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Thursday, May 7, 2009

I challenge myself to just get up and do it. Gulp...Then by this this time tomorrow I can say, "Looky what I did!"

I named this photo, "Waiting by the Sink".

I subscribe to Leo Babauta's Zen Habits. Today's post was titled, "Stop Reading About It and Do It!" If you are trying to de-clutter your world, and find the peace between perfectionism and procrastination you might find some help reading more about him and how to get your Zen groove on. Groovy...

Here's an excerpt from the article.

"When you want to improve your life in some way — by simplifying, by being more frugal, by starting to exercise or eat healthy, by learning more productive habits, by being a more positive or compassionate person — you are learning a new skill.

And when you learn a new skill, all the reading in the world won’t teach you the skill. You have to learn by doing.

So reading countless self-help articles and books are great — I’ve written a few myself — but remember that it’s only the first step.

You have to put the personal development posts away, get away from the computer or book, and start doing it. Today.

Only in doing it will you actually learn.

Reading does help though: first in helping you to understand what to do, and second in keeping you motivated as you actually do the skill. But it’s not a substitute for doing.

So stop reading this post, and go do what you want to learn to do!"

I think he was talking to me today..... I keep looking for the video cam. How did he know I needed a swift bootie in the backside? I know being a perfectionist keeps me from starting something because I fear if I can't do it "right" or don't have enough time to get it "perfect"--it stops me from even trying.

Rome wasn't built overnight. I know this, too. Today I will tackle one of those corners of my world that is stopping me from just doing it. Fear. Fear of not doing something good enough. Fear I will fail at something I really want to learn how to do. Fear the final outcome will suck....

So my goal today is.... Drum roll pulleeezzzeeeee....

  • Complete Lesson Two in Tim Gagnon's series of painting lessons.
I need a victory right here on this one itty bitty but bigger than life thing in my life. Pics will be posted tonight! Promise.

Oh crap... I'm commited...

Shake the fear of failing off and do it! That's how getting good at something happens.

Buh Bye...


  1. Hi Lille..

    Great post ... more than food for thought...more like a feast!... and it made me hungry!!! I as you know have been on a quest of sorts, to rid myself of 'excess everything'... but also to 'complete' things in a timely manner...something that is rather hard to do for someone who likes to do about 30 things a day...oh dear!! The only pressure I put on myself each day to complete but one...rather large or small...I can take that sigh of relief at days end knowing I can 'scratch a big old check mark' off of my Brain List!!!
    Looking forward to pics...


  2. Let's keep our heads together on this one, Jodi, and help each other stay focused. I have been on the same quest and am trying not to put pressure on myself. I will work toward "One thing at a Time"... thanx for your encouragement. Hugzzz, Jodi.


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