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Monday, May 11, 2009

While none of us are really certain what this time tomorrow will bring us--I do know this--I am happy for what today brought me.

My 101 list is nearing the finish line---which to me is the starting line, my beginning. The beginning of many more beginnings--and crossing finish lines.

Our pets show us how to live in the moment, the now. But I know my cat looks forward to his meal, a treat, me coming home, snoozing on my bed or hoping to see something out this window he likes to perch in. I look forward to the dreams, goals and plans I've made. I'm grateful for where I've been and what it's taught me.

Here's the next 10 on the 101 list.
  • Kayaking in Alaska with Superman where my sister, Vicky, lives. Bring my Mom there, too.
  • Taking a cruise to Alaska.
  • Create a sample book of my photography
  • Special painting for Dylan
  • Help Dylan make her dream/vision board
  • Plant pansies
  • Make an entry sign, "Up In The Tree House" for my front door
  • Finish Superman's special painting
  • Travel to Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Maine in the fall
  • Show Superman my favorite places in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and California
  • Photograph Sedona
  • Photograph my beloved Durango, CO
  • Photograph Pagosa Springs, CO
  • Sit in the hot springs in Pagosa Springs again
  • Stay in a cabin at Vallecito Lake in CO
  • Visit my family in Rossland, BC
  • Create a meditation station
  • Detox my body (already working on this...)
  • Create photo book-journal of my old modeling and band shots
  • Play my guitar again
  • Experience a break through on my guitar
  • Organize the songs I've written
  • Sing at an Open Mic
  • Write Winki's story
  • Train ride through Canada
  • Put good feng shui in my home
  • Write love letters to people I love and mail them
  • Find my father
  • Find my father's family
  • Make my 101 list & find a way to post it in side bar of blog... anyone know how to help me do this???
Oh my goodness...this is 30 things!!! One more and I'll be at 101!!!

OK here it is....

  • Lose 20 pounds!!!
Oh, now that really sucks as #101... lemme re-think this....

  • Say I love you to me every, single day!
Wow, I did it-- completed my 101 List. Now the fun happens. Checking them off one by one!!!


  1. Love your list.... sounds like a good and I have a few of those in common...

    Lists are a good thing for sure...makes us look at them often and remind ourselves in the daily grind of life what our desires are... a very good thing...we tend to push back the enjoyables and dreams in places of needs and must haves... dreams to me offer so much more in the form of food for the soul... because with dreams we imagine...and when we imagine...anything is possible.

    Keep those lists growing...



  2. Hi Lille...

    You have been tagged by Me...drop by my site and check it out...


  3. I love your story and pictures of the eagles.... I love a few things you do also.

  4. (((((Jodi))))) So true! I had a really hard time not writing "to-doo-doo" things on my finish cleaning the living room.. stuff like that. This creative to do list is food for my soul. I am happy we have have kindred hearts. Big hugzz to you, my friend.

    Thank you Pattee! I am thrilled you stopped by. I also enjoyed playing tag to see who tagged Jodi. Now I know about you, too!!! I'll pop in on you again now that I've met you.


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