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Monday, June 1, 2009

At the Zoo

In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight....

sometimes he makes funny faces, too.

But he is regal, proud and a powerful example of what a king should look like.


  1. Those are the most awesome pictures! I love the music. What a treat.

  2. I had to laugh... My meds give me insomnia. I may be yawning today... I thought you aiming at me! I love the big cats! Great shots! I love little cats too.

  3. I love lions, its a shame we can't have them as in door pets!

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  5. I love how you comment on the pictures. And you're so right ... no matter how the lion looks like, sleepy, funny, or yawning, he will always be the king of the jungle. It's just who he is.

  6. ***lovelyprism...
    Oh is certainly is! He stared right at me for the longest time as if he were posing. Granted it was dinner time but my Dr. Doo-Lille heart says he was truly interested in me and his photo shoot.... he he

  7. ***Jase...
    Thank you!!!

    I had so much fun "shooting" this lion. It was technically after zoo hours so he was mine all mine for a few minutes. I love that song, too. I sing it to my kitty when he falls asleep on my lap Usually my singing doesn't wake him back up.... LOL

    Man I wish I could just fall asleep. Why is it when I rent a movie I cannot keep my peeps open to watch it?? Then as soon as it's over I'm wide awake. What's up wiff dat??? I love all cats, too. Thank you!

    OMGoodness, I know. I would love a big "puddie tat" as an indoor pet. Can you imagine taking it for a ride in the car with you??? People at the stop light next to you miss the light when it turns green starin' at you...

  8. ***Jan...
    Awww thank you, Jan! I'm just happy you can't be arrested for being a dork. I embrace my dorkiness. LOL All my ball caps have a big "D" on the front of them. haha

  9. I gave a big ROAR and shout out to you on my blog. Great Pic's!

  10. Haha Funny faces! I will now be singing this song all day.

    Hope your having an awesome day Lille Diane! How can you not with music like this. :D

  11. He is so wonderful and your photos are beautiful. You would have had to drag me away from the zoo, I would still be there taking photos.

    The music is fantastic for these photo, Stray Cat Strut is a favorite of mine.


  12. Looks like he's picturing you as a steak, à la Flintstones type of dealie! LOL. Lovely shots!

  13. Oh thank you that song will be in my mind for the rest of the night...just that part that I think they are saying MY WING IS WET, MY WING IS WET...which totally makes no sense.

  14. The most amazing lion pics ever. Seriously!!! :) Love this post!

  15. I think he just had a coiffure performed. I've never seen such a nicely groomed lion! If only the male lions weren't such deadbeats I could love this one!

  16. I love the many faces of the lion you have captured here.

  17. Hello everyone! I am a wee bit behind in my comments...power surges here at the tree house (NOT hot flashes.....ahem....) real ones from a lightning-thunderstorm that rolled through that kept knocking me off line. Opie Taylor hid unda the bed.... poor baby was so scared. My butt wouldn't fit unda there but I tried.

    I sang this song "In the Jungle" ova, and ova, ova in my head, too. And, yes, out loud, too. Plus, I made Opie dance with me to "Stray Cat Strut". Oh we were doing dips and spins. I have the claw marks to prove it. hehe

    I will forever sing it "My wings are wings are wet" LOL Now that is going through my head. Thanks, Cedar!! too frapping funny!

    And I agree. Sista Rain, he is looking at me like I'm steak on a plate... like I'm the glimmer in Fred Flintstone's eyes... like he was trying to figure out how to hop that dang fence and put a move on me. Oh yeah, he wants me.

    ***Welcome to the tree house, Splendid Little Stars! Thank you for your sweet comment. :-)

    Thank you, MzzLily, Tina, SQ, Cedar, Sharon, Micelle "Lady Bug", Rain, SL Mom. Thank you everyone for such lovely comments.... I'll be popping in at your places to visit to see what ya'll are up to. ;-)

  18. ***Herrad...

    Thank you sooooo much, pretty girl! I will be over to pick my new award up, and to visit!!! You made me day, Herrad! Thank you!

    Hugzzzzzz!!!!! :-) :-)

  19. Lovely Lions. Great photos!:)
    I am now following you. Thank you for following me too!:)
    Best wishes. Jo.

  20. Lion, oh my! Great shots, Lille, especially the funny face and roar shots.

  21. ***Joanne May...
    Thank you very much! Love your visiting you, too!

    I just love typing your name, SparkleMirror... there I did it again! This was such a fun shoot. Hey and the best way to "shoot" an animal, too. So happy to have you stop by the tree house. ;-)

  22. I love the pictures...great shot of the king of the jungle. I would definitely include this on my term papers.


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