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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

HandScapes® Honoring Your Hands Through Art--new free online class!

Guess what?! My new online class, "HandScapes--Honoring Your Hands Through Art" is now available on SkillShare! I've listed it as a free class for the first 250 people who enroll. Once you enroll, it will always be available to you even after I switch it over to a paid status. It's my gift to you in hopes you will engage with me to experience the meditative, healing benefits of art. This class is designed for all age levels. Plus, it can be done individually or in a group setting. 

Are you homeschooling? Do you have a special group gathering or family reunion planned? Do you want to make some lasting memories and heirlooms you can pass down generation-to-generation? Watch your group or gathering come alive making HandScapes together. I am available to teach this heart centered workshop or train others to do it, too. Message me for details. 

Watch my introduction video to "HandScapes®--Honoring Your Hands Through Art".

You can enroll here. Just click the link below.

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