before & after progress with this, too.

Here are the next 10 things on my 101 List
  • Finish my painting, Beloved.
  • Learn to paint clouds that make my heart fly
  • Painting lessons
  • PPOP (paint picture of picture) of Bekah Williams , fabulous blues singer from Cincinnati, OH. I shot her pics for her first CD.
  • Yoga, walking, Pilates, kayaking or some type of exercise every day
  • Hey, friends.... may I add Stop Smoking to my list even though I quit December 13, 2008??? This is huge stuff here. It was probably my biggest "this time tomorrow" thing I'm gonna do on my list! Note the word "was"... Huge X mark on my 101 To Do List
  • Paint the wooden number 3 I bought 1.5 years ago for my front door at the Tree House
  • Volunteer to read at the library to children. I'll post pics of this when I do & when I used to do it....much to my horror and embarrassment of my youngest son, Jake. LOL
  • Plant more Colorado native flowers on my grandparent's graves in Pagosa Springs, CO which means I will have to visit there again. <3>
  • PRACTICE DRIVING ON THE FREEWAYS (more about this later as I near the one year anniversary of the auto accident, 5-4-08... I'm working on calling it the "divine appointment".
I thought about numbering the items on my 101 list instead of using bullets. And/or prioritizing them... For right now getting them down on paper is a big step. Placing an order on when I do them may not work for a right-brained person like myself plus would mess with the perfectionist side of me. I'll go back and add a counter to each post that contains items on my to-do list.

I would suggest everyone begin a list of 101 FUN, Wonderful "important to you" things to do. After all, this is your wonderful life, too....


  1. My posting time is off. I actually posted this at 10:00 am. Anyone know how to fix this? Or can help me add music or you tube videos to my blog?? Thanks!

  2. FYI The Tim Gagnon I am referring to is the one from Maine...not FL. I'm working on posting something about him.

  3. Wow, you really have taleny. I like the style and the kind of light, washed colors. Will be interesting to see what comes of your lessons...


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