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Friday, June 19, 2009

Lille Diane's first YouTube video posted on this time tomorrow

Here's the first of many videos I'll be posting on This Time Tomorrow. I have blogged about kayaking, the peace it brings, and the lake I live on. Come join me for a short ride around the lake.....


  1. Looks like great fun, beautiful lake, I couldn't watch all because of storm/internet but I can see the allure of kayaking now.

  2. Your blog is very interesting and insightful. I love the beautiful lake. So peaceful!

  3. The lake IS beautiful. I can see that it would be a joy to kayak.

  4. Oh man, may Sasha and I please come to visit. I want to do that and feel that peaceful. That was a treat, thank you

  5. Looks like fun. I love the water and would also love to have a kayak. Maybe when the shoulder problems are worked out.

  6. ~~TC... Yikes! I know we had some thunderstorms and more tornado warnings around here, too. Kitty-Face was under the bed most of the night. Try again to watch it when you can. Just glad you are safe.

    ~~Cris... Thank you for stopping by the tree house. I hope everyone who visits here will feel better after reading, and looking at my pics. The lake is my daily portion of peace. It sings to me every time I look at her.
    Come back again.....

    ~~Splendid...Oh it is such a joy kayaking on the lake. Kayaking is my therapy. Too bad I couldn't just kayak on the freeways instead of drive a car. LOL Hey...there would be a whole bunch of happier people out there if they could kayak to work. I've never once heard of "lake rage" or "ocean rage" or "river rage"... Not too many peeps speeding and texting while kayaking either.... Oh safe... I feel so safe on da lake..... sigh....

    ~~Anne and Sasha...Oh please do come to the tree house! It is so peaceful. We could put a little life jacket on her. You wouldn't believe all the people who have dogs on their boats. There's a lot of happy, tail wagging going on around here on the water. Shall I reserve a seat in the two man kayak for you???

    ~~Snow... Then it's settled. As soon as you are feeling better, you will reward your heart with a kayak ride. In fact I know once you go out, you'll never want to come back in. Peace and lots of healing thoughts coming your way so you can fulfill that dream ASAP!!

  7. I forgot you don't accept tags. Well, sorry. On my essays blog I posted the rules. I'd still love to see what's in your 6th folder!

  8. Ah! A water video! I am a Piscean water person and enjoyed your cruise through the lake. Now.... I love watching water but........ on a kayak? You're a braver gal than I am. :-) :-) :-)


  9. I luuurrrve kayaking! You're so lucky to have your own, plus a lake helps! There is something magical about being on the water, time seems to slip past and stand still all at once.... Beautiful water lillies!

  10. Hi Twinkle Toes... loved this bit of paradise right from my phone. I feel so grateful being able to share in your delightful moments.

  11. Oh yay! What a wonderful place to live and play!! Just watching you made me feel all peaceful. And I loved your laugh too. :-)

  12. Thanks for the trip.. amzing. Really good editing!!!

    if you want to read my blog there is an English translation...


  13. wow. what an awesome backyard you have

  14. ~~Lily...
    Thank you very much for thinking of me for your tag. And especially thank you for understanding my not being able to do much more than say thank you. I am just too feeble brained, or go ahead... call me wimpy, to keep up. LOL I just hope everyone understands I am not being rude... I'm just easily overwhelmed when I feel backed up on things I need to do. OK and the real truth.... I only type with 2 fingers.... 3 when I'm in a hurry and it's full of typos... geez... I'm a loser....

    The 6th photo album and 6th pic inside that folder contains an adorable pic of my grandson, Emery. He's a the little cherub faced baby in my album on my sidebar. ;-)

    Big hugzzzz to you, Lily.

  15. ~~Lorna...
    Oh you should have seen me the first time I went out in it. Woosie Pants!!! It took me 30 minutes to get the nerve up to get out of it. Longer to get in... But now I can't wait to go out. It is a lovely way to soak up nature, sky, and the waves rock you like a baby. I love water, too, even though I am an even bigger woosie pants bout' swimming.... Good thing they make life jackets. Thanks for the smile again!

    Come on over to the tree house. There is a kayak for 2 just sitting there waiting for 2 loverly, guitar playing, singing, busking, wonderful people just like the 2 of you! I'm happy you enjoyed the ride along... Next time I need one of your songs playing in the background of my video.... hmmmmmm... did you see the light bulb flashing over my head with a "BIG IDEA" to collaborate with The Watercats???

    Psssttttt, friends you just gotta go listen and read their fantastic blog.... you just gotta!!!
    Hugzzzzz, and thank you!!!!

  16. ~~David...
    So nice to see you!! Thank you for joining me on a kayak tour of the lake I live on. I laughed because of your comment "Twinkle Toes"... I thought of Fred Flintstone when I was "pedaling" on the water. I see I look like him or Barney in the last part of the video... hehe
    Hugzzz, my friend. I would love to visit your studio. I'm putting it on my 101 list.

    Oh this makes me happy to share my slice of heavenly pie here at the tree house and know you could feel the peace, the joy, the laughter. Thank you so much, Leah, and for encouraging so many people to be creative everyday!
    Hugzzzzz, my friend.

    Hello, my friend!!! It is a wondrous, mystical backyard, and I am so very blessed. I know it's winter there so if you get too chilly, frosty, and sunshine get on over here! There's lots of room, and spare kayaks. My neighbor, Mr. J never uses his. C'mon and kayak!
    Hugzzzz, Jase. Nice to see you. :-)

  17. Hi Lille Dianne,

    Your/our kayak ride was incredibly lovely, really enjoyed that very much.


    Have a great kayaking Sunday.
    What a beautiful location looks like heaven especially with some Trini food and ting.


  18. ~~Thank you, dear Herrad. I will take you along on more trips. Today I filmed some adorable, fluffy ducklings out on the lake. I'll have it edited and up soon. I'll come tell you when it''s ready.

    You are precious to me, Herrad, and to all of us here in blog land.
    BIG hugzzzzzz to you!!!

  19. Oh Lille!!!! I can't believe I missed some of your posts!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are such a doll, and you looked like you were having so much fun!!!! Was that filmed with a video camera? Oh my gosh, now I want one too, lol! Nice music and just really cool!!! I think you look fabulous btw!!!
    xxx :-)))))


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