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Woodstock Lily, my groovy artist name, started out as a vessel I could pour myself into after developing PTSD from a bad auto accident in 2008. I was swallowed whole by a monster I couldn't see, didn’t understand and didn’t expect to encounter.  My entire life shut down, at least how I knew it, and this blog became my healing space to help me find my way back home to me. 

I started writing here, not caring if anyone would read it, or not. I was doing it for me and was proud of myself for being brave enough to do anything at that time in my life. Fear, anxiety and pain ruled… and I drooled.

Then people began showing up here at Woodstock Lily, a few family and close friends, then strangers stopped by.  And then they stuck around to support me as caring friends. But when others found me because PTSD had also found them, it blew my mind. Together we braved the storm raging inside. 

It’s taken me eight years to navigate the hell hole I found myself in... but I have done it one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time, one breath at a time. We can do so much more together than we can do alone. Your presence is a gift I treasure.  Thank you for being here reading this at this very moment. Sincerely, thank you. 

 Lille, pronounced lily, sang professionally in bands, and as a solo artist, for over 25 years, and was a national conference/retreat speaker for 15 years. Her short stories have been published in 8 books, and she has recorded 2 albums. Currently, she lives in the Four Corners area where she's creating art and conquering her fears. She recently teamed up with SkillShare, where you can find her teaching online courses and making magic. When she's not creating art, she's perfecting high altitude baking skills, chasing moonbeams over the Rockies and digging up dinosaur bones, crystals and other amazing rocks which technically means she's still rocking it after all these years.


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