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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Time Tomorrow is having a Pink Moment reflection

I didn't even realize until I stepped back to look at my freshly painted sunset, that the mountains in the background look like my beloved Topa Topa Mountains (Chumash Indian for Pink Moment) in the Ojai Valley of southern CA. There is a huge part of my heart in these mountains. I "now" see it just poked its head up to remind me it's embedded in my thoughts even when I'm not consciously thinking about Ojai, CA.

I moved here to OH about 11 years ago. I love it here. People around here ask me if I lost a bet when they find out I came from CA. "Why would you want to move here?!" I always point out all the wonderful reasons I love it here. Usually they walk away remembering they love OH, too.

For one thing, there's water in the lakes, streams, and it's green here, I mean, really, REALLY green. Not many mountains but living on a lake like I do is beyond a perk. I can step out my door, step into my kayak and just putzzz, miles and miles of what feels like endless lakes to explore. Wow. But I don't consider CA my home even after living there for for over 35 years. It's the Colorado Rockies I will forever have jutting up in my heart like mountain peaks of snow covered love.

Snowbrush wrote a beautiful post yesterday about "returning home". He stirred my memories up in a great way, and made me believe we all must have these inner, emotional attachments--good or bad--to the places we were raised. I cannot say it even with an ounce of the emotion, and grace, Snowbrush put into a series of posts that will "take you back home." He writes from the heart. He is a welcomed friend of mine here in Bloogy Land.


  1. BEAUTIFUL Love the colors on this one

  2. That's a beautiful painting! I know how you feel, I was born and have lived in Quebec for my 41 years. I have never felt at home here. Even though I've only visited, thinking of PEI over the years has made me feel homesick. Now I'm only a bit more than 4 months away from going home! When I look at photos of the island, I get a lump in my throat! I'll miss the mountains for sure, but the ocean is calling!

  3. I can't believe how many people grumble about Ohio. Do people everywhere do that? I love it here! I love the change of seasons. The summers get a little hot, but that doesn't last too long. The winters are, in my opinion, mild. The springs and falls are splendid! There is still a lot of farmland, with miles of backroads to discover.

    Nice painting too!

  4. I lived in Minneapolis from 1988-90, and people were forever asking me why I would leave a beautiful place like Oregon to live in Minnesota. Well, Minnesota is pretty too, but people get stuck on things like glaciated peaks and sunny beaches as being the only kind of scenic beauty worth having.

    It wasn't the scenery in MN that got to me--it was the weather. Hot in summer, cold in winter--way cold in winter. I guess Ohio is pretty darn cold too, at least the northern part.

  5. Awww thank you, Linda. This was fun to do as well. I'm having a love affair with clouds. Shhhhh, don't tell my kitty, Opie Taylor.

    How awesome, Rain... to go home. To feel that wooing and answer it. I'm very happy for you. Just reading your comment made me want to see your islands. Thanks for the feedback on my painting. I'm trying to loosen up and let the paint fly a bit. I'm having a blast!

    Hello Snow...Oh yes it can get mighty cold in NO OH. (Hmmm "NO OH" sounds like a new slang phenomenon...) hehe This winter seemed long. Started early and left late. But Minnesota... Yikes. That IS cold.

    I agree with you how people have ideas about certain terrain being better than others. I'm sure the media plays a lot into that as well as film. I forgot to put on my list to see all 50 states. I've seen most of them but would like to see all of them.

  6. Stunning! You certainly have some talent. Me, I have a "hidden talent" that is still hidden and refuses to come out!


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