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Monday, June 22, 2009

Facing big phobias today but wish it were this time tomorrow

I am going to the dentist today. First time in over 14 years. My bad.... I am a wreck and it's just the exam to see what I need. I need a sledge hammer....that's what I need. KNOCK me OUT!!!

But I have to go... I broke a toof. Fortunately it was not my front toof... and unfortunately it does not count toward your daily calcium intake when you swallow the chunk of toof. Bummer...

I'll be back later with an update... and to get to yesterday's comments. There were some great ones! Thank you...

Oh dear Lawd, I'm nearly pooping muhself just thinking about this...... Please tell me I'm not "THE ONLY ONE" who feels this way about going to a dentist????


  1. Nope, you are not alone in this fear. It takes me weeks to work up the nerve.

  2. Diane I am truly serious, I will pray for you and I know you will be fine. I am also terrified of going to the dentist, it is on my list of things to do this year. I have a broken tooth and a filling fell out of another one. I must go soon, I will be with you in spirit, I would go with you if I could. You will be fine. Anne

  3. I hate the dentist only because my dentist thinks he's funny. He constantly tells me jokes while he's up to his elbows in my gob.
    Not a good time to be a clown.

  4. Oh, you are not. That's why "sleep dentistry" was created. I think you'd be ok if you could only hold Opie Taylor during the exam.

    I'm lucky to be ok with the dentist, and for good reason. Just got braces in May, at age 58! Always wanted them and decided it was between braces or a facelift, and I went with the braces. :) And, although I'm not afraid of the dentist, there is some pain involved in orthodontia that I wasn't prepared for. If only I could bring Willow with me to my appointments...

  5. ~~Judy SQ...
    Whew! I am reduced to baby-dom over this. I am so relieved I am not alone! Thank you...

    Oh my. I will do the same for you. I cannot tell you how wonderful your huggin' on me and holdin' me in your heart feels right now! Thank you so much!

    How do you do it??? You have a way about you that brings an instant smile to every situation. Up to his elbows in your gob and telling bad jokes!!! Too frapping hilarious! Oh thank you so much for making me roar! with laughter of course... :-) :-)

    You are so brave! I am proud of you not only for going to the dentist with no fear but especially for choosing braces at 58. How dang cool is that?!?!

    Now if I could take Opie Taylor with me that would be the coolest thing ever! He is the best therapy one could ask for.... hmmmm, now you have me thinkin' how could I smuggle Mr. Monkey Pants in with me....

    Hugzzzzzz everyone!

  6. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE!... I spent most of my small childhood in the dentist, having loads of teeth taken out in the bad old days of gas aneasthetic (sp).. then having traintrack braces and jaw straightening thingies.. I haven't been back since I had braces removed.. close to twenty years ago???.. shite!.. :-O

  7. Diane you are not alone, I have to go to the dentist today, lets just say I need a bridge eventually, I should have gone before and would of if I'd had this dentist. Good luck, my tooth was almost in front. I've kept my teeth longer than anyone in my family ever did though.

  8. Forgot to wish you well!.. thinking of you!-)

  9. Hiya

    Actually i don't really have a problem with the dentist - but i really hate having my haircut.

    All that staring at yourself in the mirror whilst a strange man pushes your head from side to side and talks to you about football - i really really dread it and always put it off

  10. Oh gosh, how did it go, me being a day late!! I'm totally afraid of the dentist, I used to have a butcher of a man who had no sympathy for the torture he was incurring. I always take a tranquilizer before I go and insist on the SECOND needle of novacain to make sure I feel nothing...I'm like you though, I'm bad, I haven't been in ages...I plan on going for a checkup after my move (I say that now!)!!!
    PS: Love "Amber" :)

  11. Oh, no...I definitely think going to the dentist is on almost everyone's list of places you'd choose never ever ever to have to go to! Although usually your fears are worse than what you are fearful of :)

  12. I avoided a dentist for many years because of an experience with a quack. I finally found a good one and, despite moving a over a half-hour away, continued to see him for years. He always gave me laughing gas to relax me. I had very sensitive teeth and just a cleaning was terrible!

    When I moved here, I decided that a forty-five-plus-minute drive was crazy and found a new dentist five minutes away. He doesn't have to drug me either. He is gentle and good. If you have a bad experience, find another dentist!

    Now, I don't mind my visits at all! I even had four root canals done earlier this year (sensitivity got too much to handle - teeth were good though) and had an easy time.

  13. Hi Lille... Just the mere mention of the word Dentist and I go weak in the knees and faint in the brain. To show you how 'chicken' I am...I have to have the 'Nitrus' just to have my teeth cleaned... I just walk in and say 'CRANK IT BABY" ...I must venture 'VERY' soon to a 'D' myself...Just wondering how several martini's AND the Gas will go together!!!...UGH...

    Hang are not alone...

    Litter Mate Jodi

  14. I know how you feel. I haven't been in 10 years - I can't even get on the phone to make an appointment without having a panic attack. Sending you lots of bravery your way xx

  15. I used to feel the same exactly way, until I found my current dentists who is a joy to visit (sick, huh?!) His work doesn't hurt, he's interesting to talk to, and he also has little TV/DVD players that you can watch with earphone while he does his thing. My advice is to always bring an iPod or some equivalent to drown out the noises!

  16. ~~The Cats...
    I am so sorry and totally understand evil dentists...WOW jaw straightening thingys.... GULP... No thank you... But I have to tell everyone what an absolutely adorable smile you have. Adorable! Mischievous, too.... Your new video is beyond charming! Just like you! And thank you very much for the well wishes!
    Hugzzzz and purrzzzzz...

    Oh my... I am so sorry, too, and wonder WHY do we procrastinate with this so much??? I'll tell ya... BECAUSE it hurts!!! (sounds of a small child crying inserted here.... oh wait... that was me sobbing...) I wish you the best today. Huggzzzzz TC

    ~~Don't feed the Pixies....
    I never thought about a haircut that way.... A barber who practiced punting while you were in their that is scary... I can see why you put that off now looking at it from that angle...

    ~~Sista Rain....
    I am insisting on anything that will make me a zombie! A slobbering zombie! I will hold your hand when you go. I know how hard it is... pugs should be able to sit in the chair with you. One on each side. Yes, that's a great plan. I'll take Opie.
    Oh crap... my self pep talk isn't working... LOL Hugzzzz....

    You are so correct on both parts! Thank you!

    ~~Jodi..litter mate...
    Oh I've missed you. You are just the funny pill I needed. I'll pop over tonight before i go to bed to see what fun you are cooking up in your studio. Thank you for the tips. I am writng (in ink) on my arm, CRANK IT BABY!!!!

  17. Yeah Lille, maybe you just need to find a hunky dentist with eyes you can get lost in, lol!

  18. ~~MzzLily...
    That is so encouraging! I hear you about "even" a cleaning. May as well drill to China--same thing in my head. LOL I so hope my fears will turn into me helping other people recover from dental trauma and all trauma as as well.

    Lille Hugzzzzz to Lily!!!!

    Oh girl I can totally relate and feel your anxiety. Keep reading maybe my experience will help you have the courage to try to go. Read my new post about getting ready for my visit this Thurs... I have not been creeped out once!

    Thank you for sharing your positive experiences and ideas about iPod. I will believe this new guy is related to your dentist. hehe Stayed tuned, Film at 11:00

  19. I think I am the only one here saying this, but:


    If you lived in the Netherlands, I'd say you should come to my practice. I'll be gentle and kind hahahaha

    btw I have to go get my wisdomteeth removed in a few weeks, and I'm scared to death hahahaha!!!

  20. Ugh I hate the dentist. I have to go really soon too. Ugh just thinking about it makes me cringe. Everytime I go I have some major thing that needs to be done.


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