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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cotton candy in a periwinkle blue sky float by this time tomorrow

Take a bite out of this sweet cloud before it floats away.


  1. Very beautiful, I could take photos of clouds all day long, they are so facinating.


  2. I would like to present you with a little award. Come to my blog to pick it up.


  3. That is a wounderful photo. I am sure that area is perfect for painting landscapes.

  4. Pretty! I love cotton candy skys! :)

  5. LOVE that shot.... clouds are SOOOO exciting to me... so much energy in there and a wonderful artistic medium...they give you shapes and forms to let your mind go on the most incrediable journies...

    Thanks for sharing


  6. What a lovely shot! Lille Diane, I'm such a cloud person! Coincidentally...I was out last night trying to catch the reflection of the clouds and moon in the pond! But alas, one of my camera's features is night-photo-suckage!

  7. ***Thank you, MzzLily... when I was a kid I loved cotton candy. I'll still get it from time to time but give me a corn dog at the county fair any day! But I wouldn't want to paint "that"....Now this I would. I'm adding to my cloud files so I can perfect the puffs on canvas...

    ***SQ... Oh me TOO! Have you ever noticed how sometimes a sunset is illusive? It seems as though they do not want their spirits captured in a "box" so it never looks quite as brilliant as it did in real life. I call those moments "kodak moments in my mind" %;-)

    ***Carolina Elizabeth... You are so right. I will have to put my brush to some "plein aire" painting sometime. Thank you, CE!!

    ***Jess and sweet lil Chloe... Yum, big yums! Give that lil girl a big love from me! I loved your new pics from your art show. And, yes, you have a 60's hippy heart. Far out, man...

    ***Court.... So do I.... it has to be the county fair food that brings the child out in each of us.... nice seeing you, court! ;-)

    ***Jodi... I agree 2567%!!! Clouds have the ability to transport us to a magical place and time. I especially miss the dramatic skies of the desert like you get to see. But OH has some pretty rockin' sunsets!!!

    ***Rain... you are a hoot. "I was out last night trying to catch the reflection of the clouds and moon in the pond! But alas, one of my camera's features is night-photo-suckage!"

    Night-photo-suckage..... I'm stealing that one from you... hehe

  8. Candy candy is the best...really. :)

  9. You know people always say you can see different images in a cloud, well here's what i see in this one, a running man, his head is at the top and the rest is his large rounf body, see if you can make it out!
    Aretha Forrest.
    p.s i love your blog

  10. ***Good morning, Aretha, and welcome to the Tree House. Yes, I do see a man running, head tipped down in front at the top of the cloud.
    Very cool! I'll be popping over to see you regularly. I'm extra, extra excited about your new book. Did I say excited????

  11. I could stare at clouds all day - and have on occasion.

    "Night photo suckage"... My camera slips into that setting on a regular basis! Sometimes "Day photo suckage" too. lol!


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