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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photo Shoot Sample

I love this amazing couple beyond words. Just a couple weeks shy of 50 years of marriage, you can see the love in their body language, and their hands. This is just a sample of some of the shots I took. I have another full day of shooting to do which I'm thoroughly looking forward to doing. Below are a few of me and my girlfriends playing on the farm between takes. I'm playing with some new editing software. It's like a candy store!

~~~ Enjoy~~~

I was mimicking a dead scare crow.
It looked like it died from being impaled by a melon.
[don't ask me where the scare crow had been entered by
the melon unless you really, really, ReALLy...
truly wanna know...]


  1. Looks like you had tons of fun! Isn't life wonderful! Lovely photos.

  2. What absolutely stunning photos! Fun and beautiful. I love the long shadows and golden light. And the pretending to be a dead scarecrow that had been impaled by a melon. Excellent.

  3. beautiful pictures :) love the creative angles.


  4. Thanks for sharing your day with us. It was nice to see your fun and happy photos.

  5. ~~I should make a note that the pics I am in I did not take. Duh... But all the others are mine. I had some very helpful, talented assistants as my wing peeps. Usually i am on the other side of the camera now days, and am never in any shots. My peeps wanted to change that. :-)

    Thank you, Lily! Oh I needed a day like yesterday. Every fiber of my being needed it. We had so much fun. Just getting away from the tree house for a few hours made a difference.

    hehehe I'm still waiting for someone to ask where the poor dear was impaled.... It was a comical moment. maybe you had to be there but I guess in a sense I brought you there.
    Thanks for the creative observations, Ms PG. Very nice....

    Oh it was... silliness and laughter. 50 years is a long time and should be celebrated for months!!!

    Thank you sweet pea!

    The only thing missing was you, and Lily. Now wouldn't that have made for more happy photos. We will have our own day together like this. I promise.

  6. Crazy! I love it! Ok, ok...I'll bite. Where was he impaled?

  7. Life's great! Thank you for proofing it.

  8. Love the photos...and the Maxfield Parrish in the side bar. I have several of his reproductions framed in my office

  9. You look like you are all having a BLAST!
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. How fun!
    The first photo is just wonderful!

  11. Good friends, old folks and wine in the middle of the day...sounds like you had a plan and stuck to it kiddo.

  12. Psssstttttt W & W....

    Ok Since someone finally came out and asked "where" the scare crow had been impaled... I'll have to tell you. Just for the record, I believe it was a female scare crow. It may have been she died from giving birth to a melon but that mysterious grin on her face made me decide it had been an entrance---not an exit by a melon. [shame shame shame on me] I also determined that it is how they came up with the term melon baller.... OH dear.... I thought it, I said it, and the pic of the 3 of us lying in the pumpkin patch was when I said it out loud. That's why we were laughing so hard. YES I'm feelng much better!

    Saucy and sassy.... what could be better than that???

  13. Wonderful photos! And thanks for NOT sharing the details of the meeting of the melon and the scare crow!

  14. I love the colors and "glitter" the anniversary couple are wearing and I really "dig" the big hats and long flowered dresses...especially the one of you on the grass with the melons.

    You may have had a hard time getting there, but it looks like you sure made up for it once you got there!

    Your paintings in previous post are stunning.


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