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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9.9.9 Time to Shine

Reflecting and Moving On

I will reflect on what was.
I will unwind, and be at peace here, right NOW.
I will have fun making this new place shine as mine.

As you know from previous posts, I have a thing for numbers, and sequences. Today's numbers 09-09-09 remind me to reflect, unwind and shine. Summer is coming to an end. And, I can sense stability is well on her way to my world with a basket full of tranquility.

I believe we have things resolved here at the new house with the previous pet odors. Opie is now back with me, and that alone made my world feel better. He seems to be settling in, and enjoying exploring every inch of his new turf. It's a combo of the new and the familiar that helped him feel at home. I realized watching him investigate every corner, window, and room that I'm adapting, too. It's comforting, and strange at the same time, to be sitting on my couch, drinking out of my cobalt blue coffee mug, looking out a new window, to a new world. A new perspective. Change is both scary, and exhilarating.

Fall is my favorite season. It's a time to harvest, and wrap up the season of growth. My summer was spent on inner growth. While it's not exactly what I had on my list of summer plans to do, it is what it is. I had a few weeds pulled that were choking my growth, experienced some heavy pruning to insure I'll have sturdier branches for the next phase of my life, and a healthy uprooting to promote harmony, peace and tranquility. I cannot yet see what I will produce but I'm quite sure there will not be containers large enough to contain all the fabulous fruits produced by inner labor.

*****Contest to name my new place coming up next*****
~~There's a special prize for the winner~~


  1. Oh, I'm so glad to have my Lille back! I just knew you'd get over that treacherous hump! Yes, things are looking up! Big squeezy hug!

  2. Fall is my favorite season too, I love all the color changes and the temperate weather. It's a nice calm before the winter storms.

  3. I am pleased to know that things are finally working out for you. It has been a trying summer and you deserve much happiness. I hope you find peace and contentment in your new place.

  4. I love the way you write. You brought me right there with you. I also love the attitude towards growth, change and life. It reflects what I am doing and what I want to do.

    Wonderful post, thank you for sharing.

  5. Glad you got the odor problem resolved and you and Opie are settling in!

  6. Great attitude to adapt to major changes. Sounds like you have both feet on the ground and ready to meet the new challanges. You go girl!

  7. What a great post ... such a positive attitude. I find numbers intriguing as well. ~Fall is a beautiful season. I cannot say which is my favorite, I find wonderful things about every season. So glad Opie is back with you ´¯`•.¸¸.♥ Peace and Blessings

  8. Fall is my favorite too! What a lovely time to settle into a new place!

  9. "...but I'm quite sure there will not be containers large enough to contain all the fabulous fruits produced by inner labor."

    Do not forget to share of the abundance when you come to laces that hold people that are in similar straights as the ones you are sailing away from. That fertilizes the ground for the next season of growth.

  10. I'm so glad to hear you had a summer full of personal inner growth Lille - personal development can happen at the most inopportune times and yet they can sometimes be the best to learn valuable lessons about yourself.

    Fall is now a time you can look back on what you've learnt and where you've been and realise that as you begin to wind down the year that there are new, exciting challenges on the horizon and you can use your new growth to your advantage. Well done you!

    Lovely post xx

  11. It's truly nice to meet you Lily!

  12. Lifes as well as places can be kind of a Tangram, demanding much time to find the right place of itself.
    Wishing you on this birthday of mine, a day of birth for your new home, may it shine and be bright as its inhabitants.

  13. Is the picture of your new place, the one with the rocking chair, if so you have really made it a home. As former smokers, (husband yes, me down to 3 a day) we know what you mean about smokers.
    Evening Rest? for a the name, it's late, gimme a break.
    Notice new blog address below!

  14. Howdy L.M. Sounds as if Peace has found has a way of doing that and many times at our most stressful level...
    I always look at change as an 'unwrapped package'... never knowing what the contents are until I open and delight in the newness of what is inside...weaving whatever the contents are into my already established tapestry of life...and thus seeing the new dimensions and color that add a new magic ....offering me a new level on which to think and create!

    Enjoy your Magical Level..

    Hugs and Love

  15. Thanks for following, Woodstock! I look fwd to checking out your blog. Have a blessed day!!!


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