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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

...Monkey Pants Part Two...

The Kittenhood of the Traveling Monkey Pants

Part Two
Have you ever watched a kitten play with total abandon? Chasing its tail? Racing its own shadow? Or running from invisible foes only kittens see? What makes a kitten or cat suddenly do a back flip, or peel out with all four paws up your drapes then back down over the back of the couch like a wild fire is chasing it?

I have a theory as to what makes a kitten or cat scamper....

They're probably wearing their monkey pants.....

And every wise little monkey knows that there's an endless amount of sass in your step when you are wearing your monkey pants.

*~* And any childlike,
~*~* utterly silly,
*~*~*~* totally fun,
~*~*~*~*~ giddy,
*~*~*~*~*~*~ giggly,
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ jumping on the bed .....

can only occur if you are sporting a pair of monkey pants.
Opie Wan Kenobi, my wise, and sagely guru reminds me of this daily. He is never too "grown-up" to participate in a full on scamper up and down the stairs, nor will he turn down a chance to bat at my fingers when I wiggle them so deliciously over the arm of the chair.

He understands the importance of
keeping his kitten-like, child heart intact and active.

His imagination knows no limits. His love flows like an electrical current, just like his cattitude.

Opie Taylor wears monkey pants.

He never worries about tomorrow, or what he will eat today. He is grateful for a bowl of water, and his Tony The Tiger bowl I keep full of dry food. It is a celebration when I open the can of moist food. He knows when Dylan or Superman come over he will get a well deserved treat, and lots of love from them. He dances on his hind legs. He gives them a meow filled with joy.

The white text on the picture above marks the bottom edge of his bloomers.....

I told you he wore monkey pants.....

[kitty giggles inserted here]

Animals have so much to teach us.
Part three tomorrow......


  1. Great shots of O.T. Love his monkey pants. I gotta go on a diet so I can get back into mine!

  2. ~~Lily...
    I wonder if they make monkey sweat pants.... or monkey spanx. Or maybe we just gotta jump up and down on the bed more. I hope you are feeling better!

    Thanks, Lily.

  3. I'd comment, but I'm busy looking through my closet and my dresser drawers for my monkey pants!

  4. Monkey pants; by God if that doesn't explain the American political system. While it is good for Opie to run and jump on the bed with reckless abandon our politicians would be better off if they would dress in Bermuda shorts and aloha shirts,

  5. I'm pretty sure that someone else has been wearing my monkey pantz....

    Opie - what a cat!

  6. AAAhhhh hahahaha!! I love it!! Turns out my kitty has monkey pants too! But they are shaped more like monkey-tighty-whities. :)

  7. He is irresistible. I love his sweet face.

  8. I had my Monkey Swim Suit on yesterday...and as it is a swim suit with 'legs' in it (covering as much as I can) ...I think they were officially 'Monkey Swim Pants' cause I was acting pretty crazy fun in the I was day!!
    It was a Good Day to be wearing Monkey Pants!!


  9. A great big smile is what you gave me to start the day, love all the pics. Now, guess I'll go haul on those monkey pants too and see what happens ;)

    Fun day to you...

  10. Hi Lille Diane,

    Gorgeous cat pics than ks alot for this viua l treat.

    Hope you are having a good afternoon and evening.
    ps Hope you are doing well , can't get the descrivption of your accident out of my mind.

    Every tim e I think of it I want to hug you.

    Take it very easy.

  11. Hello Lille Diane!
    Thank you for visiting my blog! :)
    I've been exploring yours- what a fantastic and fun writer!! :)

    The silliness here is why I LOVE working with preschoolers- unashamed, not embarassed, fun!


  12. Good morning Diane,
    what a nice entry of yours.
    Yes, saw me own cat running after her own tail (probably two decades ago, thanks for reminding). Currently it's mostly my son who is running after his own shadow, playing with sunlight, coming through the leaves of our lemon trees.

  13. Lil-D at one time a few months ago, I had 17 of these furry heathen tearing around inside the house. Cute couldn't quite cut through a hairball in the sneaks. Nice post. Love the pics! ~rick

  14. Opie Taylor, you are just the cutest kitty ever. The photos are adorable.

  15. lol!! i love ur blog! i just had to follow! thanks for following my blog!! im sure we are going to be awesome blog buds just as soon as i get outta my rut from getting dumped

  16. Howdy Lily
    Oh how I love to wear monkey pants and simply be free to be free :)
    Blessings of joy t you .
    Loved your LOL post today.
    Thank you for bringing light and laughter with a whole lotta love to enjoy a monkey pants day post.
    I do love to visit your blog.
    I am so happy to be back to blogging again .
    Thank you for all the awesome photos .
    Big Texas size hugs
    Happy Trails

  17. Oh the sheer silliness of monkey pants. If you Google monkey pants you'll get everything from Bush wearing monkey pants, bars & restaurants named monkey pants, clothing lines, toys, live theater venues, blogs with the phrase monkey pants in them, cats, dogs, birds and kids nicknamed monkey pants... You should go peek just to see the plethora of goodies filed under monkey pants. It's an education... of sorts.

    But mostly, it's a reminder, especially to myself, to keep putting my monkey pants on every, single day and approach this wonderful life with more glee, less seriousness. I know I've spent way too much time on occasions worrying over things that didn't matter, or didn't need my worrying.

    I only know this. My cat teaches me more about what kind of person I'd like to become than most people have taught me. He has a playful heart. Who doesn't need that??????

    A merry heart is like medicine. Gimme a big dose of that! Please?

    ~~~Thanks everyone for remaining playful and faithful to read. You are also great medicine for anything that ails me.~~

  18. hah! I'm loving this series, Miss Lille! Our orange kitty has puffy pants. I've called them everything from pirate pants to M.C. Hammer Pants, but I have to say, I *love* monkey pants! too funny!!


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