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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Testing... One, Two, Three...Testing

Just a quick post to let you know I'm in the new house. My sense of humor has been tested left and right. I'm still under fire. The new house reeks of cat urine. Carpets soaked everywhere. No wonder the owners had every window open, and fans running every time I came to look at the house.

Opie is not here yet--that would only add to the challenge. Cats will be cats when they smell another cat, and Opie has never lived where other cats have lived before. I'm requesting an S.O.S. from the land lady to get this rectified ASAP.

Meanwhile back at the ranch..... I'm wearing a mask and neighbors are wondering if I have the swine flu... Or just want to be a surgeon when I grow up. Can you all see my smile under the mask??? It's still there.


  1. Oh no! You brought back a memory... When I bought a house in the city and went to move in, it had been closed up tightly for a couple of weeks in July! Never smelled the doggy pee when I came through to buy. I ended up ripping up the living room carpet!

    I think the carpet cleaning people have special stuff for that. Good luck!

  2. oooh, not a good thing. Good luck with that!

  3. yup... can still see the mask and your sense of humor shining through...

    and yeah... you should get on the land lady's back until she makes it so your cat can feel at home!!!


  4. grats on the new house. Good luck on the move. I know how stress full that is.

  5. Oh gosh...good luck. Soon all will be fine and you will get settled. Keep wearing and mask and smiling...

  6. Natures Miracle--white bottle, red writing...spray, blot, spray let dry. In your case get it by the gallon...Gross.. ;-)

  7. oopsie...hope the urine thing get's sorted can be so annoying :((

    Swine flu alert is every-where...glad you're taing care and maintaining the your humour at the same time :))

    All will be well...all the best with your new space :))


  8. You must have some kinda olfactory karma debt to repay Lily. Did you fart in church or what? I certainly hope this will be your last nasal assault.

  9. ~~Mark...
    You said it brother!! I must have been wicked in church. Or somewhere where people were trapped. An old mine shaft perhaps??? I'll make sure I say, "I'm sowwy." this time around should I have a moment of releasing obnoxious gas into the air. I was also born with a keener than normal sense of smell. Nose plugs?????? Now that's an idea.

    Thanks for the morning giggle, and insights as what not to do to bring foul odors my way again.


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