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Friday, July 3, 2009

Design A Dream/Vision Board...the easy way

Dylan and I have been creating our Dream/Vision Boards. Today I'm showing you her project in hopes you will be inspired to make one for yourself. This is a fabulous way to organize what you want to manifest in life or who you'd like to become--and I'm not just taking about material things. You can acquire all the stuff in the world and still not have happiness, or be content, or have inner peace, or have good health. I find it's best to create an atmosphere of balance between soul things and material things. Heart stuff always comes first.

I actually started doing this type of visualization (some people call it prayer) when I was in my teens. It's the secret behind all my greatest adventures, and successes I've had in life. It took a near fatal auto accident for me to realize I need to begin visualizing again how I want to design the next phase of my life. Dylan was in the accident with me, and lost her husband 2 years ago. It was my privilege to help her with this project. Together we are moving forward and a Dream/Vision board is a great place to start.

Here's a look at Dylan's Dream Board project start to finish.

Beginning stages of decoupaging small, preferably torn pieces of papers, napkins, cutouts, etc., on an up-cycled bulletin board. DIY tip: This is a quick fix for any old bulletin board even if you don't use it for a Dream-Vision Board. You can trick out an old lamp shade using this method, too. Heck, transform your car! Go wild!

Dylan gluing down a crocheted heart with Mod Podge. Look for items that will add texture and interest. Think about using old concert ticket stubs, that cocktail napkin you save from a special event, a doodle you drew on an envelope while talking on the phone, the tissue paper that bouquet of flowers was wrapped in... The options are endless. Kids like making projects like this, too. Invest this practice into their lives so they can get an early start on customizing their lives, too.

Don't forget to add an element of gratitude to your Dream Board. We secured this little bag that had sentimental value to Dylan right on her board. This way she can fill it with a handwritten thank you when one of her dreams come true. She could also fill it with folded pieces of paper with all the things she's thankful for inside such as... that parking space that magically opened up, the unexpected call from an old friend, a bird outside her window singing sweetly--just for her. Life is not just about getting "stuff" to fill up a mansion. It's about remembering to say thank you for all you already have first. FIRST. And saying thank you even before a dream comes true is one way to seal your wish with a kiss. Teach your children and yourself to say thank you for all things. This is the best magic making trick of all time. Promise!

Here's Dylan's finished Dream Board with all her goals, reminders, wishes, and dreams stapled on her refurbished bulletin board. Stapling or using push pins enables you to remove items that have come to fruition or are no longer on your bucket list and especially to ADD more! Look! See my picture on Dylan's Dream Board. I'm the one in the itsy-bitsy, black and white bikini. I'm famous!! And dreaming big time! 


  1. Hi friend, peace...
    Your post very interesting. It show your hard work in arts. I appreciate its.
    If you willing visit my blog, and read my post at
    And... if you love books, read The Holy Qur'an please...

  2. One of these days I need to do that. It seems like a great tool to stay focused on my goals. I love the gratitude bag!

    I'm guessing about 'your picture' since Hubby is snoozing & my laptop is muted... ;) I'll have to check it out again... this time tomorrow.

  3. Thank you so much for giving the advice to 'keep' dreams, as I did allow to leave so many of them.
    Wish you a pleasant weekend.

  4. Hello Lille, that looks like a very complicated work but the truth is, it's not that hard for people who are visualizing something fulfilling in the future. Visualizing and positive thinking always go together, like you...I always got to do that when I was younger...all we have to do is to patiently wait for it, work hard for it and it will come.

    Was that you in the DB? Hmmm I think I am making one and post a photo of JLo's butt hahahaha. Who knows visualize. visualize, visualize hahaha. Take care.


  5. That is a really cool project. I love this, I might have to start something like this with my daughter. Thanks and it is beautiful.

    Happy 4th of July

  6. I can see the meditative energy that this type of project would require. Nicely done and as prayer filled as one could hope for.

    Nicely done both of you.

  7. seems like a cool idea. a nice healing tool. ~rick

  8. Nice and beautiful. Great post

  9. It's a great idea. I think I'm going to make one too. This should keep me busy for a little bit. =P

  10. what an exciting look at the progress lily...and a nice together time. What type of glue are you using there?

  11. I once had a bathroom door covered in a collage of bits of newspapers, photo's etc when I was a stroppy teenager. I suppose in hindsight it was a labour of dreams and fears and thoughts..... I really like the idea of this, and such a beautiful thing to do with a good friend... cheers for posting such beauty!

  12. I love my Lilly so much! Here you are still making a difference in peoples lives. I am so happy for your miracle. I am crying tears of joy.

    1. Your comment and love for me totally made my day sparkle! See after all these years, you still have that effect on me. Thank you!! I love you, Janeil!


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