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Friday, May 15, 2009

It looks like it's going to be a fabulous weekend! I'll be kayaking again this time tomorrow.

I can walk down the road towards my dreams... or not. I choose to walk, run, stumble, crawl, roll or spread my wings and fly. But right now I'm going kayaking...

Kayaking was something I discovered I wanted to try after I first moved to the lake. The first year I lived here I was too busy with work to do much of anything. Except work. I put it off just like I had most "fun" or creative things in my life. Last year my world collided with what I thought was a tragedy. I see now it was a miracle.

I put a picture of a kayak on my vision board last year. I was still in physical therapy and still in a great deal of pain after the auto accident. I am so proud of myself for making myself do this. Making myself??? Yes, I was terrified to get out there on the water the first time. But then after the accident that almost took my life, I realized it would be more terrifying not to do all the wonderful things I put off doing. Now you can't coax me to get out of my kayak.

I feel so small out there on my kayak yet so powerfully strong. I still weep happy tears of, "Oh yes, I can!!!" when I'm out there on the water.

Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time;
it is a regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.
Sydney J Harris


  1. Hey, Lille Diane, you've got a new photo to identify you. I really like that. Such striking eyes.

    I see that you're having a fling with a fellow in a catsuit. My wife is seeing a black man in a schnauzer suit. In fact, she sleeps with him. She said that I snore and kick, so she threw me out of her bed. When I mentioned to her that he snores and kicks too, she said, "Yeah, but he's not so big as you." I had to admit that this was true. He, meanwhile, lay in her bed looking very much the victor. I think they laughed when I left the room, but then it could have been my imagination.

    I hope you have a wonderful kayak trip tomorrow.

  2. Hi enjoy your site, love the pictures, my cats names are Tom and Jeri, they teach us about life also and Tom sleeps on his back and snores loudly, oh my......

  3. Morning Lille ...

    How wonderful that you have found the power and mystical magic of the Kayak (another thing we have in common) ...I personally don't know what I would do without mine. Sometimes it is good to feel small and almost not important in the scheme of things... for it is at that level that we can see the distance we have come and the distance yet to go...

    Happy Kayaking... let is take you on that journey to find the place where souls gather strength ...

    Hugs for a Happy Saturday


  4. It was a wondrous kayak ride with you yesterday, Wonder Woman. You conversed at length with a wounded goose, discovered an oriole nest, and led me to an awesome liquid silver sunset. I've grown accustomed to the magic that surrounds you, but the details are always unexpected and amazing.

    I like the way you've been warming up your Lasso of Truth, and can't wait for the book. But painting, photography, and music are also contained by your Lasso, and can't be separated from your writing. It's fun to watch you reveal your talent to the world, and I'm glad the Fortress of Solitude has internet.

    My love for you grows each day. I will help you sing your song (guitar and backup vocal) as we fly through the sky together.

  5. Oh Snow! I had such a visual reading what you wrote about Peg's other man! I can clearly see him prancing off to bed with her... and humming, "Nanner-nanner-boo-boo.." I used to have a little doxie that loved me so much. Had she followed me any closer she would have been a hemorrhoid... LOL

    Thank you for noticing my new profile and picture. :-)

    Dearest Jodi....
    I told you we are long, lost litter mates!! If I could kayak to your house right now I would. Wouldn't it be grand to kayak together?? How awesome we have so much in common. You know I hafta wear a depends when I'm reading your blog... rut roh... did I just say that out loud??? :-) hehe I think I did...

    "Sometimes it is good to feel small and almost not important in the scheme of things... for it is at that level that we can see the distance we have come and the distance yet to go..."

    So beautifully written, Jodi. My hug is huge for you! Thank you.

  6. My Superman....

    Tis' my pleasure to paddle the lake with you investigating the beauty most people never get to see or simply don't slow down long enough to see. I'm giggling about the way the animals have been coming out in droves to show themselves to me. I think the name "Dr. Doo-Lille" will surely stick, and more animals will come speak to me. I'm posting a pic of the elephants... YOU know how badly I want one! Once it's officially on my 101 To-Do List... it is a done deal.

    I can always feel the brush of your cape, Superman, near or faraway. And even though phone booths are hard to find, I know I can call you any time by heart or by phone.

    I'm warming up my vocal cords... me-me-me-me-me...ahem..lalalalala... Dusting off my guitar. Pulling out my mic stand and mic. Opening up my songbook. I cannot wait.

    Here's to more liquid silver moments. ((((SM))))

  7. I have always wanted to kayak. Reading this has give me the impetus to go out and rent one as soon as it warms up. Thanks!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. I have never tried the kayak, mostly canoes and whitewater rafts. Maybe I will give a go sometime.
    I love the quote at the end of the post,an excellent choice.
    Have a wonderful weekend,


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