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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh my... wouldn't you want to be here this time tomorrow?

I cut my choices down to 125 from the original 600+ pix I took of this amazing forest but I really can't take credit for something I was not the "original" creator of.... This is where I hiked two days ago with Superman. I was like a little kid in an eye-candy store. I want to go back there tomorrow. Wouldn't you?


  1. I love to walk in the forest, it is so peaceful and relaxing. I want to go there. . . now!

    Beautiful photos,

  2. OK, Get your camera! Let's GO! Ummmm, well let's wait till daylight.... hehe

    Thanks, SQ. Hugzzzz.

  3. The forest and mountains are my natural therapy sessions actually! Lovely photos! I want to perch myself on that tree root and just listen to the birds chirping and the trees creaking. I'm sure if I didn't have the dogs with me, I'd be out in the woods all the time!

  4. Its really really AMAZING!! i love forests...and trees...and water....and grass...
    yeah, amazing

  5. Bring the dogs, Rain. Let's go right now. I'm making an album of this to post. This was a slice of Nottingham Pie. No whipped cream needed!

    Hello Desi! Welcome to the tree house. Oh your mouth would have been gaping like mine was wandering on the trails through this forest. "Catchin' flies mouth wide open kind of open". Does the forest make you start to remember something about you from long, long ago? It does me.

    Come back and visit, Desi. I'll visit you today! :-)

  6. There is a place like that very near to my house. I love taking the dog and the grands there to hike. A tree growing up out of solid rock is a great symbol of determination!

  7. Wow I so would want to go there. Beautiful pictures.

  8. Wow, MzzLily... I didn't know that about the tree growing up out of solid rock meaning great determination. But I can see how it would. It's the will to survive, and grow in the harshest of conditions. I have a story about a lily I will share soon with everyone. It's especially meaningful to the lily's of the world. Thanks, for sharing that with me.

    Hiya Lady Bug Michelle! I think we should all meet here about 10:00ish, have a cuppa java or joe... and then go for a hike together. You, MzzLily, SQ, and Rain...and me. I'll pack the snacks and H2o's. Anyone else is welcome, too.

    Thank you, Lady Bug.

  9. Sounds like a plan!

  10. I am SO there.


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