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Thursday, May 14, 2009

TO-DOOOOOOO!!! This Time Tomorrow blows the finished trumpet!!!! Kinda like ta-daaaaa only better...

Here it is... the finished painting of my son, Jake.... Big sigh. Happy Happy Joy Joy


  1. Hey
    I like this one..You are on a roll I think

  2. I Like it very much..... great pose and great job of painting....
    Now give yourself a BIG pat on the did VERY good.


  3. Thank you so much, Linda. I am on a wonderful roll. It feels so good to be on a roll that is feeding my spirit such good food.

    Jodi... You make me smile. I can feel your hug all the way from your blog!!! I used a pic my daughter-in-law took on her cell phone of my son one day at Panera's. The first time I saw the pic, I thought, hmmmm...I want to paint this. AND I did! Thank you for your encouragement. It means s LOT!

  4. What a beautiful blog you have, I love your photos. I really like the painting of your son, good job.
    I will be following. Hope you will visit and follow my blog as well.
    Great music.

  5. How could I not follow a delightful squirrel queen??? You have a great blog(s) too! I am part squirrel myself and patiently working towards queendome in some wonderful kingdom. I am truly flattered you like muh blog, muh painting, muh music and muh photography. You made muh day, SQ!

  6. This is fabulous, Lille! Love it!!


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