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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Write a Happy Ending To Your Story

Everyday for the last six weeks I have been doing one of the following: painting, gardening, writing, organizing my studio, and absorbing the multifaceted benefits adding one small dose of creativity to my waking hours brings. Some days it's been laborious gestures going through the motions to simply get started, and a few not so subtle boots to my behind, imploring myself to implement even one tiny outflow of adding a sprinkle of color to my world. Actions like these are medications that set my mind ablaze with freedom and help me fall asleep knowing I've made a much appreciated dent in my creative to do list as well as bolstering my physical, emotional and mental selves. Other days I passed over the threshold of limitations of Fibromyalgia, and PTSD, with clear thinking, warrior bursts of limitless energy, and Wonder Woman strength I've not felt for several years.

I've uncovered a lot within, not to mention multitudes of buried treasures in my studio I forgot I even had, but the greatest of these is the revolution, and evolution within my Spirit. These consistent baby steps, and giant leaps, have all led to transformational manifestations I can see, speak about, feel, smell and hear. Yes, I can hear my heart singing, rejoicing, and applauding in the beauty I'm allowing to flow out of me. It's grand to be back in the land of the living. Granted I never 'actually' missed a breath or skipped a heartbeat but my soul was parched, withered and painfully tired from watching the world pass by without so much as a nod from me while Fibromyalgia sucked me dry from last August to mid April of this year. Art has been an instrumental tool in helping me heal, as well as diving heart first into the dormant portals I once immersed myself liberally in to rediscover, and embrace, my own Spiritual truths.

I have started or completed some projects that have been on my list for ages. I'll be posting pictures soon in hopes you'll gather inspiration to tackle, and conquer, all you've left behind gathering dust, and taunting you to complete. But the most exciting news is that I'm working with a brilliantly talented photographer from Sedona writing the story for his forthcoming book, 'Beyond The Veil'. My love for writing, and especially for such an incredible book as this, is in full bloom. My Soul is in full bloom. I am once again making imprints in my book of Life, filling it with new chapters, and re-writing a happy ending to my story.  

Take some time right now to visualize the most amazing, Love filled ending to your story. What would you like your story to read like at the end of your life? Or how about one year from now? Or even six weeks from now? Be brave, and write your happy ending down in your journal or in a letter to yourself. If you write yourself a letter, seal it in an envelope, then mail it to yourself. Seal it with a kiss of gratitude before you mail it.This a method many people use to confirm a document, song or an invention they made as a form of a copyright. Copyright your right to manifest a happy ending to your story. Open it in a year from now or on your birthday. Or whenever it feels right to open it. Then take the steps to live your story just as it unfolded as you visualized it, and wrote it. 

I have an important, difficult situation I'm facing in my near future, and even though I've had a monumental breakthrough in PTSD, which I'll share at a later time, I have a happy ending I wish/need/would like to write for myself. It involves the auto accident so please cover me with some positive energy, and thoughts. I'm doing all I can to not allow this to trigger me, and the first step is writing a happy ending to the story so my body, emotions, and mind will respond in kind. And, yes, I'm mailing it to myself...

Much Love to you all~


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