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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Smoke on the Water...

I've been wading through a lot of anger this past month. I would not be moving if it weren't for the new people who moved in below me. Last night I was woken from a deep sleep [again...] with the smell of cigarette smoke filling my bedroom. Despite 5-6 times of him being told not to smoke in the building, he still does. I feel a bit childish now but last night I did a bit of stomping on the floors, or rather walking heavily. VERY heavily. The woman doesn't smoke and I believe he must sneak a smoke inside after she's fallen asleep. Too lazy to get up and go outside on the deck to puff. I wanted to make sure I woke her up with my foot tromping. Next time I'll put some bad ass boots on. I actually typed that.... Yikes.

I understand addictions. I especially understand nicotine addiction. I have had the same demons wake me up at night to sneak a cigarette. Nicotine has caused me to get out of my hospital bed with an IV pole attached, in the dead of winter (wind chill well below 20) to smoke outside wearing only my hospital gown, hospital issued non-slip socks and a blanket thrown over my shoulders. I stood there freezing, puffing, and avoiding the glares people gave me driving or walking by. I was close to getting frostbite on my fingers and face just to have a cigarette.

So, yes, I understand the power and hold a white filtered kiss of death can have on you. You know it's slowly robbing you of life, and yet it feels like gold between your fingers in the middle of the night when you cannot sleep. A cigarette is so small, and yet so huge. It was during one of these freezing treks outside the hospital last December that gave me the will, the courage and the wisdom to quit.

No one knows [unless you've quit, too] how hard it was to return home to the tree house and work through all the triggers here that constantly reminded me I should be lighting up a smoke. The triggers were everywhere, and constant at times. I wore a nicotine patch, and ate Ativan like candy on some days. But I did it. I'm celebrating 9 months of being smoke free.

So when my world was invaded by a smoker I got mad. And I became afraid. The fear of being seduced in a time of weakness by the smells of tobacco is a genuine concern. And the constant stress this has caused is also a concern. I have literally cried every day for weeks now in sadness at my peaceful, slice of tranquility being blown up in a cloud of smoke. But my sanity, health, and well-being has more value than than living on a lake. [at least that's what I'm telling myself LOL]

In order for me to find some peace about moving I've chosen to call on my greatest resource to help me make it through the night, and the next 3 weeks--my sense of humor. Here's a few more reasons the season for lake living is withering away. Hopefully this will be even funnier one Day.... [I hope...]

  • I went out on my deck last week and much to my dismay saw a rope nailed from one tree to another. On this rope was a bevy of underwear, blowing in the breeze. Mind you we live right next to a major boat ramp so every boat going by saw the flags of bras and granny panties hanging like a party from the trees. [Ahem... doesn't this woman know I'm the only one allowed to hang my undies out for every one to see??? Oh wait that's on my blog... not for a make-shift clothes line....] Cup of coffee, cool breeze, and Grandma's undies tainting the pristine views.... I have pictures. Dare I post them??? Go ahead beg me... [insert wicked smile]
  • Superman & I came back to the Tree House one evening after dinner with plans to lie out on the grass on the point of the island to watch the meteorite showers. When we arrived we found that they had strung lights from every possible tree on the island, the flag pole, and their deck railing--all jury-rigged together with orange extension cords. It looked like the Midway at a carnival. Hello people we live on a lake! Bug City if you use mammoth sized light bulbs near the water in mid-summer. I can no longer see the lake at night because the island is lit up like a frigging used car lot. Hence the carnival music I had playing on my tunes for a few days. remember the Chevy Chase movie about Christmas, and all the lights? This is what their deck looks like. I kid you not... The island could now pass for an airport landing strip. This could be trouble because the Tree House is in the flight pattern for a fairly large airport 10 miles south of here. Yikes!
  • They have three vehicles, and are only given 2 assigned parking spots. Last weekend he had a fourth car parked here all weekend he was doing repairs on. Told ya... a car lot. Or the graveyard for Cash for Clunkers.
  • They are having a big party this weekend, At least I've been fore-warned. Gulpity-gulp...
  • I want to rent a huge industrial strength fan to blow the smoke back down on them from my deck. Monsoon wind-like conditions suddenly kicked up on the lake. Craziest thing.....
OK I'm done now. Simply put it's time to go. I would rather believe I am on the horizon of something wonderful waiting to show itself to me in my future than being kicked out of my nest by force. I'll work to keep my sense of humor intact, and my boots ready to slip on. Hee Hee Just kidding.... I'll make Opie put on roller skates & practice leaping over barrels. [I have wood floors] My bad...

I'll be filming the tree house, and will post the video for everyone to take a tour soon. Opie is practicing his opening welcome. He always greets our guests with a warmth, and sweetness that is akin to a red carpet being rolled out. Purely adorable.

Next up, when I get a few pictures of my new place, I'll hold a contest to name it. It will be open to you, my friends, and followers to name. I will award the winner with a piece of my art work. I will add pics as soon as I can. It's a white cottage like bungalow that sits on top of a hill. Get your creative thinking caps on...

I need your help & encouragement to make this move away from the Tree House a fun-filled adventure. All anyone really desires is a simple life, and I'm going to get me one of those! It's already on my Dream Board.

Thank you everyone! Comments are encouraged!!!


  1. Oh, I'm begging... Let's see dem undies! I bet it feels like living a nightmare and you desperately want to wake up! I can't believe how they've made such a mess (circus) of the place.

    Maybe once you settle into the (insert number)-tree hill, you can build a water feature.

    Believe it or not, when I first moved out here, I missed my old ranch home in the burbs. Crazy, huh?

  2. Hi Lille Diane,
    Been thinking alot about you so thought go by.
    Came by to say hello and wish you well.
    Hope you are having a good day.

  3. That's really terrible. I bet your new place will be even better, besides being smoke free!

  4. Oh geez, thought I was the only one with neighbors from hell! I live in a hazy, loud duplex. Just last night the were having a brawl that went on for 3 hours before we got them to answer the door. Why were they fighting? They were both right. She's a bitch and he's an asshole. Where's the arguement in that? For 3 hours...Sheesh! Hang in there girl, The Goddess works in mysterious ways.
    Love and Peace, Lisa

  5. Yes, please...pretty please post the picture of the undie party. I'm pissed at these sorry excuses for neighbors. Arrrgh! Proud of you for using humor to get you through.

  6. You'll be fine hun. Everything in life can be a fun adventure if you make it one. Finding laughter in the (sometimes) worse places if often the laughter you will remember the most.

    Stay strong and remind yourself that a new, blog-worthy, adventure awaits.

    Thinking of you

  7. Ahhhh, the undies and the lights with orange extension cords just paint such a mental picture....granny panties....

  8. I think you are going to look back on all of this and say, "Thank-you, Universe, for sending me here."
    Really. I do.

  9. I'm with Lily. I wanna see the granny panties blowin in the wind.

    You will laugh at this someday - I promise. If I have to, I will come and drag you somewhere to make you laugh.

    Hold your head up girl. It is going to get better. The lake house is your next big adventure. In the meantime while you are waiting on that move - go and get you the biggest loudest pair of kick ass boots available and stomp till your heart is content.

  10. Lille- if it will look like normandy after the parachutes caught in the trees, please don't. Yours would be OK. have you considered peeing off the deck? I mean, they are below. just sayin... Rick

  11. Ugh. How terrible!! Bad neighbors really can ruin your feeling of homey-ness. But I think you're right about better things to come. Everything happens for a reason- and I can't wait to see the new "Lily Pad"! :)

  12. I am more than just a little annoyed at the RUDE jackass living below you!!!!!!

    Every now and then people that rude get under my skin. They are the reason I have the motto I do in life...

    PEOPLE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

    My friends & family used to give me a hard time about it but I think of it this way... when you expect the worst from people, and you get it, well, it does not suprise you. BUT when they are kind to you, then you are so pleasantly suprised and the kindness touches your heart.

    I can send you good old Fire ants to put in his shorts!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I feel sad you are being forced to leave your home, but I guess, as everyone has already said, your next venture will be worthwhile. Everything happens for a reason I guess! good luck!

  14. When my neighbors park their car in the driveway paying their music at window rattling levels until 1 in the AM, I have no problem parking mine beside their bedroom windows at 6 in the AM playing MY music just as loud.

    Ever hear Zeppelin at full volume at 6 in the morning when you're a rap fan? Moussorgsky works well too.

    While this solution won't work for you in the whole I have only one big is your stereo?

    Irritant for irritant. His old lady would probably appreciate the intervention.

  15. I'm so sorry your having a shite time!... I know how heartbreaking it is to fall out of love with your home because of the actions of others, all the magic shatters and makes you feel completely homeless... I'm sure there are great things on the horizon for you though.. life has a great way of sorting everything if you trust and throw yourself to the love of fate.. but then... why am I telling You that! I reckon you're probably a dab hand at that by now :-) Sending good thoughts, smiles and beautiful moments :-D

  16. Oh My Goodness... you all crack me up!!! With friends like all of you, I will be able to keep my sense of humor about this. I have so much to be grateful for in spite of inconsiderate, rude neighbors. I'll keep everyone posted on the antics, the move and will have Superman or Dylan let you know if I need everyone to chip in for bail in case I get the urge to go ballistic one smoke-filled night, and use a jack hammer on the floor. hehehe Now ya'll know I wouldn't do that but it sure felt good typing it. However, Opie in roller skates. Yes, that could be arranged....


  17. The only experience I have with addition is when I started watching LOST a few years ago.

  18. I am so offended on your behalf that someone would move in and be so discourteous and selfish!
    On the other hand, I think it might be the best thing that ever happened to you! you don't have to move, you could stay and feel sorry for yourself. But you didn't, I'm so proud of you! You made a decision. a life altering decision and I think you'll be so much happier for it! Bravo sister!


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