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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life Rocks

I took these shots at one of our state parks.

I want to know what stories have unfolded in forests like these

Where every twist and turn takes you to another place and time.

I can hear voices whispering in the trees, the voices of the past.

A tree hangs stoically, silently on the edge of time.

Guardian soldiers of the past.

The rocks laugh.

For even the rocks have a story to tell.

"Some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity ... " ~ Gilda Radner


  1. Lil D- I wonder if the rocks and trees wonder of our stories, ot if they are just sick of our quarter pounder wrappers flitting about. Yes, forests and their stories. nice. ~rick

  2. I would that i were one of a pair of Titans so we could play a rousing game of "switch the rocks around."

    My titan name would be Caused and my partner would be Confusion.

  3. Enchanting ambiance. I used to vacation in Yosemite frequently and miss it so. Loved this.~Mary

  4. There is a lot of intrigue in those photos. I think the trees would have a lot to say if they could talk. Just think of the generations that have witnessed the growth of that forest. It's awesome how the trees cling to life with their roots. Makes me wonder if the human spirit is as tenacious.

  5. Amazing photos. I love your new blog, btw.

  6. Hi Lille Diane,
    Beautiful post thanks.

  7. ~~Rick...
    I hear you about the trash. I used to hike on some pretty remote trails in CA. There was a waterfall about 4.5 miles up in the mountains I frequented. It wasn't an easy climb to get there. One day, I traversed the steep switch backs to find some gang members had graffitied the rocks beside the waterfall with florescent spray paints. I wept. But not as much as the rocks did, of that I am sure. When I kayak I am constantly pulling trash out of the lake.

    I, too, wonder what the Universe will have to share with us when we finally see her unveiled in her entirety. What will the trees say, and the rocks or do they care?

    Yes, how we long to feel "big" in the grand scheme of things. Yet we are small, and ant-like. Often confused and causing more when we try to move things around that need no adjustment.

  8. We have a spot like this about 5 minutes from home. It amazes me that a tree will seem to grow right out of solid rock! There are no strangers on the path in a spot like this. Everyone is connected.

  9. I just love these photos. I needed these today - these are just images my mind required. I also love the almost eerie glow of the trees. The light is just incredible.

  10. Delicious ambiguity...I'm going to nosh on that one a bit, balance it on the other end of my controlling personality. Maybe just let it go....a little, to be what it will be. Life is a journey, not a destination right?

  11. Cool Rocks ! And trees ! It is incredible what you can find if you get out and off the beaten track a little...

    That trees can grow on rocks, on cliff faces, at crazy angles amazes me every time.

    Have a great weekend Lille !

  12. I love the photos, I studied them for a while and there is always something new to see. Thank you


  13. Looking at these pictures is like looking up into the clouds and seeing faces or shapes/things in them. They are stunning!!! And it's a wonderful quote for the great Gilda Radner.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  14. ~~Mark...
    Quick question. The "switch the rocks around" is that one of your pieces?

    Same here about Yosemite. Breathtaking... Surreal. Majestic. I miss it, too.
    Thank you~

    I wonder that as well. I talk to the trees when I'm out walking. Rain from Mountain Mama has a ball cap that says I'm a tree hugger. I want one. LOL

    I have an entire series of tree portraits. I marvel how they cling to life in crevices that seem impossible to sustain life in.

    Thank you so much. I'm still playing with with the look. Kinda like finger nail polish. Put color on. Wipe it off. Add another color. :-)~~

    Hi baby girl. I enjoy making you smile. I love it that I am one of the places you come visit.

    "There are no strangers on the path in a spot like this. Everyone is connected." Nature does that to us doesn't it? Man I'm still thinking about your Brandywine tomatoes, and your Orange Danish Roll. I'll be there for breakfast.
    That would qualify as nature bringing us together--right??? ~~~ :-)

    Yes, the glow is eerily delicious. Nature is my kind of eye candy, too. It gives me a splash of joy to know you gathered some peace looking at my pics.
    Thank you~~

    Noshing is good. A swig of wine will help wash it down like rain on a tree leaf. I'll be over later to see what's swirling in words at your place. You have a flair for writing, that's for sure.

    And the journey is the cherry, at least it's what I want to eat first on my sundae.~~

    You are the Master of finding gold off the beaten path through the lens of a camera. I could only hope to mine a portion of what you have found following your heart, and your camera. Thank you, I'm all giddy now cuz you wub my pics. :-) :-)

    That makes me feel really great, Anne. When another person takes time to linger when viewing the moments, places, people and things in our photographs, it means so much. I have to admit openly how seeing a picture of Sasha makes me
    say awwwwwwww.

    I'm grateful to be able to bring you a slice of the forest from my world.

    I have read a few quotes by Gilda. Chicamom85 has a great one on her blog. She was deeper than most people perceived her to be. Such a great talent, and an even greater loss for mankind, and animals everywhere.

    Thank you for bringing a ray of sunshine with you to the tree house today.~~

  15. These are some awesome photos!

    Christina :)

  16. It is such a beauty to look at the intricacies of nature. Your blog is very nice. The images are very beautiful. God is Great. Best wishes.

  17. Good morning! Beautiful photos and WOW factor writing!!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and following. I checked your profile, and we share the Woodstock era!! What a blast! I'm going to be following your blog, too!
    Blessings from an "eternal flower child,"

  18. Beautiful pics. Thx for posting!!

  19. I love your pictures, they display a sense of mystery and curiousity....beautiful!

  20. The photos are beautiful, places like that are my favorite. I love the Gilda Radner quote, she was such a remarkable woman.

  21. Such beautiful photos! That looks like the kind of place you can visit to really get lost in. I can only imagine the kind of inspiration just waiting to blossom!! :)

  22. Hey there. Just wanted to say that I love your blog. would like to know more about your books.

  23. There are great parks in southeastern OH too in Wayne National forest. I spent a ton of time there during my undergrad and masters and wondered a lot of the same things. Like when the national parks were founded in the late 19th and early 20th-centuries, were people with parasols walking the same paths? Did they have a lot of the same thought as me? Interesting post.

  24. What lovely pictures! I enjoyed your post!


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