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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poppies, poppies, poppies popping up this time tomorrow

I took some shots a couple of weeks ago of some poppies I saw growing in a neighbors front yard. I've been working on a series of poppy paintings ever since. I hope they cheer you up as much as they do me.

I know they're bright... But wait till you see the pants I'm wearing today....

Yep... I posted them below, as well. Grab your shades. :-)

Many of my friends know I use the expression, "monkey pants". I tell people that Opie Taylor, my kitty, wears monkey pants because from the back it looks like he has shorts on that fall just below his "knees" (if cats have knees....) If you've seen a cat scamper suddenly like it has wild hairs... that's putting on your monkey pants. I tell my friends I have my monkey pants on if I'm feeling sassy. I am definitely feeling a lot sassier today than I was the last couple of days. It's probably due in part to my choice of britches I put on to paint in today. Thank you everyone for the good vibrations you sent my way. I could feel your hugzzzz.....

If you didn't heed my warning above about the sunglasses you may want to now....

And here's what Opie Taylor has to say about wearing monkey pants....


  1. good paintings!! i envy people with artist talent!! i logged on through a few canadian blogs (whimfield and rain mountain mama)
    when i got a feeling you might live near me :)

  2. LOVE your poppy paintings! They look so great! :)

  3. ***basebella6... Welcome to the tree house!! It does appear that we are neighbors! Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you for the positive feedback. I envy teachers and people who can grow 1100 pound pumpkins!!! OMGoodness. You are amazing!!! WOW!!! Love the "chick"ics, too!

  4. ***jess and puppy pie, Chloe...

    Thank you so much! I need to come see what you've been painting lately. I'll buzz over later tonight. ;-) You make me smile just seeing your name. Give that sweet lil doxie some sugah from me!

    hugzzzz, Jess. Pooch smooches, Chloe!

  5. ***Jase...
    Thanks! I knew you'd enjoy it.

  6. I love the paintings! The kitty is so cute.


  7. Your paintings are lovely. My daughter paints and I am always amazed to see how it's done. Cant' do it myself... Cute pants ;)

  8. The music is happy the colors are bright and all is well in the universe.

    The poppies are so beautiful, I can almost imagine them swaying in a breeze, dancing to the music. I have been taking photos with daisies and day lilies as my models. Life is good.

    Love the monkey pants, very cool.

    Hugs, and more hugs,

  9. Nice paintings! And your cat is sooo adorable. Just look at the way he sticks his tounge out hehehe ...

  10. Hi Lille,
    Many thanks for my award. I have just excepted it on my blog and I have now past it on to 8 other creative people.:)
    Beautiful flower paintings. The colours glow!
    I love your little cat too he has a fairy look about him!:)

  11. 'Miau, miau thank you'
    for your kind words about the comment left for you. Seems as there is still a door to close for me - that's why I'd like to leave a 'miau miau thank you' for sharing your paintings and because you are.

  12. Beautiful paintings! I love the colors! I want to hang the 1st one in my bedroom. The colors in the 2nd one remind me of the ocean! Am I crazy? It makes me visualize movement in the breeze.

    I wear monkey pants too... And tell Opie that is rude!

  13. Hi Lille! You are so talented! And I love the trousers, lol! So very yellow! I'm picturing you with teased hair and black rubber bracelets... ;)

    I love the poppies! So pretty and you capture mood there too. When I was doing art therapy, I couldn't get away from the oranges, golds and yellows...they lifted my mood! I don't have the kind of talent you have, I labelled everything abstract, ha ha!

    I'm glad you seem cheerier!

  14. ***hewwo Everyone...

    I'll be back a bit later to comment on the comments. I'm trying to beat the rain... well not actually "beat it"... should I say run faster that it??? My laundry room is outside and downstairs. Opie Taylor and I need some clean monkey pants to wear today. :-0 Well he can go nekkie.... but I can't. well I could but then I'd be arrested... oh never mind... can you tell I am procrastinating about doing laundry.....sigh.

  15. Your poppy paintings are gorgeous- love the colors

  16. You are a jewel and do not let anyone tell you you aren't. Talented, funny, honest. I am so glad you found me on my newest friends blogs. I seldom comment on any because I am a lot older and don't want to impose. It is my body that tells me I am old, not my mind, yet. I love your painting. The poppies are beautiful. You sound like you are making great progress on putting everything where it belongs in life. Your cat is unique like you. Fits its name. Please come back again to visit. I plan on keeping track of you. You hit the nail on the head when you named my hubby Cranky Pants. He is just way to somber but do not plan on trying to change him amymore, he is a bohemian and unless they are half drunk they are all somber. He quit drinking many years ago so he is somber. Oh well can't win them all.

  17. I Just had a thought about your post on Monkey cat pants!
    I say my cat is wearing his "Fury Trousers".
    Veeery interesting topic cat pants!:)

  18. Hi Lille,
    Wonderful blog and gorgeous poppy paintings... love your photos too... thanks for stopping into my blog & following!
    Now I have to find some monkey pants.

  19. Thanks for stopping by.
    I absolutely loooooooooove your poppies - expecially the closeups.
    I love to take photos of flowers and my dream is to be able to paint them. Someday!
    Glad you are feeling better.

  20. Hey did you know poppies have "medicinal properties..." duh no wonder we're wearing monkey pants and flying over here at the tree house.... did i type that out loud???

    All of your comments have dazzled me. Opie Taylor is setting up interviews for CosmoCat for being named best dressed for 09.

    he's really not a rude boy... he lost a front toofer last fall, and now his tongue gets stuck when he licks his lips. LOL I just get a kick out of seeing the little pink tip poking out. OK I confess it is a great photo op, too. hehe

    ***joanne May...
    Furry trousers... we must bounce in and out of each other's heads... haha cat pants is pure silliness. I love it! And yes, he does have a fairy spirit.... wearing monkey pants will make you fly... thanks for the nice comments.

    ***Sista Rain...
    Black bracelets, and teased hair. Oh baby boats were crashing into each other. I will have to get some loud sunglasses like Married With Children, too. You are so funny. I would totally offer to manage you as a rising star comedian. You'll have a travel bus by the time we get you booked in in comedy clubs everywhere!

    ***Anne... thank you, hun!

    ***Judy SQ...
    Oh I love to dance up in the tree house with my monkey pants on... I would love to see your lily pix. I collect lilies, ya know...

    I think we should investigate squirrel britches, too. Hey, we could have the next big idea right there...

    Hugzzzz, SQ...thanks for all those lovely, lovey kind words.

    You are such a character! I think you totally ROCK!!! Thank you for jumping in the tree house with such gusto!

    I love your spicy meatloaf story, Lawd girl, you are a hoot! Thank, Lucy. :-) :-)

    Gosh, everyone... I feel like Sally Field sniffling, and realizing you all really, really like my poppy paintings.... thanks mo'ikeha, beverley, lovely, heartfire, jan, paula and hypno...

  21. OMG, Married With Children??? I love Peggy Bundy, lol. I watch it all the time on reruns now!

  22. Hi Lille Diane,

    Lovely poppies really like them, what a beautiful spash of colour.

    Love your yellow monkey pants and your gorgeous cat, he has an adorable face.


  23. Yes this post cheers me up a lot! :-) Not only because of the poppies (wow, such intense, wonderful colors) but also because of your pants (i love them) and the lovable opie taylor. I am a cat lover.....

    Thank youu, my big smile will linger awhile i'm sure.

    Sweet greetz, Momo Luna

  24. The paintings are so gorgeous!! And I cracked up at Opie's cute face!!


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