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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bad hair day?

Was it the hair? Were my pigtails too tight?
Maybe it was the socks....
Look at that face.
I needed Botox at age five to fill in that furrow in my brow.

I've been scanning pictures that have sat in boxes, in albums, and in frames for years. If I just compiled a book of all my different hair styles I think it would tell a story all by itself. Don't get me started on my clothes. Isn't it funny to see an old picture of yourself in high school or when you thought you were stylin' it big time by sporting some current fashion trend--like shoulder pads or big hair? Or a perm that made you look like you were a cast member in the musical, "Hair"?

How can you tell someone that one day they will have a good laugh looking back at fashion trends they once wore? You can't... And that's the beauty of it all. Eventually, we all get to look like dorks whether our Mom's dressed us or we dressed ourselves.... No need to say, "I told ya so."

I'm not brave enough (yet) to show you some of the fashion statements I made all by myself trying to "find" myself through my clothes, and hair. But I will, I will very soon. Let me be the first one to laugh at myself. [chuckles to herself]...[chuckles again... she who laughs first wins]

More peek-chures coming soon.


  1. Luckily, I've been one of these people who have near enough dressed the same since I was six. I was an out and out tomboy, still am, apart from now I have long hair when all along I had cropped. I did get drunk once and shaved my head in the pub (it was a local) It seemed like a good idea at the time... I recall getting flattering looks from more than a few ladies afterwards!...
    Can't wait to see the photos!

  2. We've all been there! I think I have some of those pics on my Facebook. Like the yellow, black and white striped pants... They sound much nicer than they looked! At least my mom didn't cut your bangs. I think she has one leg much shorter than the other. ROFL

  3. Pictures from years ago are a trip indeed, but you look great here !!! I've been pestering my parents to take their boxes full of color slides from the 60's and 70's when us kids were little to get them scanned to digital photos, before the slides fade away to nothing... am hoping they will break down and do so soon, there are lots of pictures in there from camping trips out west and a trip to Europe when I was ten... really want to see all that again. And am looking forward to more of your past treasures.

    PS I had a pair of pants that were chartreuse green with red and black stripes at some point. I hope to god no pictures exist of me in them... !!! :-D

  4. I had a picture of an old boyfriend in a purple velour shirt and parachute pants. I gave it to his wife on their wedding day.
    The pic of you is adorable.

  5. Oh such a cutie!! My Mom used to give me those bowl haircuts. Seriously with the real short bangs and even all the way around. I love looking back though, it is so funny and I think it is kind of healing to be able to laugh at yourself. Thanks for sharing.


  6. oh camon Lily !!! don't be so harsh .... , this is a sush lovely photo . who took it is a genious . should win an award

  7. I have pictures of myself posing just like this. It must have been a rite of passage for every little girl to wear pigtails at some point growing up.

  8. We all had those days! My hair waws always short and curly from the Toni home perms my mom used to give me; and most of my clothes she maed or were hand-me-downs from my older sister. Luckily, she sewed wuite well, and I don't remember ever being embarrassed about what I was wearing. It's embarrassing to look at the old pics, though! lol

  9. Hey! I believe we have many things in common. I read your reply to Raes tiniest victims post. I am not writing a book, but you are and I tip my hat off to you gal! No one can really speak for the children unless you have walked in their shoes.

    Love the old photos! I have a ton to scan to..some are way to funny! :)

  10. Hey, don't you know that stripes make your boobies look bigger-lol

    too cute.

  11. fun photo. Let's see...I had bangs like that and pig/pony tails, too, long ago.
    I want to start scanning old photos, also.

  12. That one is priceless. I have one of me at age 6-7, in pigtails and a terrible scowl; bow-legs and skinned knees.You can't see it. lol

  13. All I can say is at least you had enough hair for pigtails. I pulled out a picture of me at that age and my son said "you have a brother?!"

  14. All I can say is at least you had enough hair for pigtails. I pulled out a picture of me at that age and my son said "you have a brother?!"

  15. The closest I ever got to a fashion statement was lavender hip hugging bell bottoms. I think I was 15 at the time and was convinced they were just the thing to get the chicks...laughing as it turned out.

    Except for the occasional wedding or the to oft funeral, you will never catch me out of my jeans and T shirts these days.

    Thankfully there were no obsessive picture takers at the time.

  16. lil D- I never laugh looking at old pics. mostly cry. but yours are cute. ~rick

  17. ~~watercats...
    Oh to have been there that night... I find myself wanting to be there with the cats a lot. You tickle me, and charm my inner child to come out and play all the time. I have such a Sinead kind of visual now... Cheers to you for being YOU!!!

    OMGoodness, Lily. I have a pic to show you that would make you wondered if your Mom hacked my hair, too. One leg shorter than the other & cutting your bangs.... Oh girl, that is funny. What a visual!

    Do you think it was because Mom's only used humongous sewing scissors or pinking shears on our wee little heads back then? Or is it more that we have a tendency to keep trying to even things up once we start cutting with a pair of scissors? I have hacked my own hair far worse.

    Oh I so hope they get them scanned soon because i know you would probably share a few with us. I would love to see that! Especially the pair of pants that were chartreuse green with red and black stripes. Oh yeah, baby...

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned or with a wicked sense of humor. LOL

    ~~Anne, Caio, Rae and Eva...
    At least I'm not alone. LOL
    Thanks for easing my mind.

    ~~Far Side...
    I am so happy to have you visit the tree house. Rae is one of my fav bloggers. I hope you will stop back to see me. I'll take a gander over to your place to say hello, too. :-)

    ~~Once Upon a Blue Crow...
    OMGoodness. How udderly funny. My only regret now is that my shirt only had one pocket on it. The booby on the side without the pocket looks concave. Hooray for stripes AND pockets. This must surely be more economical than boob jobs.
    Thank you for the guffaw.~~~

    ~~~Splendid, Linda,Froggy Q...
    We are cute when were little aren't we? hehe

    You know that makes me just wanna see it more dontcha???? LOL

    Oh Lord that is a hoot. Kids... we can count on them not to sugar coat things, huh? Totally funny.

    It looks like you have more hair than either Lovely or me. My pony tail is about as big as my pinky now. sigh... but you, TWM, have a nice pony tail, and I'm sure you looked dashing in your lavender bells.

    ~~~Aren't we all a carnival of color in one way or another????~~~

  18. ~~Rick..
    I was busy typing responses when your comment came in...LOL Awwww I'm sure you were a cutie. It's so weird looking back at old pictures from our pasts. It's like it's "you" but not any more. Our old photographs are like a piece of glass in our ever changing kaleidoscopes called life.

    I'm rather happy mine is so colorful.

    Thanks for stopping by on this fine Sunday morning~~~

  19. I went through my grandparents slides and movies after they died and put them on VHS (yes I'm old).. we laughed so hard at the clothes we wore back then,, and now.. I see them on the kids on the streets..

  20. ~~The Queen,
    Thanks for stopping by. I know.Just save everything and you'll always be kewl...

  21. Howdy
    I love the photo ,it is so fun to look at old photos and laugh and cry and get mad all over again all those emotions that make up our lives.Thank you for sharing .
    This was my first visit to your blog and I had a blast.
    Have a great day !
    Happy Trails

  22. But you were so cute in that photo, the pigtails are adorable.

    We all have been there, the hot fashion of the day and we thought we were the coolest ever. Little did we know how those photos would look years later.

  23. adorable!!!!! The hair was fine !! I love the energy in your blog ...made me feel at home so I will stay ! can I please? Lily great great job!

  24. Looking back is somehting my children and I do when we get together. They love to see pix of thesmselves and we have many a chuckle.'
    When I look back at myself I see the permed locks, missing teetha dn I wonder where is that young girl now?
    Time does rush by.
    Thanks for sharing that great post.

  25. I love old pics - I've become the family scanner and I could scan every day and never be done with the family photo colection I have amassed. I think I need to get back to that project!

  26. Lilli...You do know you can call me Mark. I ain't as pretty as your angels and would be harder to cut from wood on a scroll saw but on the other hand..congratulations first for learning how to do it yourself and second for the gallery enterprise. that is wonderful.

  27. thanks for stopping by!! Wow - I love your blog!!! Just getting my eyes back & will definitely be stopping back!!

    So where is this "tree house" in my neck of the woods?!


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