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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why do people want to see this today, or this time tomorrow?

I have to vent about this.....

"Watch injured passengers limp away...."

This was actually posted under one of the segments on today in an article I was reading about the metro crash in Washington, D.C. If you clicked on the link (I did not) you could watch the video of "injured people limping away" from the crash. Is it any wonder we don't all have PTSD? Why did they chose such insensitive wording in this article? Why would we or should we intrude on their pain further by "watching them limp away"?

As my favorite, adopted grandest nephew, Max, would say, "Sowwy." But really.... whoever wrote that caption should be telling the world they're sowwy. Or the guy who approved it. I feel sowwy for the people who suffered loss, a loved one or their privacy by being filmed at such a horrible time in their lives. I feel sowwy for the people who will mentally limp with PTSD after this experience.

OK I'm done now. Sowwy.


  1. Lille , i am tired of the stupid and blind sensationalism ( is this word right ?) of the cnn or the companies of news in general ,and i realy believe people don't take then serious as they did times ago . they're losing credibility all over the world , just like clows . don'd get worry or hurt with then , they don't deserve so much atention .
    let me talk about how glad i am to have seem you visiting my blog today . thank you .your presense gives class and credibilit there .

  2. ~~Caio...
    Thank you so much. I don't think I've ever posted a "rant" before. But it just rubbed me the wrong way today. Thanks for making me feel better for "complaining".

    Yes, you are right. It is much better that we don't give them any more attention for being sensationalists.

    And thank you for listening. Sometimes that's all we need. Is to get it off our chests.
    You are most welcome. The visit was refreshing and enjoyable for for me, too. As always. :-)

  3. This is exactly why I don't watch the news anymore, nor do I go to any news sites. I scan headlines and that's it. In my condition, it's just too much and I can't handle it. I remember another blogger had expressed her disgust for the media doing things like this. Many people replied that they stopped watching the news, yet one ugly person said that's why we are all ignorant. Well, I'd rather be ignorant than deal with the stress that comes from this type of sensationalism. Sure, it's important to know that things happen, but no, we don't have to watch the injured. The only newscast I enjoy is Kent Brockman on the Simpsons, lol! Woohoo, I ranted too!

  4. I agree with you. I don't understand the insensitivity of reporters who stick a microphone in the face of a grieving family member either.

    When did getting a story become more important than the feelings of trauma or loss that someone is experiencing? It makes no sense. We have lost our compassion.

    I have to turn the TV off when I see it.

  5. Lille, so true but people are curious. I am amazed at how the traffic slows because people want to see an accident. Is it concern? Is it a thrill? What a sick way to be entertained...maybe those who have suffered a serious accident have more insight? I don't know...maybe it's a personality thing? I'm not attracted to violence or sights of blood...but it's quite common. I agree with you, Lille, and I haven't even seen one aspect of the crash. I just don't go that way...I'm saddened when I listen to the radio...I have enough imagination to visualize the disaster. I don't need to see it. <3

  6. ~~Sista Rain...
    I usually don't read or watch much news or TV for that matter. I was compelled to read the headlines because a friend of mine is in DC and he just let us know he was OK. I skimmed the article and saw that disgusting header above a video clip icon.

    I agree, Rain, when you're dealing with PTSD it's best just to not read or watch anything like this. Even a car commercial with the crash test dummies can re-stimulate details I don't want to remember from the accident.

    Call me ignorant, too. I'd rather be ignorant than numb to another human being's pain. I also know it is a choice to watch but most of the time we are not given a choice. Details are splashed in front of our eyes before we can hit the remote to turn the channel.

    Thank you for ranting with me, Rain. I needed that! :-)

  7. ~~Rae...
    You are so right. When did we lose our compassion. I say "we" but it is really just a few of "them" making decisions about what "we" will see.

    I can't control a lot of the flashbacks I have or things that trigger a wave of anxiety that come with having PTSD. But I am far happier blogging than I am watching TV or reading sensationalism that's for sure. I feel I have more control over what I feed my soul here in Blog Town and I am grateful to have met so many incredible, compassionate people.
    Thank you, Rae, for sharing and caring.

  8. I just read another post which basically has the same argument as yours, and I agree with both of you. I think news headlines need to take accounts of the victims' feelings, and not just pick a headline that's "interesting" or "eye-catching" or whatever they aim to just to get people reading the news. So yes, I feel sowwy too for those insensitive people out there.

  9. The news media can be insensitive to people, and to animals. Some things that get to me don't get to others.
    How was the dentist? My visit to him was FINE!

  10. ~~Jan...
    I am encouraged to hear other people are voicing the same feelings of the "wrongness" or lack of sensitivity to the innocent victims of tragic circumstances. Laws should have been changed (in my humble opinion...) when Princess Diana died & the paparazzi parasites gathered like leeches as she lay dying..

    I hear you when you say you feel sowwy for the insensitive people out there, too. I do, too. I couldn't imagine living with no ability to feel tenderness or doing the right thing instead of making money to sell a picture of heartache.
    Thank you for commenting!

    I say make them all swallow gallons of puppy love! Oh not the dentists... the uncaring media. LOL

    I am so happy your visit went well today!!! That is super chunky yummy news! I'm sure you found my post squealing with glee over modern medicine...and dentists who are kind, like the one I just found! They don't even scrape your teeth to clean them.... they have some other tool that works its magic without the horrid little scraping sounds. eeewwwwwww
    Thanks for letting me know it went well This gives me even more courage.

  11. I agree. Poor choice of wording and why did they have to show that clip in the first place. Anyhow, nice to have come across your blog. Opie Taylor is such a handsome kitty :)

  12. ~~Cynthia...
    Well said. I know I have craned my neck as a looky-loo on the highway. Not as much now as I did before my car accident. That part of us is a more human side. The ones who wants to make money selling the gore...well I can't understand.

    I will continue my choice of not watching the news and reading things that make me sad. I am not an ostrich... I just need as much "good news" as possible to get myself healed from PTSD. Thanks for your sensitivity and being faithful to come see me.

    ~~~~~I really appreciate all of you who visit me occasionally, regularly or just a drive-thru visit. Thank you!~~~~

  13. Wow! I don't have time to read all the comments on this. You got a lot of response! I have always hated this stuff! Even the local news programs do it. Whenever I see and accident and they show someone laying on the stretcher, being rolled to the ambulance, I think, "I would hate them to show me at a time like that!" What's wrong with these people. And someone has the audacity to say that is being ignorant! Do they think they are more knowledgable now after seeing injured people?

    I saw on the news tonight where a teacher was caught half undressed with a 17 year old in a car... Shouldn't they show that too? Sick people.

  14. ~~Ailurophile...
    I can tell you right now that Opie Taylor will demand the next 6 guest blogger spots on here after such a fluffy compliment. We thank you most sincerely.
    And thank you for posting a nice comment here at the tree hosue. I do hope you'll make Opie (and my) day again by stopping in.

    I see you like cats... Look at my June 1, 2009 post. You'll enjoy the handsome lion who posed for me. It was a joyful day meeting him.


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