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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cloud kissed skies wait for this time tomorrow

My favorite colors can be found in an early evening sky or dancing on the water. My neighbor, Mr. J, thought the last cloud picture looked like the Stay Puff guy... I think he's right.


  1. Such beautiful photos! I totally see the guy in the clouds! I can't wait to explore your blog more...and I will too!

    Opie looks so similiar to my "Munchkin."

    You have great taste in music!

  2. Beautiful, relaxing pictures :)
    Is there a way to post these pictures in a larger size?
    When the picture is that small, its hard to see the beautiful details in the photograph.

  3. Hello Lille Diane

    G'day from Australia. Saw that you are following my blog. I love your pictures of the clouds. I too, have a fetish for colours in the sky and water. My kids think I'm mad. I think they are beautiful and should be captured by camera so they can be enjoyed at another time.
    I love cats and Opie Taylor looks like a cool cat to have around. We have a grey/white/tan tabby called Bonnie. She had a partner, Clyde but unfortunatley he met his maker on the main road out the front of our place. :(

    I look forward to back tracking through your blog. Hope you enjoy mine,

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. again...

    I just discovered that you gave up smoking. Well done, girl. I gave up on March 23, 2008. I went to a group hypnotherapy session. I had my last Alpine Ultra Light (Menthol) at 10.50am. I walked into the session, dropped nearly a full packet of ciggies and my lighters into the bin then proceeded to let them flush away my smoking tendencies. One hour later, I walked from the session and HAVE NOT HAD A SMOKE SINCE!! I still want one - hell, I could go and have one right now - but I now know in my head that I am a NON-SMOKER and will never buy them and smoke again. Every time I see people queued up at the 'smoke counter' I think - what a waste of money, what a stinking habit!

    Congratulations and well done!


  5. Gorgeous photos. Sunset photos are some of my favorites. It's like God has saved up the best colors of the day and reviews them for us at twilight.

  6. Lille Diane, what a lovely location. The sky's emotion is gently cooled by the liquid tree frame...gorgeous. Visit me again at (OWL blog)-I think you are a "wonder". <3

  7. Hi Lille and Opie Taylor,
    How you guys?
    I love Opie's little pixie face! >^.^<
    Many thanks for stopping by and leaving great comments.:)
    I thought I would just come and visit you. I love these photos, they are quite moody and magical, with the dark sky.
    By the way I have just tagged you. If you have the time, come and see my blog and play!:)

  8. Those pictures are beautiful!

    Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment, and for following!!

    barbra jean

  9. Eventhough I don't know who this guy is, refered to with the last picture, enjoyed your sky very much, as it is in great contrast to what I see in the evening hours.
    What I do see in these clouds is also a small buddha, hopefully providing much peace and a nice start into the new week for you.

  10. Such lovely photos. Skies in all different temperments and colours fascinate me!
    Take care.

  11. Thank you all for stopping by the tree house. I'm tending to a wee bit of a sore back from trying to use my kayak as a surf board....

    I'll be dipping into Opie's kitty downers soon... joke...

    And a special thanks to all the new visitors. I'll be visiting you this week, too. As well as my homies.

    G'night.. ummm make that g'mornin'...

  12. I had that exact cloud the other night! Small world...

  13. What beauty! It looks so peaceful. Ahhhhhh.

  14. I think he's right too! Beautiful photos! I love clouds, all kinds! Those colours are amazing! I have nature all around me, but no good view of the sky unless I get off my lady hump and walk for a while!!!


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