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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Learning to stretch my wings today so I'll be ready to fly this time tomorrow

I admit these are not the paintings from my lesson plan but they are clouds nonetheless. I found a bright, redeeming ray of hope by committing to post what I painted today and learned a valuable lesson. Truth is I struggled with the painting lesson and whined a whole bunch today. Big sigh....

I am committed to learning how to paint true blue, knock-your-socks-off clouds. It will just take more time. I'm going to wait to show you my before and "after I get it right" clouds for another post.

The lesson I ended up learning today actually brought tears to my eyes. On my 101 List is a dream I have had for 20 plus years. I believe it's listed in the first 10. It's a book I've wanted to write from a story my sister Pam used to tell our kid's when they were little to get them fall asleep. I always thought I'd write it and have someone else illustrate it. I decided I may give it a shot myself. The pictures below are from one of the lesson paintings I tweaked--or I guess you could say I "morphed it" into something else. Hey I'm a "green" kinda girl. Chalk it up as recycling at it's finest.

It was when I started tweaking one of the completed lessons that I started having fun and by allowing myself to lighten up I took the pressure off of myself to make a "perfect" cloud. I approached it like a kid would. How would a kid paint a cloud? So I finished what I had promised I would do today even though it was an unexpected outcome.

I actually got lost in playing with the painting below. I visualized myself designing the characters for the book. Filling the book with clouds.... sherbet colored clouds that kids would want to eat right off the pages. The painting below is not the end result. It is just the beginning of me taking flight. Living my dreams. Trying something new. Rolling with the lessons life brings you.

I can fly, too. Yes, I can.....


  1. .. i can fly too.

    need a sweet and cute little reminder like this right now. 'thks for having this here.

    my inner child is feeling really cheered!

    blessings to you,

  2. We need to fly. Do you ever have flying dreams? Big Yum! Your inner kid and mine should come out to play as often as possible.

    And thank you, Silver. You are a blessing to me, too.

    Big hugzz today for you, my friend, Silver.

  3. I want to fly, too! I also want you to write this children's book. I love the clouds, the stars, and the kids. I want my Max and your Emery to read this book. This might be how you get on Oprah!
    Love, Dylan

  4. Dylan~ my dearest Dylan ~

    We have already flown together.... (oh I'm a sick one ain't I... ok warped haha) BUT there is NO one on this planet (well 'cept for Superman...) I'd rather fly with. I have a feeling we are already in flight together to something, and somewhere, fabulous. We are creating/designing our destinations and I am more excited now than I've ever been in my entire life to get to that place this time tomorrow---or sooner!

    I thought of both Max and Emery while painting this but especially Max. Max still remembers where he came from...his eyes see past us into what is real. His eyes tell the truth. I see the same thing in Emery's eyes but he has no voice yet to say it. He is a sponge, absorbing the world as it floods his senses. Oh, but his eyes dance in the glow of still knowing. He's much closer to where we all seek to be, behind the veil of this world, where truth and knowing lies.

    I wanted you to know I will name one of the characters in the book after Max... and Jake, plus my two nephews Ben and James. Emery will probably be a little gosling in another book. :-)

    And always, always remember it is a "We" thing--me and you and Miss Oprah. And Superman, too.

  5. I read your comment on James Parker's blog, and "flew" over.

    Learning to stretch our wings is a wonderful thing to do. Keeps us growing and learning. I really like your painting, and I think it would look beautiful as an illustration for a children's book. Your children's book.

    I don't think there are "perfect" clouds. And, why make them perfect. That's what real clouds are for, and even they are not perfect. Finding our own style is best.

    Happy flying!

  6. I'm so happy you did a fly by to the Tree House (my studio is named "Up in the Tree House". Thank you so much for your encouraging words and especially exhorting me to find my own style. I am so dang excited about this now I can hardly keep my wings from flapping wildly expressing my sheer joy. Sheer joy for new friends, kindred spirits that keep each other afloat and especially how we keep each other flying towards our dreams.

    Fly back often. I fly by your nest regularly ~ just to get inspired. You made my day.. Thank you kindly.


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