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Friday, September 11, 2009

Contest - Giveaway!!!!

The New Paradise

Here's the new place. Sweet isn't it? It sits on top of a hill in a quiet neighborhood. I can actually see the stars at night--it's been a really long time since I could say that. The skyline is magnificently huge, and the clouds roll by like an ever changing kaleidoscope of white, pale lavender, and gray plumes. Roosters crow from a near by farm, and I cannot help but smile when I hear them.

There's almost an acre of a park-like yard, and yes, I love to mow. Well, a riding mower that is.... and I have one sitting in the garage. May I add I "now" have a garage??? One of the things I had to give up when I moved into the tree house was a garage, and my washer and dryer. Cleaning snow, and ice off your car in the northeast is not a pleasant thing to do ever. I am giddy with joy having a garage, and being able to just go downstairs to put a load of clothes in. Giddy may not be a large enough word.....

I also love to garden, and have not been able to for the last four years except in containers. An enormous toad sits on my front porch at night, and sleepily blinks its eyes--a ploy I'm sure to catch a bold moth or mosquitoes flying toward the light. There are apples trees in the back yard. Day lilies are planted everywhere. It's almost like they said, "Welcome home, Lille. We've been waiting for you." Opie is peacefully sleeping on the floor beside me. Yes, we are home. It feels like home even though I'm sitting among boxes, and tubs piled to the ceiling everywhere I look.

My son, Jake, daughter-in-law Ashley, and my grandson, Emery came in to visit me here at the new place this past weekend. We had a lovely visit, and their being here made the first few nights feel more comfortable. Jake knows how much I loved the tree house, and he said something to me that helped me make the adjustment of being here now that spoke to my heart.

"Mom, I loved the tree house but I felt like I was always on a vacation when I was there, and after awhile of being on a vacation, you are ready to come home.
This place (the new place) feels like home."

The Contest

Followers have already suggested a few names for the new place. You may vote on one or suggest your own.
  • Lily Pad (suggested by Dylan, Lily at "blawgh Life on the Farm", and Rachael at "Rachael's Carrma". This was also selected by another follower, too. I'm trying my best to remember who it was. Please let me know if it was you. I'll remember when you reply. Thanks!
  • Evening Rest (suggested by TC at Animals That Give Pause )
  • Cottage on the Hill (mine)
  • Heavenly Hill (mine... even if you vote on one I suggest you will be entered in the contest)
All entries will be placed in a hat, and drawn by Superman, and witnessed by Opie Taylor. Each name you suggest OR VOTE FOR will be counted as one entry so the more you enter the greater chances of winning. Plus, I'll be adding new pictures of the new digs to tickle your imaginations as I get it "Woodstock Lily-fied".

The Prize
The prize will be a painting by me, 12X12 acrylic, yet to be painted. It will be painted with love, and I'll try my best to fit the painting to the winner's personality, interests, color preferences, etc.
I will announce the winner on
October 13, my birthday.

Meanwhile, I think I'll go polish up that mower. Or pull the hose out, and water my lilies.


  1. hey girl...
    hope you had a wonderful summer...
    things looks exciting for you...

    when my girls were young we had a very cute little cottage on a Jr. acre... (that's what they called our little piece that was just under an acre)...something with jr. acre attached would be fun...

    mona & the girls

  2. Lille-I'm thinking "NO SMOKING" if a banner must be had. Lovely place. so glad it suits you. I think what Jake said was so sweet. I think much bliss and peace will be had by all. Take care~rick

  3. It IS sweet. I suggest Hill House as a follow-up to your last place, kind of a continuation of tradition.

  4. I agree, it does look like home! The home sounds like Sky View to me or maybe Star View on the hill! It's wonderful to have a place where you can sit relax; ride the "tractor" around the yard; sled down the hill; rake leaves in a pile and 1--2--3--- Jump in, swish; watch the first budding lilies bloom; rock in the rocking chair and enjoy your sky view, star view home on the hill. Congratulations!! And enjoy the Life of Open Air, Starry Nights, and loads of laughter rolling down the hill with the grandkids, heck,,, who am I kidding, rolling down the hill with superman! Enjoy! Love and Light, Nina P.

  5. As far as your contest goes... how about Star Gazer. =o)

    As for your new home. I am excited for you. I can understand the feeling of being on vacation all the time. I am sure that is the way it will feel to me. We are moving to a hot vacation spot.

    Have a great day,

  6. How about 'Big Sky' cottage? or Night Sky cottage? Starry Sky cottage? There's a few...

    I hope you are having your mail redirected (!) *worried*

  7. I am going to think hard on this one. For now all I can think of is
    Paradise Found. I know you had somewhat of a journey getting to this point. I admire your strength in all of it.

    Anne and Sasha

  8. Welcome home!!!!! It looks like paradise.

    I vote for Heavenly Hill.

    E N J O Y ! ! !


  9. I love it! And I love the contest idea, you have no idea how much I would treasure a painting by you! I'm calling it "the lily pad" because water lilies are my favorite flower and you're my favorite lily. I truly hate moving but I love unpacking and decorating and making the new place "home". So relax and unpack and decorate, you have all the time in the world to make it just right.

  10. Hmph I reread it and lily pad is not original AT ALL. I still like it though :-)

  11. Apple Cottage. I like cottage in the name. But yes, now you are home! I think you will be even happier here than in the tree house.

  12. Wow! I love the new house. It looks just like my parent's house--they still live there. So many wonderful memories at that place.
    How about "Angelic Hill"? or "House of Bliss." Maybe just "Bliss?"
    We are both October babies! My birthday is Oct. 15th. :)
    tina :)

  13. WOW! I love all the suggestions, and participation. More, I want more... LOVE IT! Thank you~~

  14. ...thinking about a nice name, hope to come up with it soon, probably something like 'observatory'...
    A star filled bright weekend to you.

  15. what a beautiful home!! I also loved the previous pic in your happy place post of your guitar! :)

    I like Lily pad, such a fantastic name!

    (ps- your grandson is BEAUTIFUL, I LOVE his funky punk outfit!! Congratulations!) :)

    Many Blessings!

  16. It's beautiful! I'm so happy for you, I think you are really going to enjoy having a real garden back!! :)

  17. Lovely Lille!! Your home looks to me just like
    ' This side of Heaven Manor '!!


    Hugs L.M. Jodi

  18. eeekk!... I've been away for ages!.lol it's been great catching up with you :-) I love your new home, and agree about seeing the stars, it's such an important thing! I used to live in a place called faraway cottage, now we live at crow farm.. names are so important for a home.. I wish you the perfect happiness :-)

  19. I remember when you first suggested bloggers naming your new bungalo and when I saw Racheal suggested Lily Pad, I told you she wins!
    That's the perfect name.
    Unless Lillie Pad is even cooler.
    The place looks cozy and sweet and friendly.
    I can't wait to see your artist's touch on the inside.
    I'm excited for you and alittle wistful for me. My house seems boring and LOUDER than ever.
    Yep, the cops had to be called on the neighbors last night, LOL
    Peace sweetie, Lisa

  20. It is a very pretty place, I'm glad you have a wonderful view.

    Lily Hill would be my suggestion. I just have this vision of a bed of lilies growing in a nearby garden, the scent so heady as you gaze at the sky.

    I hope Opie Taylor is adjusting well, cats do have a hard time with change.


  21. I'm new here...found you through Walking Man (♥).
    I vote for Lillie Pad.

    I'm putting you on my blog list.
    I'll come back with cookies or ice cream or something :-)

  22. I have a couple suggestions, but since you can paint for me anytime, I'll just leave them out there as nominees for others to vote on :)

    The first is the Dream House. Nearly every room seems to have a different color on the walls, while some rooms even have multiple colors. There is an open and inviting feel to the whole house, even reaching out to the driveway on the way in. These, coupled with the setting of the house and the too-good-to-be-true neighborhood, lend it a very dream-like aura.

    The second is the Sketch Pad. I know that paint is your medium of choice, but the house begs for art of all kinds. Even in the couple days I was there, I was quickly getting the urge to write and even draw again, so I can imagine your creativity is splitting at the seams :D

  23. gorgeous... yet it needs an unique name for a unique lady... How about Lily's TLC (Tranquility,Love & Contentment). whatever you decide... make it your own...

  24. Avalon Cottage? You mentioned that there's an apple tree in the yard. I think avalon means 'place of apples.' Something like that. :)

  25. Happy to see you in a new place. Here is to you and yours happiness.


    BTW - "Home" sounds true to me as the name of your new residence....remeber, think it into existence :D

    Cheers! again!

  26. I sort of like
    kaleidoscope cottage
    perhaps Lily's kaleidoscope cottage
    or lily's kaleidoscope studio
    or the view from where I create
    whatever you chose the home is amazing.

  27. How about -
    Opie's Abode
    Lilytop Manor
    Green Acres?
    p.s. Thanks for your comment on my blog!


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