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Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Freedom To Float

Happy Independence Day! Have a safe, and a really corny, corn on the cob filled weekend.

Turn your sound on and enjoy the lovely nature sounds I heard this morning while kayaking.... and one little giggle... that's nature, too isn't it???


  1. I want to be where you are. We have had a washout 4th. Rain-Rain-Rain.
    Thanks for some sun and a nice float.

  2. The corn is ready for the grill and the weather is hot! A perfect 4TH. That river looks so inviting.

    Happy Independence Day!

  3. The giggle made it perfect.

    All the best for Indy day to you

  4. Yep very peaceful . . .nature tripping.


  5. Thanks for a fun post. Hope your day provided all you needed for a fourth celebration!

  6. We had a nice day, I hope you did also. Sasha is very afraid of the fireworks and she wonders if Opie Wan is too.


  7. What a perfect little video. I enjoyed it, and am reminded of our reservoir just out of town. Reminded, too, that we must get up there at least once this summer!

  8. ~~~Yesterday morning while I was out on my kayaking "retreat" I saw the cutest muskrat nearly climbing a tree branch that dips into the water. He (she) was hanging upside down holding on with 3 feet and diligently attacking a strip of bark. I couldn't get to my video camera quick enough to capture this little acrobat in action. I lurked in the branches of the fallen tree limbs....waiting....waiting....waiting. I realized after about 30 minutes, the bottom of my kayak must have appeared like a huge blue guppy in the water to a little guy hiding underneath near the shoreline. Either that or he was laughing at me for waiting so long... I am staking his pad out this next week after the flurry of holiday boating has passed. Dr. Doo-Lille will work just as diligently to "capture" this precious creature on film for all of you to enjoy.

    ~~~Thank you all for visiting~~~

  9. Lil D-hope your weekend was peaceful. Thanks for good wishes. (and I won't give you any if you don't give me any-deal!) ~rick

  10. OMG This sounds sooooo good I live in the desert You can no imagine how wonderful this sounds!!Thanks for posting it

  11. That sound is almost as sweet as hearing Maggie neighing from the barn! Hope you had an amazing 4th!

  12. Hope you had a very Happy Independence Day, and that you have a great week too. Take care :)

  13. Beautiful and soooo peaceful, you make me motivated to get my kayak out and get on the water!


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