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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shhhh... the stars are singing....

We all have a song in our heart that is ours alone; our own unique harmonics and vibrations. Yes, everyone. Even babies sing. We call it cooing. I think we just forget how to let our songs flow as we "grow-up" or because we get bogged down in life, and by life. Some people's songs are sung out of tune, from their toes, from their bellies, loud and free. I love to hear songs that are sung like this from the heart. And I've always loved people who sing or whistle freely, like no one else is around or they don't care if anyone likes it or not. They sing because their hearts cannot contain their inner joy. If we could only bottle that pure rush of joy, or burst of happiness singing brings, our world would be a better place.

I have always loved to sing. But I, too, am guilty of burying my voice under the burdens of day to day struggles of trying to survive. I stopped singing professionally 11 years ago. It was not planned; it happened abruptly as my life took a necessary turn down a different road. I grieved its passing as a death. If you'd have asked me prior to my singing career coming to a halt how I'd feel about that happening, I would have told you I'd shrivel up and die without being able to sing, perform, or live my musical dreams. But I didn't. I'm still here. I still have a song in my heart. And I believe I have a new song rising up to meet me. I'm humming again.

My daddy played guitar, and sang, with Johnny Horton, Hank Williams SR, and Hank Snow. My mother sang back up. My family on both my mother and father's side were musical, and talented.
I guess you could say I was born with an orchestra playing in my heart, and a choir of angels pounding out a tune with each heartbeat. My son carries the musical torch now. And he does it brilliantly. I could not be prouder.
Jake writes, plays guitar, [lead, rhythm and bass] drums, some keyboard, and sings. I believe my greatest accomplishment in life was giving birth to him so his gift could be experienced by all who hear him or read what he's written.

Lately I've been hearing a chorus chirping in my soul, and have felt a longing to write the melody I hear floating to the top of my heart. This is good, people, because it means my spirit wants to clear the pipes, and let a rusty, scratchy but sWEEt note reverberate from its core.... even if it's only for me to hear~

I know some of you will say, "Oh, I can't sing a note." Or, "I wish I could sing." But you can, and it's not the ability as much as it is the availability to let your heart rock and roll as free as a bird. If you listen to birds many of them were not born with a voice of a canary. They were just born with a song larger than their tiny, feathered frames. I wonder if we all woke up singing like the birds do if there would be so much illness, and wars, and depression, and hatred, and intolerance, and abuse.....etc., etc., etc.... Music builds bridges, and heals hearts.

So, I say.... Sing while you're driving as Loud as possible. Put your sun glasses on, and don't look to see if anyone is watching you in the car next to you. If they are, they're probably enjoying seeing someone tap into something fun [rather than road rage] and probably wish they could do the same thing. Who knows you may be the nudge from the Universe they needed to let er' rip.

When I'm singing out loud it's a good indication that I'm feeling good,
and when I'm not feeling well, I probably need to sing louder.

When Jake was about two years old he said the most profound thing [as babes often do]... We'd been out for a walk one evening, and as we walked down the driveway he suddenly spoke up,

"Sssshhhhh. Listen!! The stars are singing!"

In the fields surrounding our house we heard the sounds of crickets, and frogs-- humming in tandem with each other--loudly, and sweetly at the same time. Yes, even the stars sing, and their song is the most beautiful song I've ever heard.

~~FYI~~ I'm feeling so much better.
better, my friends.

~~~Thank you all for your words of encouragement, and written hugs while I tuned up my spirit and body--all of which was like a concert from you to me. You all rock in my eyes!!!!~~


  1. So glad you are singing the songs from your heart!
    I do love to sing and do a lot with my class.
    Take care.

  2. Great stuff Lily! I come from a musical family too and I guess that making music - be it singing or playing an instrument is in the blood. Hubby can never understand why on occasion I have got up to sing in a bar - the need to just do it overcomes my natural shyness. I'm pleased to hear that you are finding this within you again, that little tune is sneaking its way in. And I adore what your little boy said - beautiful.

  3. La, La, La, La I am warming up for my good friend because she is back in the saddle. It has been a long time and it has been mighty lonely without you around here. I am pleased to know that you are stating to hummm and tune up. I can hardly wait until I hear you singing out loudly. ((Big hugs for you sweetie.))

  4. Twenty to five in the morning. Just heard my little son 'sing', being thirsty. Many times it is only me who hears him, wife asleep.
    Am very glad about it, even if that means being tired tomorrow morning.

  5. Lily- you are SO awesome... every new thing I learn about you makes me like you even more! You have done such interesting things and have such an interesting outlook on life. I truly enjoy reading along and even sometimes living vicariously through your experiences. :)

  6. That was a beautiful post. You sing, girl. Let that song in your heart fly free!

    So glad to see a post from you. it had been a while.

    Hope you're feeling better and better. Hugs to you.

  7. so beautifully and melodically said. hum on!

  8. Beautiful post! Timely too... I was just getting ready to drop you a line. Seriously. Glad you're feeling tuned up.


  9. I love that line and will remember it for a long time, "the stars are singing". Music is everywhere, we just have to open our hearts to hear the melodies.

    Picture me in my Camaro, sunglasses always, Bon Jovi or AC/DC on the radio, life is good!

  10. I also wondered about you, wondered if I had just missed your post or you hadn't posted.
    My family was sort of musical, my mother taught piano for years and we had an organ and piano in the living room for as long as I could remember. I got good enough to play for singers and transpose music etc when I was a teenager but no more. I think I liked to transpose for the scientific value more than the musical? Will this work?
    Anyway GLAD to her from you, beautiful post. My kids can play piano enough to read music, I taught them, we can't carry a tune in a bucket, we still sing, aint pretty.

  11. Ciao Lily!!!!!
    I wish to your son to be HAPPY with his music forever. And to you. And to everybody. Yes, sing loudly! I am one of those who sing everytime, loudly and with a smile in my face. It's beautiful to sing (singing making pizza margherita is the best) :D
    Ciao Lily and, thank you for your beautiful posts.

  12. This is the most amazing thing you have ever said to me! It was heart-felt and SO true! I sing LOUD in my car. With the top down lol. I just don't care, a girls'd gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

  13. "....I was born with an orchestra playing in my heart, and a choir of angels pounding out a tune with each heartbeat..."

    That's beautiful!!!!


  14. ~~Bev...

    I cannot image any place more precious to sing than with a group of children. Teaching in any capacity is awesome especially to kids. God bless you!

    I think it is wonderful that you feel the urge to just get up and sing. I agree once it is in the blood there's no escaping the natural desire to sprinkle the earth with your musical abilities. I am sure your hubby wishes he had the gift you've been given. I applaud your courage to sing and thank you for your well wishes. I need to email you about some stones I'd like to get. :-)

    I can hear you warming up! It's a sweet bunch of notes, and hugs from a very dear friend. Thank you so much for the love, and caring. I am going to break some glass now with a powerful kick-butt song! hehehe

    Soak up every night song your little boy sings. I'd love to hear my little boy ask me for a glass of water, or to come hug him again like he did when he was little. But he is grown and gone with a little one of his own now. I will get to experience it again through being a grammy. I am so blessed.

    Awwww, girlfriend... after reading your post about the concerts you've gone to this summer I wanna be you!! I have been very blessed with an incredible life. I think this recent set-back was nothing more than allowing me to rest up for the next great adventure!

    "hums, "I'm back in the saddle again... la de da da de la la la"

    Thank you so much, and know I appreciate hearing from you always. I can feel your hugs!

    :-) How'zzzz that for some hummin'? LOL
    Thank you!

    I love you and your name... Catchy. LOL I hope you are feeling better, too. It's been a rough summer for you. I'm planning and practicing driving a little farther. YOU are on my list of gotta sit down and visit with soon.
    Thank you, Lily. Hugzzzzzzz

    Oh I got a great visual reading about you in your Camaro! Rock on Squirrel Queen! I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and the singing stars. I hope you'll smile every time you hear a star singing in the heavens. ;-)

    Thank you. It's great to be feeling better. In no time I will be feeling fabulous!

    I am totally impresssed that you can transpose. I can't read a note--not one. When I see a sheet of of sheet music i just wanna get a pencil out and connect the dots. I sing by ear.

    ~~~Ciao Italo...
    Thanks for visiting. Italy is the only country overseas I've been to. I would go again in a heart beat. I fell in love with everything there.

    Now I want a pizza margherita. It would be even better if you made it and sang to me while doing it. Oh yes... Beautiful visual, Italo.

    Your comment touched me deeply. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I say we go for a ride and rip up the road singing LOUD! Let's get Squirrel Queen in one it, too. I think it would be a new hit movie tha surpassed thelma & Louise. Let's just skip the part going ova da Grand Canyon--OK??? LOl
    Thank you and a big hooray for you singing in your car!

    Thank you, pretty girl. Thank you, thank you....

  15. Odd...I am singing along to The Sex Pistols right now as I read this.

    "I Wanna Be Me"

  16. Ahhh Lily, making your dreams come true. Much Love, Aldean

  17. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you so much for your comment on my blog post - A Hot Button Issue.
    I truly appreciate you honesty and sincere words. I have received many kind comments and I have been very surprised. It is uplifting to have so many bloggers rally around. Your words are deeply appreciated as is your friendship. Thank You!!

  18. ~~~Alana...
    Welcome to the Tree House! You are more than welcome to stop in to visit as much, and as often, as you'd like. I am honored to have you read my blog.
    Thank you~~~~

    You brought tears to my eyes, my oldest, and dearest friend. I am so happy to have found you and Titmouse again!!!! I cried when I found her, too. Email me directly anytime you have time. Maybe we could arrange a 3-Way call. There must be a reason, and a perfect season, to be reunited after so many years.

    I love you, Aldean. I love you, too, Pammy & John.
    Hugzzzzz~~~~ Big ONES!

    I hope everyone will go over to your place and read this most important post you've written. The only way we can stamp out HOT topics like this is to put it out in plain sight for everyone to look at. You did this so beautifully.

    I am honored to call you my friend, Rae. And I can see by reading all the comments on your post that you have struck a wonderful chord in all of us.

    Thank you so much~~~

  19. ~~~Mark...
    I got such a kick out reading you were rocking out with the Sex Pistols and singing RIGHT OUT LOUD to the song, "I Wanna Be Me". I can think of no one better to be than you, my friend. Your comment ripped a huge smile from ear to ear on my face.
    Thank you~~~~
    PS I'm cranking up that tune right now!

  20. Hey Lille, sure hope the humming is going to merge with whistling and foot tapping and some new strings on your guitar and then bubble right over just like champagne out of the bottle into full fledged song again... even if not doing it for crowds hopefully your still keeping those fingers nimble and the voice in gear... Sure hope you'll feed us some home grown video of you singing one of these days, something simple, from the heart... Must be wonderful to see your son blooming in that direction too... the stars are singing... beautiful...

  21. My standup died a death in 1998 and I was so depressed I didn't even know what to do. I'd been performing since I was 14. I had about 7 bleak, lost years where I did a few indie movies and generally just couldn't understand why this was happening to me.

    I picked it up 2 years ago and then decided to write. I seriously think some of my passion for the arts has died. I assumed it was for a reason and my blog allows me more creative freedom. And a chance to be funny. So I'm riding this train for now.

  22. Kids say the most amazing things don't they!....
    I'm so happy to hear you're feeling your song again.. My voice was surpressed for most of my life, I was mortified to even think about opening my mouth, I had been brought up to think that singing in public if you weren't famous was embarassing....
    Then I met the Ronald, he taught me the guitar, I felt safe enough to sing in front of him, he urged me to sing more... It's taken four years to come from being mortally afraid to sing, to feeling comfortable and loving the feeling of letting it out. Now it's my turn to urge the Ronald on (who had a similar upbringing)... he has a fantastic voice, and I'm trying to get him to believe in himself to let it go..
    It's such a beautiful, natural extension of our spirit, and now I realise how vital it is!

  23. Hello, just wanted to stop by and leave you a comment because I've really enjoyed reading your lovely posts. Your pictures are fantastic too - thank you for sharing your writing !

  24. My little neighbor girl said almost the exact same thing one night when she was two! "I can hear the stars singing!"
    I think the stars do sing and sadly, we can't hear them anymore when we get older.
    Except for some times.


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