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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Childrens' Names Revisit the 60's...a retro moment

I was looking through some of my files today and found a blurb I'd saved because.... Well you look at it and you'll see why my eyebrows were raised...

Yeah.... I'm rolling my eyes on this one, too.

Jamie and Jools Oliver

It's a Girl!

The 'Naked Chef' and his wife welcomed Petal Blossom Rainbow on April 3. She joins sisters Poppy Honey, 7, and Daisy Boo, 5 in the well fed clan.

Those poor kids may as well get used to repeating, and repeating, and repeating their names when people say, "Huh?? Are you serious???" Followed by the click of the phone as they hang up believing they were about to be pranked by Daisy Boo ordering a pizza or applying for a credit card.....


  1. Actually compared to Dweezil and Moon Unit Zappa or even Gwen Stefani's new babe Zuma Nesta, those aren't all that bad.

    If the kids can ditch their middle names Poppy and Daisy are kind of cute!

    But then I'm SquirrelQueen and my kitty is Miss Cindi Lou Who so what do I know?

    Hugs & Giggles

  2. That is true. All I can think is when they confront their parents some day after all the teasing from friends.


  3. The pizza delivery service may hang up on Daisy Boo but I have a feeling the credit card company would issue a card to anyone, even with a name like Bill Never Pays.

  4. LOL.... That eejit always makes me laugh! There are a whole generation of kids with some well dodgy names!... Actually.. thinking about it... my kid is one of them!..... :-0

    (not as bad as those ones though!)

  5. Im with you I guess I am getting old What is new been there heard that but glad my name is not Julie boo...

  6. Hi Lille,
    I know what you mean about silly celeb names. Gwyneth Paltrow called her daughter Apple and her son Moses Martin. Moses is not too bad but Apple is a bit much!:)


  7. Jeez, I do a better job naming my cats! Does Bob or Mary even exist anymore? ~rick

  8. How about XY and April Love (which is obviously made on the month of April?

    Geesh...I am blessed that my name isn't that's Cherry Blossoms LOL.

  9. Yeah, really....
    There was a girl I heard of named Precious. Can you imagine telling a fellow who asks for a dance or date that name?! Can you imagine a young boy wanting to date someone named Precious. My son went to school with twin girls named Sugar and Spice. (actually not their real names. Their real names were very beautiful.)

  10. I feel so sorry for kids these days... I remember picking my daughter's name. I didn't want something that other kids would make fun of!

  11. LOL that's pretty funny. I used to have neighbors who named their kids Cosmo and Echo. Now I live in the South. Do I even need to give you examples of the odd names down here? I swear they just make 'em up! Any old combo of letters will do.

  12. LOL! I hear you...I might not love my parents...but their name choices are less questionable!


  13. ~~~I suppose one can always change their name. And Poppy or Daisy are great's just those middle names that make you tilt your head and say, "WTFrap?"

    But you Miss Cherry should keep that one! LOL

    ~~Rae... You have a comedian living inside you, girlfriend. I'm so happy you let her out to play with us.
    "The pizza delivery service may hang up on Daisy Boo but I have a feeling the credit card company would issue a card to anyone, even with a name like Bill Never Pays." Too funny!!!

    Yes he makes me laugh too. I used to work for a large culinary school and would give cooking demos to high school students. Whenever I mentioned his name, "The Naked Chef", all the kids would giggle....then I have to explain he wasn't "actually" naked... yikes that just wouldn't be safe. He may have never have had any kids after scorching the "family jewels" doing a flambe....

    ~~Julie boo...
    Hmmmm now that name is growing on me and I may have to start calling you that just out of sheer friendship, and fun. LOL

    ~~~joanne May... that's just wrong. That one gets a WTFrito from me! LOL

    Cats names or dog names, yes! That would work for Poppy Daisy Doggy Doo....hehe

    Precious is another good kitty name don't you think? Can you imagine how hard it would be to be scolding someone named Precious??? Or calling them in a crowd?

    Me too. Silly parents.

    "I used to have neighbors who named their kids Cosmo and Echo." Until I fell in love with Seinfield I would have tilted my head over a name like Cosmo. Now it makes me smile. But Echo has me wondering a wee bit....

    ~~Frog Q...
    Yep, lots of people may not like or love their parents. Loving yourself is a must though... Having a pretty name like Queen...well that's simply charming.

    Judy aka The Squirrel Queen..
    Another lovely example of how blessed I am to be visited by royalty. Opie says hello to Miss Cindi Lou Who

    And a big purr to Sasha, too...

  14. Just shows how however rich or sucessful you are you still cant buy Good taste.


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