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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The next 10 on the list... It's already this time tomorrow

51-60 on my Marvelous 101 Wonderful Things To Do List with my wonderful life...

  • Paint a self portrait (Thanks My Dog Ate Art )
  • Play "Beat the Clock" once in the morning and once in the afternoon. A 15 minute game to knock the not-so-much-fun-crap off the day-to-day to doo doo list... Notice I'm trying to make every area of my life fun... I used to play this with my son. Now I'll have to play it with me.
  • Focus on ONE thing at a time
  • Give myself pats on the back regularly
  • Make Ashley's album of Jake's beh-beh pics
  • Get a comfy chair for the studio
  • Get an easel that fits me standing... or sitting OR get a massage everyday.... hmmm light bulb flashes above my head, "Now that's a great idea!!"
  • Write three pages a day on my book
  • Encourage another person each day
  • Type list of my 101 list to put on my dream board. Use colorful pics where needed. Duh, that would be everywhere.....
My BFF, Dylan, had a great suggestion. I haven't seen little Mister (or Miss) Muskrat since I saw it that day last week I got the great pics. I should add seeing it regularly to my list not just to get a picture of it. Now that I checked it off my 101 list I need to re-add it so it will swim by the Tree House again.

Question... how many of you make lists? And if you do, what kind do you make? Leave your answers in the comment slot below.


  1. I make shopping lists. Other lists only reside in my head.

  2. Oh yes, shopping lists. I make those, too. I just find there's more room out than in. For lists that is... haha

  3. I'm a list maker as well! Lists are great! Staying focused on the list helps provide directions in those times when we are slightly lost.

  4. Pip and I thank you for visiting our giveaway and for your very kind compliments on our blog. Thank you for offering to post the info on your blog. I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to respond until now. Just in case noone else has already covered this for you, all you have to do is copy the web address you want to share and paste into your post. There is some html involved in order to make the link clickable. If you're inrested in learning how to do that, just let me know!

    Comments are now closed....Pip will be choosing his new home shortly....stay tuned!

    Jamie ~ The Beldame

  5. I'm also always making lists, usually when I'm bored at work! Thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog! I really appreciate it! I am glad we are both doxie lovers too! And I will keep you in my thoughts as well! :)

  6. Thanks, Always. I agree. So many things can get lost in my head or run over by new thoughts!

    Jamie you and Pip just may save the day! I may need some help linkin' the links. lol I know whoever Pip goes to live with will be a great match. :-)

    Jessica, please give that lil doxie a big kiss! Add: Bring home a pooch treat to your list for Chloe.... wink wink


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