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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dr. Doo-Lille visits the zoo and "this time tomorrow"

Hmmmm, Michelle, "Lady Bug" was at the zoo, too. (wink wink....)

And Herrad, was, too. Superman and I took her to the zoo with us. :-)

It's all happening at the zoo or wherever YOU are today on this gorgeous day.... Get out and play a little bit or a LOT... Eat a carrot, smile with food in your mouth, shake off rude people, shake your tail feathers, stick your tongue out at life and make a raspberry. Enjoy every second of just being YOU. See ya back here this time tomorrow.


  1. I love otters! Great pictures, I am glad you had fun.


  2. Oh me, too, Anne. I used to have a little wiener dog. She reminded me of an otter sometimes. In fact, she loved carrots just like this otter. She would tip her head back and chew, chew, chew. Loud crunchy sounds and all. Carrots made her smile. Otters make me smile. Sasha makes me smile, too. :-)

  3. ***Anne... I forgot to say thanx... Thanks!! ;-)

  4. AAAARGH, Operation Aborted!!! I'm getting bugged by this Blogger bug! Finally I can get into your comment section! I love the photos of the otter, is that what it is? He/she looks very territorial over that carrot! I give the same look around my bottle of red wine, lol! You make me laugh, here is what I do. When I'm in the car, as I'm passing people, I make a ridiculous face and/or pose. Whether they see a freakshow or not, makes me howl! I've also been known to cackle madly as I'm driving by a group of kids, just to see their reactions!

  5. I'm going! Gotta go get some Grand hugs! Thanks for making me smile...

  6. Thanks for sharing the photos. Won't be getting out myself much though as Peggy's allergies are driving her crazy. Maybe a short dog walk and a drive to the library.

  7. That otter looks downright evil!

  8. Haha! great Pictures :)
    I went to the zoo too -

  9. Man I really want to go to the zoo. Everyone has been going lately. Is this the best time to go or something? I just yelled to my Sister, "Let's go the zoo."

  10. 'smile with food in your mouth'
    that made me smile

  11. Hey I talked to my friend today and we are planning to go to the Los Angeles Zoo in the next week or so.

  12. ***lovelyprism...
    awww didn't mean to give you nightmares. He really was in a happy place eating his carrot like a candy bar. Guess all those lil teeth chomping on the carrot gave the wrong impression. I'll post a pic of him swimming. pretty cute stuff.

  13. ***MzzLily. Have fun with the grans! I know they will make you smile, too. Seeing the zoo through a child's eyes is the best!


    allergies bite! I'm sorry to hear she has them. I still can't get over how awesome your post about your dogs was. I've sent a few people over there to read it.

    Hugzzzzz, Snow!

  14. ***Jonathan...
    I will go look at your zoo pix tonight! ;-)
    Thank you! (Psssttt everyone you should go check out Jonathan's great pix)

    ***Michelle "Lady Bug"...
    I know you will have a blast! I used to live in Ojai for 25 + years so I am familiar with the LA zoo. :-)


  15. ***Jase...
    He he he he... did you ever play "look-see"? Take a bite of food, chew till it's all mushy and gross. Tell your friends to look, then open your mouth wide and say "See!" hehehe
    Thank for making me smile, too!

  16. o my goodness, these pics had me smiling ear to ear! the otter pics are especially fantastic! so cute!

  17. ***Leah...
    LOL I love otters, too. They have the best lives. Swim, play, eat, have fun. Repeat again. Thanks so much!

  18. ***Sista Rain...
    I just got your comment! "blankity blank blank" blog bugs!!! OH my Lawd I can totally see you making faces in your car or cackling at a bunch of teens!!!! ROTF!!! Yes, it is an otter. I was like a huge kid standing in front of its cage-pool! I was laughing like a hyena cuz I enjoyed its antics so much. People were starting to toss me food and take my pic... oh my...I was sooo pathetically adorable....hehe I actually typed that out loud... ;-0

    I have a few more shots of him underwater with that big ole carrot... but it kinda looked like a turd unda water and thought it might look a wee bit freaky posting "that" shot. ahem... hehe

  19. I love the zoo so much, you have made me want to go even if the nearest is a three hour drive.
    Like someone else say that little otter has sort of an evil look, doesn't matter otters remind me of squirrels. lol

    Sorry to take so long to get over here the weekend was so hectic. We are trying to get the yard under control before the summer heat arrive, a losing battle.


  20. LOL, oh gosh, reminds me of the Granby Zoo here in my neck of the woods. I should go btw...Anyhoo, the apes were so used to being fed that they'd just sit there with their hands out to catch pieces of banana. They really didn't move around, didn't need to because people were thrilled to just see them catch them!

  21. Thank you very much, SQ, Rain and Splendid!
    I agree, SQ, I had a really hard time leaving. In fact, we were "caught" in the jellyfish display after hours by a disgruntled zoo helper. She had her cranky pants on... really cranky pants... gulp.

    LOL, Sista Rain.... I can just see those monkeys. I always tell Opie Taylor he is wearing his monkey pants.... hey sassy pants....monkey pants.... all the same thing in my book.


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