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Monday, July 13, 2009

~~~I'm Under Construction~~~

I'm under construction. Aren't we all???
And change is good...
At least that's what I keep telling myself.
Thanks for your patience
While I figure out who my blog wants to be when it grows up...

Plus it's my countdown to my 100th post!!!
One more post to go!!!


  1. We all are definitely under construction.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    You've just convinced me to activate my "followers" list. I hadn't done it yet because I didn't have anyone following me.

    Poor me. I know. :-)

    I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future!

  2. Change is good - at least I tell myself that!
    Love your new look!
    Looking forward to more!

  3. your bog is great!!! i liked all the changes .

  4. your bog is great!!! i liked all the changes .

  5. LD- I hope your blog never grows up. I like to watch it play. Thanks just the same. ~rick

  6. LD- I hope your blog never grows up. I like to watch it play. Thanks just the same. ~rick

  7. I really like the yellow background and the new title pics, but I miss the eyes. Maybe they could appear in the sidebar?

    Are you ever going to post an excerpt of that book?

  8. BTW, Grand #1 finally heard your CD. She loves it! Want to know if you have sheet music and traks for 'When God Ran'... Says she would love to sing it for her church!

  9. Good morning,
    what a coincidence, made such a mélange of photos on my own tonight - to be seen in two days - with extra bonus, me with long hair.
    With regard to construction...reminds me of a caterpillar, turning out to be a beautiful butterfly.

  10. Almost 100! Very admirable and congrats...I want to thank you for signing on as a follower and I look forward to your insights that you share with those who find my writing worthy. I'm looking forward to seeing what the blog does decide she wants to be when she grows up!

  11. Sunshine yellow. Gosh I thought I had jumped to the wrong spot. I am going to have to start reading this first in the morning. It will be a good morning wake up visit.

    I wanted to thank you for the nice comments you left on my blog. It was so thoughtful of you!!

    Yes I always have insomnia, even without the back pain. A late night chat is in order.

  12. I could take some lessons from you to do some construction of my own on my blog. Mine is pretty boring! I need to study up on all of this computer technology!

    I would love to go kayaking with you sometime! I'm a slow water kayaker, I like slow rivers and lakes. I enjoy the peacful sounds of nature. Last summer I had two otters pop up next to me in the river....I didn't realize how big they are! I'll look forward to reading more on your blog when you're done with your construciton. Take care, Kris

  13. I love the new look. I hope your construction is going well.


  14. I'm loving the color and the photo collage is fab!

  15. Construction is get to play with the heavy machinery.

  16. Love the new lighter look, Lille Diane. Congratulation on the 100 coming up next! Your collage of identities is fabulous! Visit me. <3

  17. LOve the new look.. very funky.. (a bit like it's owner!) Love all the photo's on the title page, makes me want to go out and do some photo shoots!, lol.. It's deadly..(brilliant over here!)

  18. ~~Kat...
    I love your rocker girl "tude", and your music video. And any one who loves "Heart", is an instant friend of mine. Welcome to the tree house, Kat.

    Sometimes change scares me... I resist it. When I get nervous about change I stop, and look, and discover it's usually because I did not initiate the change. Hard to turn control over to others... is any one else that way besides me???
    And thank you... I'm beginning to enjoy the yellow. Miss the black, too. sniffles as she types...

    Awww, thank you, thank you, thank you...

    Oh you can count on me never growing up... morphing? Yes. Madonna made a mediocre voice a legend by re-inventing herself... Rut Roh... did I offend any Madonna fans out there???? Didn't mean too...
    Thanks so much, Rick~~

    I miss those eyes, too. Great suggestion. I'll put them back in the mix. And you tickled me pink (errrr yellow) knowing the construction is MzzLily approved. :-) tanks, tanks, tanks...
    I have the original lead sheet by Benny Hester, and a background tape. (dating myself....but what the hey) I'll look for it, and can scan lyrics & music.
    Now about posting that excerpt from my book.... I am all ova dat like a honeybee. I'd been thinking posting it on my 100th would be an excellent way to celebrate.

    ******Any feed back on this idea my dear friends???****

  19. ~~Kris...
    I like both slow & fast waters. But only fast waters in a raft. My lake is peaceful, and huge. I am going kayaking as soon as I finish my responses to comments. :-)

    I think you are doing a fabulous job on your blog. I understand exactly how you feel though about learning your way around all the gizmos and gadgets... Gulp. This is new territory for me, too.
    Thanks for a nice reply.

    ~~Anne, Abi and Jase...
    Yummy yellow. Mellow yellow. Yellow Submarine, Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak treeeeeee... OK I'll stop now. ;-)
    Thanks so much!

    Oh yeah! Lemme drive that fork lift, baby! I'd look great in a big Cat. Or just let me ride the riding mower around the lot once or twice. Yep, that'll do me just fine. hehehe Seriously would be fun to don a hard hat & ride a Caterpillar. vrrroooommmm vrrroooommmmm

    I'll pop over later after I kayak & paint a bit to leave a message. I did see your fancy, up-do. (whistles a slick cat call sound) Nice!!!! You should do that more often!
    Thank you for the lovely comments.

    ~~The cats...
    Oh can I say how much I love your recent post, story line and big finale??? Man, Clint just better look out. The Watercats have seized the day on spaghetti westerns! You two are a riot!
    Thanks for the feedback, and I will tip a brewsky back to all the new songs you are writing.
    Thank you, my loverliest, cats.

  20. Change is always good, isn't it?! The golden yellow is nice, since it has darker text color on it now! I couldn't hardly read the white text on yellow headers before. Keep up the good work!

  21. ~~Robert...
    Are you posting the collage??? It will be great to see your collection of pictures, my friend. If it matches the finesse you have with words, it will be a masterpiece...
    Thank you.

    Welcome to the Tree House. I was hooked on your writing after I read Lady in Waiting. I hope more people will investigate your blog from here.
    Thank you for stopping in....

  22. My blog is always under construction...:) I can never leave anything along for any length of time - the creative side of me won't let me.:)

    Hope you're having a great week. xoxo

  23. Love the yellow. Very inviting.

    Congrats on your 100th post.


  24. Changing, growing, reaching, always upward and into the sun.

    Yellow is a wonderful color, enjoy the construction.
    Congrats on the almost 100th post, way to go!


  25. Hi,

    Your blog looks great.

    Just came by to say hello hope you are doing well and enjoying summe.


  26. Almost forgot,
    Miss Cindi Lou Who wanted me to ask if the construction will include a desk for Opie Taylor?
    I think she figures if Opie gets a desk she can talk me into giving her one also.

    Hugs & purrs,
    Judy and Cindi Lou

  27. I'm so behind!!! Hope the construction goes well! :)

  28. Woohooo Congrats on 100!!! And yes, we are all under construction. Love the new banner! :)

  29. Hi Lille Diane,

    Just came by to say hello.


  30. Almost 100! Wow, very impressive. I'l be watching for it!

  31. Oh how exciting! Change is good and so much fun!

  32. Just came by to check on you.:) Hope the construction is running smoothly. xoxo

  33. I love discovering the new me I invent every day! great blog!

  34. ~~Thank you everyone who stopped by to wish me well. I has a little lapse in commenting due to some medical things I'm dealing with.

    ~~~SQ Judy and Miss CLW...
    Opie is the director of everything so I suppose he will have a director's chair along with a shiny, new desk. :-)


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