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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Part Three: Why Cats Wear Monkey Pants

I've saved the best for last. I have proof of the evolution of monkey pants. The missing link. The sweet truth.

When hurricane Hannah separated two white tigers from their mother,
Anjana came to the Rescue. Anjana, a chimp at TIGERS in South Carolina ,
became surrogate mom and playmate to the cubs, even helping with bottle
feeding, according to The Sun. But here's the truly amazing part:
Anjana does this all the time, having raised a leopard, and lion cubs.

And this is why cats wear monkey pants. They were raised that way.
Simple as that....


  1. Those photos are just way too cute! When I was a child, I swore I'd get my own baby lion or tiger when I grew up... Thank God I got smarter! I love cats, but now I prefer to own the compact version.

    Gotta go get me a pair of those monkey pants...

  2. So are monkey pants responsible for monkey shines?

  3. What a heartwarming post! Such a great chimp and truly adorable cubs!

  4. That is such a sweet story and the photos are too cute for words.

  5. Oh yes, yes, Dreamwriter is right, too adorable!

    So enjoy your stories :)

  6. AWWWWWW!!!!!!! That's the sweetest thing ever!

  7. This post reminded me of the elephant and her best friend Bella the dog. Stories like these about animals should be an inspiration for humans. If they can get past instinct to compassion, shouldn't we all be able to?
    Where did you get these pictures??
    I need them, I need them!
    PS I love your novel. You are gifted!

  8. Now that is alot of monkey business, gonna have to stop all this monkeying around here Lille, sheesh, what, are you on vacation or something ?!? :-D

    Hope you're having tons of fun whatever the case...

  9. I would like to show those pictures to my son tomorrow afternoon.
    Thank you for sharing them.
    Please have a nice Sunday.

  10. ADORABLE!!!! Those are the sweetest pictures ever.

  11. Lil-D been a fun romp. I'm sick of cats, but I'd take that one. You can have the monkey! ~rick

  12. I love the purple! and I love the photos! - I wish I could join in the cuddle!! How delightful!
    Hope you are well.

  13. These are the most amazing picture ever. :)

  14. This proves that animals are smarter than humans when it comes to our differences and filling needs that present themselves.

  15. This is special, special, special, special, special, special, special...and wonderful too!

  16. PS If you have a second, please do drop by, I posted a white tiger (in a crowd of tigers) as a little echo of this... :-D

  17. That monkey definately wears the pants in the family!

  18. I love this kind of story! Like the dog that made friends with an elephant - did you see that?

  19. Oh my goodness! These have to be some of the best pictures I've seen in my whole life. I am going to show my kids tomorrow :)


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