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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vlog Trailer

The Tree House has been invaded.
Opie & I are hanging on to the sides of the nest for dear life.
We are being pushed out of the nest by......

Oh dear, it's too soon to tell but our beloved island appears to be under siege
by carnies in a bad Fellini movie....
Opie & I may need to be smuggled out on a UPS truck.
I'm serious, Folks. Things are getting strange on the island.

Film at 11:00
~~Stayed Tuned~~


  1. I don't know whether to laugh or panic...

  2. While my clowns, I am sure, are different than yours Lille..I know what it's like to try to leave the big top or hope for an elephant to rampage through it.

  3. It is getting more unreal every time I read about your situation. I am anxious to find out how this turns out.

  4. Yikes.... One day this will be funny. I'm trying to make it funnier, and yes.... the plot has thickened. LOL

    Stay tuned for for a few of the events that have dynamited the Tree House. Meanwhile, I'm going to go look for an elephant. :-)

  5. well, seems to me time to PACK! perhaps, packing lightly! :)

  6. Ok! having read your previous posts - I always do things backward, I can't decide if my previous comment of 'LOL' should relate to ~ Laughed Out Loud, or Lots Of Love...... perhaps a little of both?

  7. Yikes. I can think of nothing worse. Clowns.....ewwwww! Shiver shiver.

  8. I yiyiyi, that's the last thing you needed.
    Hang in there.

  9. As we are told to be all clowns, but only a few dare to show it, I liked the photography of your entry very much.
    Hope that you are able to laugh and be bright on your way meeting them...
    Please have a nice start into the new week.

  10. Oh what a perfect post today, thanks Lily! Words and music in a perfect harmony :D

  11. Lille-I don't like creepy clowns but the girls can stay. ~rick

  12. Love it...I was thinking Filini before I saw your post that...tooo find...great minds yet again...

    Richard freaks at clowns...I on the other hand am fascinated with individuals that wear that much makeup (being a makeup wearer myself...LOL)

    Sorry to be absent lately..been up to my 'painted' eyes in work lately!


  13. Good luck with the 101 and the clowns Lily, will be checking back.

  14. One day this will be funny. I'm trying to make it funnieI can think of nothing worse.

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  15. Well I love this! I need to get to a city and stay for like a month just to take photos!


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