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Saturday, May 16, 2009

This is how I want to feel today, this time tomorrow and forever more....

This painting, Ecstasy, is by Maxfield Parrish. It has been my favorite painting by him for over 30 years. Well, it's my favorite painting period.

I have this print in my kitchen--it rests in a prime spot so I can view it repeatedly throughout the day, and evening. It was a gift from Dylan, my BFF. I often stand, and just stare at this painting. I pose like the girl. I close my eyes, lace my fingers on the back of my head and press my elbows, my chest up toward the cobalt blue sky inhaling the mountain air. I can feel the breeze tossing my hair and lifting my muslin frock like a kite tail. If you've ever had flying dreams you'll understand when I say its this moment right before take-off this picture depicts.

It's these clouds, and the way Max (I'm taking the liberty to call him Max only cuz I've fantasized about being his muse for years...) painted these clouds that have made me want to paint clouds.

This next week I'll get back to work on my painting lessons with Tim Gagnon. I've been procrastinating. Working to pump muh-self up. Playing the theme song to Rocky. Flexing my muscles.... well, more like the girl in the picture than Rocky but saying, "Argghhhhh" as I do. In fact, I'm temporarily moving this picture into my studio with the sole purpose of standing on the mountain top to pull those clouds down from the sky onto my canvas.

I'd previously posted I'd show you my before, during and after painting's of my lessons with Tim. I wienied out. (No bad pun intended for any Doxie's like Chloe. Or Doxie lovers like Jessica. Sowwy) Up in my header I mention the fine line between perfectionism and procrastination. Well, that's the line I'm teetering on here. My previous attempts to paint clouds like Tim does and Max did... well.... pffffttt. I'm spitting it out.... "SUCKED!" LOL

Dang that felt much better just saying it. Rocky made 4 movies. Each one had trials and tribulations. Moments of defeat then glory. I'm glory bound. I'm determined. I'm ready to run some laps all ova my studio.

Sah-weeeeet-sassy-molassy! I'm gonna try now.... Gonna fly now!!!!


  1. perfectionism and procrastination, Ha! thats good...
    nice post.
    good luck with the perfectionism and procrastination...
    now THATs a lesson.

  2. I love the painting, I'm ready to fly now.

  3. SQ-
    Wouldn't it be great to fly... just lift off and fly? Think of the pics you and I could get if we could! Sigh.... I have a great squirrel pic I took of one of the many that visit me here in the tree house. I would love to send it to you... Hmmmm, maybe I can post it in a side bar for you to snag if you like it.

    Hello Rick and welcome! Thanks!
    Oh, it is a lesson. Daily. Minute by minute. On some days I have the attention span of a gnat... other days I'm cracking the whip on details, details, details...

    Love your work. Seeing other people's work is good for whatever ails you.

  4. Peggy bought a book of Parrish paintings some time ago.

    BFF? Bacon Frankfurter? Black Boyfriend? Bellicose female feline?

  5. Snow,

    "BFF? Bacon Frankfurter? Black Boyfriend? Bellicose female feline?"

    I was eating when I read your comment and spewed on my puter... and my lap... and down my chin. I need to change my tee shirt now. Sudden guffawing can do that to you when your mouth is full. BBF = best friend forever.

    I wanted to go see his museum in Conn but they closed it. I suppose the books Peg and I have will be as close as we can get to Max except for a print like this one. I actually have 2 of his. He's a brilliant artist.

  6. My mistake. His museum was in Vermont. ;-)

  7. Great picture. I could totally see why you love the painting. A great explanation one how you want to feel.

  8. Good mornin', Lady Bug,

    Next time you're in a Barnes and Noble, Borders, or a library check out one of his books. You'll sink farther and farther into your self (and chair) turning page after page of places you'll soon want to go to. Good thing about you being a lady can fly out of the book and return home. Some of us dive in and never come out... That' how amazing he is as an artist.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit. You may fly by anytime. I'll do the same with your bloggy place.

    Enjoy the Sunday morning bliss. I have a choir of birds singing me a good morning song outside my window. I'll send them to your house next. Open your windows.

    Blessings Lady B.

  9. Hi Lille Diane! Nice post! I just did it, put my hands behind my head, stretched out and breathed deeply! I am lucky enough to feel like that most days now. In fact, I'm sure I've posed that way after mountain climbing to the summit! Have a great Sunday!

  10. Lillie Diane! Thank you for dropping in at the Ranch today. I just love, LOVE, L O V E your blog! The picture by "Max" is wonderful. All his work has the luminous quality of the moment just before something really big happens -- be it flight, a sunset, a sunrise, or ? Have you seen the painting of the man at lift-off? It is in tones of light blue with that undertone of gold that just shimmers. It's my sister's favorite painting, but I know she'll love this one, too, when I show it to her. Thanks again for your visit & posting today and I know I will be back! :D

  11. So nice to see you again, Rain. Thank you for stretching with me and Max. I love your new piece, Rain. I can see you've been to the mountain top just looking at you work. (play??) I did have a great Sunday, and here's to you (cheers and blessings) for the rest of the week. Thanks for the visit. Hugzzz!

    Hello Sunflower! (I LOVE sunflowers! Such happy flowers!)

    You have made a vibrant splash here in the tree house with your lovely comments. I could feel every word, and see every color you mentioned. How beautifully put, "All his work has the luminous quality of the moment just before something really big happens -- be it flight, a sunset, a sunrise, or ?"

    "Or" leaves it up to my imagination and I can see (already) we will be great friends, Sun.

    I will go look right now to see which one is "lift-off"... I know your sister will love this Max, too.

    Welcome to the Tree House.


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