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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Time Tomorrow is playing tag...

I've been tagged by Jodi at Creager Studios

She makes some of the coolest dolls I've ever seen. My mouth fell open in amazement the first time I looked at her blog and saw her work. She and Hubby's creations are unbelievable, detailed, whimsical works of art! Plus, she is a hoot to read.

These are the rules for the 'Tag'
(for the six... count em'... 6 Peeps.... See who's listed at the bottom of this post. If it's "you" that's been tagged you can accept the tag or not. No pressure)

1)Name and link back to the person who tagged you.

2)List six things 6 (un) important things that make you happy.

3)Tag 6 bloggers and let them know they're it by leaving them a comment on their blog.

So here are happy little tidbits that make me happy.

  • Wiener Dogs... yes, I love those lonnnnnng, short to the ground, wiggling from snout to tail dogs Gary Larson named a book about, "Wiener Dog Art" and drew multiple cartoons depicting because they look like cartoon kinda dogs.
  • Talking to people standing behind me--or in front of me--in the check out line at the store.
  • The smell of rain on hot pavement
  • Stopping on road trips whenever, wherever and for whatever I want because I'm the grown-up now and can honor my child heart to pull over whether or not I have to go the bathroom.
  • Corn dogs at the fair loaded with mustard
  • Skinny mirrors in fitting rooms
Now here are the 6 bloggers I am gonna chase, tag and proudly say, "You're it!!!"

Jessica (and Chloe) at Chloe the Doxie Love Pop in to wish Chloe a Happy Birthday. She is cuter than you can imagine!
Steve at My Dog Ate Art Steve makes me wanna get up and dance. And he keeps my inner child artist spunky as a lil monkey....
Tina at Yes, That's My Child Screaming Lots of great ideas here. I fell in love with the name of Tina's blog and had to stalk her.
Rain at RainCrow Galleries Rain has a healing touch to her work and you can feel it just looking at her paintings.
James at Windows to the Words This blog is a place where creatives can meet, mingle and merge. Fabulous!
Jeanine at Gemini Moon Mosaics Oh, Nostalgia City! Funky and fun! Groovy stuff! Peace, out.... you'll see what I mean when you get there....


  1. Thanks for tagging me (and the nice comment on my blog) Lille Diane! I like your things that make you happy, especially the wiener dogs! :)

  2. You are most welcome. I am a huge Chloe fan! :)

  3. Thanks for the Tag - I am going to decide who to pass this on to over the next few days - and thanks for those comments - can't remeber if you're on my global blog-roll - if not - you will be soon !

  4. Thank you, Steve!! Great paintings flying out of you! You're quite welcome, Steve,


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